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Wacky RVs: These space junkies are ready for blast-off!

Our previous (and our first) travel trailer was 20 years old when we sold it and traded up. RV Parks were starting to refuse us because of its age, while others allowed us to send images to prove it didn’t look like, you know, a 20-year-old trailer. (More on this here.)

That brings a big question to mind: How do you answer when they ask how long your unit is and how old it is when they look like these?

space age RV

This is another reader find! Jane Fouchey said she saw this in a Walmart parking lot. I sense a theme here. It sort of looks like a paper airplane but then it gets a little confusing in the back. Wonder if the dog likes it…

space ship RV

This one is ready for take-off! It must be nuclear-powered judging by the hazardous signage. I wonder if they do a countdown every time they hook it up and launch it out of the driveway? That would be a sight to see!

jet engine rv

Yes, that is a jet engine casing with a window to the world. You will never look out the window of a plane again and not see people inside the engine (hehe). Read about another not-so-plane RV here.

futuristic rv

This one is a little retro, a little space-age, and a whole lot of cool. I do love chrome (got that from my dad). There is a set of stairs heading up the back to what appears to be another steering wheel on top – like a boat. Dibs on top!

flying saucer RV

From the side, this really looks like a flying saucer from the Area 51 era. The topper looks like it comes off for some stargazing. Just like being there… in space, I mean.

Read the last installment of Wacky RVs here.

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Richard Hughes
1 year ago

In the 1960’s, I went to see Smiley Burnett, from Gene Autrey movies, and he had an RV that looked muck like the Rocket Ship in this article.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

The last one looks like a copy of the Dymaxion, Designed and built by R. Buckminister Fuller.

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