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What we learned about you last week (November 30 – December 6)


By Emily Woodbury

Hiya, friends! Even though it’s only been two weeks since we’ve last chatted, I sorta kinda missed you! How was your Thanksgiving? What did you do? What did you eat? I was in New York (Long Island, specifically) and had a lovely day with family and friends. I enjoy getting out of my traditions now and again. It’s fun (and interesting) to see how other people and families celebrate holidays, isn’t it?

Anyway, if I think too much more about Thanksgiving, I’ll get hungry again (and I just ate so I don’t want to do that). Let’s get to business!

In last Saturday’s poll, we asked you which social media platforms you participate in every week. Out of all the options we gave you, the highest vote was Facebook, where 37 percent of you spend some time each week. YouTube came in second place (21 percent), Pinterest after that (8 percent), Instagram followed (7 percent), then Twitter (5 percent), and lastly LinkedIn (3 percent). A pretty significant chunk of you, 19 percent, don’t participate in any social media.

On Sunday, we asked: Will you have a Christmas tree this holiday season? Yup, 66 percent of you will (57 percent of that 66 percent will have a fake tree, while the other 9 percent of you will have a real tree – *raises hand*). Just over a quarter of you, 28 percent, won’t have a tree at all, and 6 percent of you haven’t decided yet. (Can I decide for you? Get a tree! I’m in favor of real trees, but if you want a fake one shipped right to your door, you can find hundreds of them here. Now you don’t have any excuses…hehe.)

For couples, does one of you drive or tow your RV the most? That’s what we asked you on Monday. I’m fairly surprised by the answer here! Yes, 87 percent of you answered that one of you drives either all or most of the time. Fascinating! A tiny 4 percent of you responded that you both drive about equally, and 9 percent of you said one of you tends to drive more than the other. For those of you who never drive, you can start referring to yourselves as a “professional passenger.” Ha!

Tuesday’s poll was pretty close in percentage; 55 percent of you told us you will winterize this winter, but 45 percent of you will not. Many of you commented something along the same line as Charlie, who wrote: “We ‘winterize’ by going south.”

We found the results of Wednesday’s poll to be very interesting. We asked what birth order you are in your family. Most of you, 40 percent, answered that you’re the oldest, or first born. Second to that, 29 percent of you are the middle child (or one of them, but neither first nor last), and 24 percent of you were the last born, the youngest. A small 7 percent of you are like me and are an only child. I don’t know why we get such a bad reputation, do you? We’re great!

Thursday’s poll pleasantly surprised us. We were happy to learn that 42 percent of you have never been stranded on the side of the road and had to wait for help. That’s fantastic! Oh, to be clear, we asked how long you’ve had to wait on the side of the road until help arrived to fix a mechanical problem. On the speedy end of the spectrum, 32 percent of you have only had to wait between one and two hours, but 18 percent of you had to wait somewhere between three and four hours. A frustrated (I’m assuming) 6 percent of you had to wait five to 10 hours (yikes), and a tiny 2 percent of you have had to wait more than 10 hours (extra yikes!).

I think Friday’s poll says a lot about one’s personality. When replacing a headlight, do you routinely replace the other at the same time? No, 66 percent of you do not replace the other headlight too. That being said, though, 17 percent of you do always replace the other light, and 12 percent of you replace it most of the time. Only 5 percent of you answered that you’ve only replaced them at the same time a few times (if I type time one more time [ha!], I’m going to turn into a clock!). Although I guess this poll can be kind of skewed, if you always replace them at the same time, they’ll most likely need to be replaced at the same time later on… If not, why would you do them both? OY! My head is spinning.

OK. I’ve been sitting inches away from my heater while writing this, and perhaps the heat is getting to my head. Time to get up, get some water and cool off before I continue. See you next week!

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Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

When asked about my brothers and sisters, of which I have none, I always tell ’em I’m an only child and spoiled rotten to the core. I don’t actually believe or think that, but it’s what everyone wants to hear.

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