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What we learned about you last week (September 29-October 5)


By Emily Woodbury

Well, now I can officially say it: Happy October! The leaves are a-changin’ and the winds are a-comin’. Hope you all are staying cozy, or driving somewhere where the word cozy is long forgotten about. Do they ever say cozy in Arizona? I don’t think so. 

Anyway! Onward! Last Saturday we wondered how much time is left until you pay off your RV loan. In order of percentage, high to low, most of you, 58 percent said no more time at all, you own it outright, and 12 percent of you said somewhere between five and ten years. Following close behind, 11 percent of you said you’ll pay it off in 15 years or more, and 8 percent answered you have more than ten years to go. A combined 10 percent say you have somewhere between one and five years left. Reader D. Yoesting commented, “Purchased our RV in 2013. We actually sold it this past April and owed a lot on it. To make the sale we had to pay $10,000 in cash in addition to the amount we received for the RV to complete the sale.” Yikes! 

On Monday we asked: Do you spend more time on the Internet, or watching TV? It was pretty close. A whopping 1,181 votes, which was 53 percent, say you spend more time on the Internet, while 1,047, or 47 percent watch TV more. One reader, Wolfe R commented, “I frequently watch DVR’d TV so I can skip, have a YouTube video playing at 2X speed on the laptop, and shop on my phone all at once. I don’t think I have ADHD, just that media has become SO vapid it takes multiple inputs to saturate my attention. Conversely, I’m perfectly happy to turn off the pablum and read a good paper book in an evening…” Ha! Thanks for the laugh, Wolfe. 

Photo by Jon S., Flickr

Tuesday came and went and looks like you probably didn’t read any local papers. We asked: On the road, do you buy a local newspaper? Nope, 62 percent of you do not. A little more than a quarter of you, 27 percent, say yes, though rarely, and a combined 11 percent answered yes, either often or fairly often. Personally, I always enjoy reading the local police blotter: “Young male steals pencil from elderly female,” or, “Kitten stuck in couple’s yard saved by tree-climbing child.” They always make me giggle. Oh, small-town America, how we love thee. 

Our results for Wednesday’s survey weren’t too surprising: How often do you use a cell phone rather than a traditional land-line phone? A whole 72 percent of you say you use a cell phone all the time, and 15 percent of you say you use both, but mostly your cell phone. A small 10 percent answered you use both, but mostly a land-line, and an even smaller 3 percent say you use a land-line all of the time. 

Photo by Kasey Zickmund

So you’re flu-shot supporters, huh? On Thursday, a large 67 percent of you told us you get a flu shot every year, and 8 percent of you say you get it most years. Finally, 11 percent of you say you get it very seldom, and 14 percent of you have never had the flu shot. We know it’s a bit of a touchy subject, so we’ll leave it with that. All that matters is that you stay healthy!

Well, it’s time for another cup of coffee for me, and perhaps for you too. Thanks for reading, thanks for voting, and thanks for all your support. We appreciate each and every one of you. See you next week.

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4 years ago

I’ll say it if you won’t. To the 25 percent that don’t get a flu shot. Thanks for killing my love ones. Thanks for making it easier for me to possibly catch the flu and endangering my life. I can’t choose to stay away from your flu bug but you can choose to get a flu shot and save my life. Your excuses are NOT valid. Unless you KNOW it’s life threatening GET A SHOT.

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