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Great RV Accessories Newsletter #24

Welcome to the latest edition of the Great RV Accessories newsletter. The weather is starting to turn cold and many RVers are wrapping up their travel season while others are heading to warmer climates. Among other nifty finds, this issue will focus on things to help you make those transitions.


rv in winter - winterizing rvs

If you are not heading south and if the temperatures drop where you store your RV, it’s time to get a handle on winterizing! We can help.

Which portable air compressor is best for winterizing?

RV expert Dave Solberg weighs in on a reader question about the best portable air compressor to use for winterizing. Read Dave’s advice here.

Blow out adapters and more!

If it’s time to winterize, Dave Solberg and Dustin Simpson are here to talk all about DIY winterizing, blowout adapters, and more. Get Dave and Dustin’s winterizing tips and product picks.

More for cold weather RVing

A sewer hose that withstands cold temps

Camco has designed a hose, the RhinoExtreme, that it claims will survive to -44 degrees F, and won’t crush, rust or crack. The hose is also abrasion-resistant, and can even be driven over and return to its original shape. Read our review of the RhinoExtreme here.

Stay warm and dry outside with Under the Weather pods

couple on soccer field - rvtravelWhat may look like the individual spacecraft from “Men in Black” that flies off to the planet Dartha is actually a patented individual pod-like tent that mitigates cold, wind, rain and bone-chilling damp weather. You might have wanted to watch your grandchild’s soccer game or another outside event, but inclement weather kept you from doing so. These pod-tents may be the answer to enjoying more outdoor events without unnecessarily suffering from the weather. You could even just use them for sitting around the campsite! Check out these Under the Weather pods here.

Honcho Poncho Down for comfort around the campfire

Honcho Poncho Down

Therm-a-Rest®, a company that specializes in sleeping mats, sleeping bags and other essentials aimed at keeping campers warm, had a hit with their original Honcho Poncho.  But their new Honcho Poncho Down is even better as it’s down-filled and will keep you warm on even the coldest nights. (It’s one of my favorite winter accessories!) Learn more about the Honcho Poncho Down version here.

RV Maintenance Log Book keeps track of everything for you!
This RV maintenance logbook allows you to document and track all repairs and work done on your RV. If you bought your RV used, wouldn’t this have been nice to have with the sale?! Keep track of everything in your RV – all the work done on it (and where and when), specific part models, your favorite black tank cleaner, the lightbulb bases you use, paints and fabrics, and much more. This will be a lifesaver, or at least be extremely handy, down the road. Learn more or order.

Other stuff we’re liking

RV water heater tank rinser rod that doesn’t fly off!

rv water heater tank rinser

The last time Nanci Dixon flushed her RV’s water heater, the plastic straw-like wand rod flew off and into the tank, irretrievable. This time, she writes, “I am getting a different flush wand that is all metal and hopefully won’t cause me hours of frustration trying, with no luck, to get it out.” Check out the new style flush wand here. We think you’re going to want one (and for good reason!).

Reseal your RV with the best caulking gun

Newborn caulking gunIf you have ever resealed a complete RV roof or body, you know the level of pain your hand will endure from squeezing a traditional caulking gun trigger. The Newborn caulking gun boasts a “gator trigger grip,” which offers more comfort and less fatigue. This gun is also  “dripless” as pressure on the sealant/silicone tube is automatically released after each squeeze to stop any excess dripping. Discover our best caulking gun pick here.

Make sure to have this First Alert EZ Fire Spray in your RV
The First Alert EZ Fire Spray portable fire extinguisher is easier to use and discharges 4 times longer than traditional fire extinguishers. With an aerosol nozzle and portable size, it’s suited for the kitchen, car, garage, boat or RV. The formula wipes away with a damp cloth and is biodegradable. Learn more or order.

The Book Nook

“Understanding Cemetery Symbols: A Field Guide for Historic Graveyards”

Understanding Cemetery SymbolsIf you love visiting old graveyards in your RV travels (which, according to a recent poll, 49 percent of you do!), you’ll love this fascinating reference book for genealogists, history buffs, ghost hunters and others seeking to learn the forgotten meanings of cemetery symbols in historic graveyards. Check out this book on Amazon.

Gadget Quick Takes

RV wine cup

  • RV wine cups—Before I found these sturdy insulated RV wine tumblers I broke a ton of wine glasses. True, you can’t see the wine when you swirl, but they nonetheless beat broken wine glasses every time.

pirriko refrigerator deororizer

  • Purriko refrigerator deodorizer—All natural, lasts for up to 10 years, decomposes harmful gases, eliminates the odors at the source, maintains a fresh odorless refrigerator, and keeps the foods fresh longer. Works in the RV and at home, too!

WAIT! BEFORE YOU GO… You must (yes, must!) read today’s RV Daily Tips Newsletter. Trust us, you’re going to enjoy it! Click here and let us prove it to you.

Gadget Giggles

funny RV kitchen towelIt’s every experienced RVer’s favorite pastime—now get it immortalized on a kitchen towel from Etsy! Watch people park their RVs kitchen towel.

And here’s another favorite of ours! It says it all…

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Bisonwings (@guest_258319)
1 month ago

If you like to see your wine swirl in your glass just get plastic wine glasses. Either light weight disposable or acrylic. Both with or without stems!

Neal Davis (@guest_258259)
1 month ago

Thank you, Cheri!

jillie (@guest_258255)
1 month ago

My clock in my RV says Just another wine drinker with a camping problem. I got it in memory of my mother who on every camping trip brought two bottles of wine with her. Yeah memories.

Ed G (@guest_258250)
1 month ago

I got the Lotus Grill for possible hurricanes or storms but great at the hunting cabin. Believe or not deer come to check out the smell. Great for morning eggs and toast and making coffee. With a fan to keep the fire hot when adding a brisket to clean up when done a smart grill in its own bag and small as wide as a frying pan and as high as a laptop screen. handy for storms and loss of power boiling water and keeping people feed.

Ed G (@guest_258249)
1 month ago

Great Timing! A great charcoal table top (outdoors) is the Lotus Grill. It has a battery powered fan blowing into the charcoal holder. Takes only 10 briskets, use paper or a firestarter big match or a wax straw to start then blower keeps it going till nice and grey ready for some steaks or burgers. The smart part is a dome top letting grease flow to the bowl under but the coals are protected in under the center part. the key is to line the bowl with aluminum foil for easy clean up. Have cooked 6 prime rib steaks two at a time. There are extras like for a pan on top so you can use a iron skillet or such. A bag of charcoal will last a long time. Add a couple of apple/cherry blocks for flavor.

MrDisaster (@guest_258233)
1 month ago

How about some reviews of smaller BBQ units or lighters?

Cheri Sicard (@guest_258240)
1 month ago
Reply to  MrDisaster

I did a smaller BBQ earlier this year and will look into more for next season. Good suggestions. This is basic but functional and VERY small and self contained.

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