If asked to voluntarily isolate yourself, will it be in a traditional home or an RV?


Already, in many places, we are being asked to stay home — to avoid as much as possible contact with others for fear of catching or spreading the coronavirus.

If you’re a full-timer, with no permanent sticks-and-bricks home, then you probably have no choice about where to spend your time — your RV in your only choice. But what if you have an RV and another home, one that doesn’t have wheels and move? Do you believe you would choose one “residence” over the other? Or maybe you’ll divide your time between both.

We realize you may not know for sure what you’ll do, but take your best guess.

It may take a moment for the poll to load, so hang on. . .

Did you read last Sunday’s poll? You can do it here. We asked you how seriously you are taking the pandemic. More than 3,300 of you responded. We’ve temporarily closed the voting, but we plan to ask the exact same question in a week or two to see if minds have changed.

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Steve C

I suspect that I’m the black sheep of this crowd as I’m one of the 1% ‘other’, I’m now on a beautiful tropical Caribbean island in Panama while my truck camper is in storage back in California. I’m a retired full-time traveler that spends half the year outside the US. I’m hunkered down in a small hotel, in a small village, in a room with four times the square footage as my camper. I’ve got a kitchen and stores nearby that are fully stocked with most everything of the stores back home. No shortage of TP here! hahaha, There’s a brand new hospital within a mile of where I live. My landlady is a nurse and she reports to me every day of any changes in Positive tests, of which there are none.
Sure, the country has closed down all inbound and outbound flights, but I feel safer here than if I was back in the US. I plan to stay here as long as it takes. In fact, it’s cheaper to live here than traveling around back in the states. There have been no reported cases of the virus within over a hundred miles of here. Of all you that complain of the crowded RP parks, why not help out the situation by putting your RVs into storage and see the world. I’m in paradise with no worries.


in my stick n brick. no money to fix the truck or buy fuel so can go nowhere. as well as the gov in ca has shutdown this state.


My RV is my home. Don’t own, or want, a house.

Al Lefeusch

I live in an RV and that is where I will be. I’m an American citizen in Canada and the park I am staying at has been wonderful during this crisis. I intend to stay put here until this thing blows over.

Mitzi Agnew Giles

We live in our retirement cabin (plan for using as our sick room if needed) Altho I love my little FBGM camper I can’t fit many books or supplies in it. When DH and I married in 1981 we both had approximately 3,000 books in our personal libraries. I have turned some back into used bookshops I still have the vast majority of them plus all the books we have purchased over the years That includes: literature, poetry, survival skills. canoeing, hiking, hiking, natural history, human history, religion, , nursing, parenthood, science fiction, science books, manga and graphic novels. I am sure that isn’t an exhaustive list. Yes, I have a KINDLE but haven’t had the time to figure it out. Also a 13.5 to 14 ft long living area is not going to be a great place to be with 6 cats- 2 of whom are yard cats, dumps that we feed, but who are not thrilled in being around the 4 “inside” cats.
I grew up not watching TV- didn’t have one till the 1960s, so I feel somewhat uncomfortable with one around. We DO have some movies on compact discs that we consider to be great for watching, but it’s been 3 months since we even did tHAT. (play them on the notebook)


There are laws to follow for one who is being quarantined and to violate them carry’s serious consequences.

Rory Roberts

I said sticks and bricks because of the inability to travel knowing that there will be an available campsite. With Sp’s and National Park’s closing til further notice and some private parks Not accepting any new clients. I don’t think this is the time to be traveling

Abe Loughin

As a full timer I said RV. The only other choice would have been with family, who I know would welcome us, but I wouldn’t even consider asking and putting the extra burden and stress on any of them.


We have full hookup with 50 amps at our brick and mortar home. If one of us gets sick the healthy one will move into the motor home. Clothing and non perishable food is already stocked.


NOT isolating. Moving about living a normal life as are others I meet out and about. I give this isolation about 10 days before people revolt, We will see.


RV is my home. CG’s are where I reside. What’s left, parking lots?


We were going to start heading towards Michigan now from southern Arizona to arrive in early May, where we spend 2-3 months visiting our kids each summer, but now decided to stay here in the desert north of Yuma until late April. We have enough toilet paper for a couple of months, clean underwear for 3-4 weeks, a stocked fridge, & 3 months of dried food we always carry in storage under the bed. I don’t consider myself a true prepper, but I do like to be prepared for most emergencies, so we’ve carried the dried food with us for the last 7 years of our 10 years of fulltiming. I hope we don’t need it, but if everything goes to hell, we have fresh water, a dump station, & propane nearby, & with our solar & generator, we’re pretty well set to be isolated for the next couple of months, if needed.

Cheryl Bacon

I answered RV because we sold our house and are full time. I have to be honest though, after this I know I have no desire to be very sick in a RV. We stay generally healthy, but one never knows what the next day will bring. I have never been more ready to buy another house/townhouse, just a lot smaller than our old house, the downsizing was not hard for us so that has never been an issue.

Danny Wells

Just got home from a month in Central Florida where we had some very cool temperatures.
Here in North Alabama its still raining and more in the forecast which will help us stay isolated.


We are self-isolating at our winter home, so time for homemade bread. Our plans to go to Alaska are off due to the Canadian border being closed. Have the motorhome all ready to go but that is not going to happen. Guess we will see just how it is to live in AZ this summer. This is going to last for many months or longer methinks. We are at 4K ft so better than Tucson. Just got a new house heat pump installed thank god. Have food but we will need home delivery of booze. Hello Amazon Prime, do you hear me?

I get a kick out of people saying “Well there are no cases where we are at”. Just not reported as no testing. A systematic can spread it long before they show signs of it.


I’m with Scott. Snow on the ground and even though it’s supposed to be spring, there is still snow in the forcast as teams still dip a few degrees below freezing here in central B.C. at night. So sticks and bricks it is untill this either gets better or, we learn a lot about boondocking.

Gene Bjerke

We got home from our winter trip just recently, so we will be sheltering at home (which we would be doing anyway for the next couple of months).

Lydia Bishop

My husband and I are laying low at our five acre place north east of Seattle. We have a functional, self-contained twenty-one foot trailer parked in our driveway. We hope to take it camping for a few days in the next week or two for a sanity break and some much needed fresh air somewhere here in WA. We are now of that “certain demographic” who, according to Governor Inslee strongly suggested to stay home. What about hitching our other home to the truck and taking it with us? Is that also “self isolation?” We go camping to get away from people!

I can understand why the privately owned RV campgrounds are shutting down. I’ve seen how RVs and trailers are packed in together. You’ve got some high population density going on in those campgrounds!

I really feel for you full timers in your studio apartments on wheels. Where will you go? Pray you are not looked upon as motorized vectors of pestilence as you enter the next town!

Scott Taylor

I still have snow both on the ground and in the forecast – rig is still winterized. So I’m in sticks and bricks.

Rickey Southard

We’re in a fairly large Newmar that is pretty old, but provides shelter and most basic functions. No other home, but we are parked in a semi permanent setting.