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Clarification on LP or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum – Gas)…

LP or LPG can be either Propane (C3H8) or Butane (C4H10). One technically cannot just say LP or LPG.

Each have distinct characteristics:

Propane can be commercial propane or HD-5. HD-5 is mostly used in automobiles. The commercial propane can be a mix of propane an butane depending on time of year. In the summer, it is mixed more with butane. In winter locations, the mix is more propane.

Vertical Cylinders are never filled beyond 80%.

Cylinders must be re-certified every 12 years. It’s cheaper and easier just to get another bottle. But disposing of the old cylinder is a pain.

One does not use straight butane in an RV setting. It’s handy though for your Bic lighters.


We never use the term ‘LP’ around here, it’s called propane

Gene Cheatham

You probably know this already – IL State parks closed until further notice by Gov. order

Today I understand COE has closed Carlyle Lake, Carlyle IL. I don’t know about other COE properties.

Don Creamer

News out of Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park closed today until further notice.

Mo B.

Re the letter about misunderstanding the term “LP gas”: Try asking for “propane”. That’s the term most often used in the southwest.


In my coach and already a week into it.

Mitch Stevens

How does one go about finding and participating in these RV auctions? Can anyone buy from these auctions or does one have to have a dealer’s license?


Folks this is a medical emergency. Go back and read about the Spanish Flu in 1918, that’s the kind of thing we are facing unless there’s a cure or vaccine. Our current fight it to lower the daily counts in the ICU so there’s a bed for those that need it. That’s it, shelter in place isn’t curing anything, but can save countless lives.

Once through that, we’ll rebuild the economy… it sucks, big time. It’s going to be expensive, and there will be a lot of I”I told you so” for increasing the difficult “when times were good” (I’ll be chiming in on that BTW).

Anyone can get it and die from it, but as is always the case the older and weaker are more susceptible.

I’m 67 and taking all the precautions I can. Minimal trips, hand sanitizer in the car, wash my hand on returning home. In Singapore they strip when coming home and put the cloths in the washer dawning clean “inside cloths”, think we’re going to start that here, but I’m not in an RV.

Good luck, stay safe “IN” there… if you think this is a hoax or things are under control, get educated, neither are the case at the moment any way.


Ed D.

IMHO,relatively speaking, the government is over reacting. It treeats everyone the same, without mitigating circumstances. It doesn’t put things in perspective. For years now, thousands of people are dying from the flu, and most people went on with their usual life. More people die from car accidents. Should we close the roads? I agree that there should be precautions, but not to the point of causing undue hysteria. And look at the economic toll on us. It’s a matter of how much we are willing to risk our freedoms and our economic health for something that might not make any difference in the overall mortality rate of all illnesses and accidents?


Yep Chuck, I agree that RV manufacturing will shut down in the near future due to shelter in place orders and travel restrictions, lack of sales due to job losses, and supply chain problems, all of which are effecting the auto industry.
Hopefully this reset will give us RVers some power to demand, and get, a much better quality of RV.
Thanks for all you and your staff do for the rest of us


A note on a few of the CoronaVirus situations above…

There seems to be a lot of concern about parks closing. Many question why.

Think about this…

Although a great way to separate individuals, this inspires many to move around the country. If all the parks, blm lands, etc stay open, what happens? How many of you have the virus and don’t know it yet? Remember that there is at least a 5 day incubation period. During that time, you have stopped at several gas stations, you ate at several restaurants, stopped at a few tourist traps, etc. How many germs are left in the path? Did you inadvertently spread the virus without knowing it? Isn’t it best to just close all parks allowing only those there to stay in one place to prevent further spread of the virus?

We are hunkered down in a park for the long haul. Everyone here has been here from the beginning. We would easily know whether anyone here had it or not but the fact is that we are not unknowingly contributing to a national spread of the virus.

So keep that in mind. If we all do our small part, this can be over with sooner than later. If not, expect conditions to deteriorate further and stricter enforcement to ensue. If you are not happy now, wait until then…And think about why things got worse. Did you contribute to the problem (knowingly or not)?

Stay away from people.

Wash your hands often.

Buy stocks. They are a bargain right now. 1 year from now, you’ll be glad you did.

Hunker down.

Take the time to get reacquainted with your family (instead of working all the time). Take advantage of the break at home and catch up on a few chores.

Most of all, protect yourself and your family. Stay safe. Think about how your actions affect others. Not just yourself.

Prayerfully, this all ends soon and keeps everyone well.


I called my doctor to ask what I had to do while walking around the campground, and they said that wearing a mask and gloves would be more than enough… They LIED! I only got halfway around the loop before I realized everyone else was wearing clothes…


Yellowstone National Park announced that they are cancelling all reservations through May 22, 2020. This effected us as we were scheduled to visit the park from May 15 thru May 23rd.


I am a fairly new RV’r and an even newer subscriber to this Newsletter, so I have thoughts about connecting with others looking for places to stay, get service, etc. and what places to avoid. For, example, we are planning a trip this spring that will take us from Kansas to south Louisiana. What we would like to find is a place to park over night in the Paris, Texas area. We dont necessarily need any hook ups, just a place to grab some sleep. In this case, hook ups and the usual would be fine, but not required. We are hoping to find information from locals with personal experience or views of such places. If you just use the available books or apps that have this information, its more like looking at advertisements, so everything is wonderful, secure, clean, etc. If someone asked about something in our area, I would even go look at it and report back if it was new to me. Lets help each other enjoy this stuff.

Bob M

In a very worst case scenario, the US Govt has decided it’s acceptable to allow 7.4M Americans to die from this virus. Those are the facts they’re not telling anyone. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I’m very fearful of what is about to unfold.

For context, normal annual fatality rate is 0.9% of the population, about 2.8M p.a, including the flu.

In this case “flattening the curve” is being misinterpreted. It’s about spreading the rate of infection over a longer period of time so that health care services are not overwhelmed in a rush (though that’s not working because they didn’t take other steps early enough). This would mean the authorities accept that 75-80% of the population will be infected at some time. With a fatality rate of 3% from the virus, 75% infected, it means 7.4M will die.

For those who say the numbers don’t look too bad, that’s because the current numbers have a time delay. The US is just at the start of the explosion in case numbers. It’s simple exponential growth: if cases double every 2 days, 1 person infected becomes >1M infected after 3 weeks. That is, potentially, what is coming, if the authorities do nothing.

True flattening the curve is when the # of new cases drops off to zero, in other words the spread of the virus is halted. The cumulative # affected then levels out – the curve flattens. This can be achieved if the Govt conducts massive testing followed by strict isolation (like S Korea) or locks down parts of the country. In China, once they understood what they were facing, they acted drastically, locked down where they needed to fast, built extra hospital capacity (2 hospitals in a week!). Both countries have been effective. In Italy they tried a lock down in the north but were too late and it didn’t prevent people traveling to the south, so now it’s a countrywide lock down. And yet they are still seeing hundreds die every day because it takes 4-5 days for symptoms to appear.

Even worse in the US, there is no public health care. The US has a huge number of people who do not have access, growing daily with lay offs because health care is tied to work. They are going to get infected too and they will spread the virus just as well as anyone. If you have health care you are only as safe as the weakest in your community.

Many of those who do end up needing hospital care won’t be able to pay for it, they’ll go bankrupt. The numbers will be staggering.

In the US, despite having the huge advantage of time, the current administration totally screwed up. First they eliminated the pandemic response team (apparently because it’s “never been needed” – duh!). Second they reduced funding to the CDC by a huge amount. Third, they did not accept the WHO test that was available (American exceptionalism or a chance for friends of the administration to profit? E.g. Kushner’s brother has a testing company). The US is only now seeing lock downs, having allowed millions of people to enjoy spring break. Travel within the US remains unrestricted.

A possible reason for all this delay apart from, basically, criminal negligence, is that it allowed time for people to profit from it, witness GOP Senators selling stocks on the back of congressional information telling them how bad it would get. (You can stake your life on the Trumps doing the same). Overall, to the GOP, perhaps 7.4M American deaths is a price worth paying for their profits.

I volunteer for a couple of non-profits. Both have no revenue and will be insolvent in a couple of months. I don’t expect them to survive, even if lock downs are short lived. It’s not just “business” that is going to be affected.

So yes, the economy is going to be devastated, absolutely, along with other parts of society that we take for granted. Those who are worried about the economic impact are being very short-sighted, only concerned about their pay checks, the dollar in their pocket. Life will not return to any semblance of normality, ever, unless the GOP are voted out across the board, and kept out for generations. Even then, normality will take years to return and will be very, very, different.

For 40 years, the GOP has said that Govt is the problem, have constantly underfunded essential services so that, of course, they don’t perform as well as they could. And, with this administration, they have gutted many federal agencies, exploited public lands. They have given huge tax breaks to their rich friends and corporations, those corporations have then engaged in stock buy-backs to enrich themselves further.

Govt is by the people for the people. In other words, the Govt is all of us. There will always be Govt, the only issue is who do we want it to serve? The majority or the minority of rich and super-rich?

mike henrich

This is an update on the Pennsylvania campgrounds situation. Late Friday evening, a few campgrounds in Pa posted on FB that the restrictions have been lifted and they are allowed to open. I”ve reached out for more information but as of now, I haven’t heard back. The shutdown list here in Pa is extensive, and the updated list still has campgrounds listed. If heading to a campground here, it would be best to call that particular campground ahead of time. Stay safe everyone.


I am deeply concerned over the actions that our elected officials have taken in response to COVID-19. The harm their collective actions will bring to our nations citizens will greatly exceed the damage of COVID-19 had they chosen simply to keep their constituents up to date on the real facts and left them to make their own decisions about when to gather in groups, when to visit restaurants and bars, when to frequent movie theaters, etc., etc., etc. The facts simply do not support the actions they have taken.

Please consider the following CDC facts published 03/20/2020:

COVID-19 in the U.S.:
15,000 cases
200 deaths

Influenza in the U.S. this winter
29 million cases
280,000 hospitalizations
10,000 deaths

How in the name of reason can our officials justify the actions they have taken with respect to COVID-19????

We must push back on the enormous pressure we are all feeling to go along with the crowd. The crowd (our mayors, our county judges, our governors) are simply misguided on this critical matter. Their frantic herd mentality is quickly destroying our economy.


Chuck, you ask, “who could ever have imagined such a thing?”

The answer: for years lots of people saw it coming, said it was coming, wrote about it coming, gamed it, and modelled it. People who were paid to look into the future and prepare the government and the public told us and were ignored.

The pandemic is not a surprise. The head-in-the-sand behaviour of government and the public is what is beyond comprehension.

Even the annual unclassified intelligence community threat reports – publicly available – have for years included pandemic as a major threat. Those tasked with planning and preparation have for years said this is what must be done before the pandemic arrives. They said that millions would become ill, that the economy would shut down, that the medical community would be overwhelmed … and they added, this is what needs to be done before that happens.

Truth to people. Truth to power.

Why bother? Neither people nor power were listening, are listening, will listen.


I will be 54 next month. Here’s what I understand. This virus is bad as we are told by the local and national news media? Here’s what I don’t understand. The government is shutting everything down. How is this helping the economy? Where is the government getting this money from that they want too send us? The government is broke. If and when I get the money I will save it until my two young grandsons need diapers and formula. Both grandsons are under two years of age. My youngest one was born two weeks ago.
Why is there still a run on toilet paper? Our local walmart got a shipment of toilet paper yesterday. Our youngest daughter went shopping at our local walmart yesterday and the toilet paper is gone already. My youngest daughter needed some groceries.
If Wisconsin decides to shelter us in place like some other states are doing I will not be working. I will start drawing unemployment. A few weeks ago I told my wife this. A few months ago I had a feeling that I will have a hard time finding a job just like I did when I was laid off in 2008. If companies in Wisconsin do not call back some of there work force and I get laid off again it will be 2008 all over again for me. My wife and oldest daughter work for the same school district in Wisconsin and both my wife and oldest daughter are still getting paid for being off. My wife is the only one there who knows how too run payroll. Like I said if Wisconsin shelters us in place my wife will be unable too run payroll unless she can bring payroll home to work on. My middle daughter just got laid off from her day care job in Missouri. My youngest daughter of course is a stay at home mom.
My mother in law who lives in Wisconsin and is of retirement age keeps working too keep herself busy just got laid off from her hotel job. Everyone says we are in shut down mode. I believe we are under martial law. What happens if this virus never goes away? I do not believe we are in a recession. I believe we are close too a depression?