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Meet your fellow readers, October 24, 2020

We asked readers to tell us about themselves. Here are a few responses.

Hi. We are Bill and Brenda Robbins from northeastern NC. I retired after serving 28 years in the US Navy and Brenda served 12 years in the Navy as well. We have been RVing since 2018 in a Class C motorhome. So far we have camped in several areas in NC, VA, SC, and GA. We are FMCA and Escapees members. We had planned to make a summer-long RV trip through Canada to Alaska this year. Had about 30 reservations made until COVID-19 forced us to cancel. We have postponed our Alaska adventure until 2022. We hope to make several trips next year to practice for the big trip to Alaska.

From Nathan Wilkey. I was blessed with parents who introduced me to camping at a young age and have carried on the tradition with my children. At 48 years old I’ve camped in almost every type of camper made. About a year ago, we downsized from a class A to a 10×8 Squaredrop. We downsized due to our Class A spending more time at the repair shop than at a campground (we are victims of the quality issues facing the industry). We wanted something simple that wouldn’t break every time we went out. It isn’t for everyone, but the flexibility our little tin can allows, for now, creates opportunities to camp in just about any secluded place you can imagine. Someday, we will have a fifth wheel or motorhome again, but the simplicity our little Escapade affords us works great for now.

From Patti Hooper. This is our second fulltime RV adventure. Our first was 2001-2008 – we were still working then, traveling nurses, throughout the U.S. In 2008 we returned to Texas, buying a home and staying local to help our mothers in their later years.
In 2018, we were both retired and decided it was time to get back on the road. Our home is a 2018 SuperC Renegade Verona. Our goal is to finish seeing all the National Parks. This winter we will try the three in southern Florida, completing the 48 contiguous states. Next summer we hope to be able to get to Alaska for those eight. Then we will only have American Samoa and Puerto Rico. We love the travel life, seeing our beautiful country, and meeting folks from everywhere.

We’re Bill & Annette Lyle. We’ve tent camped many times, but we’re getting older and needed something more comfortable. We’re on our second travel trailer and love it! We bring our year-old puppy with us, who loves it, too! We prefer state/federal parks over private campgrounds because of the space and locations. We haven’t camped throughout the U.S. yet, just in Ohio (and one trip to Tennessee – beautiful!) because of time, but can’t wait til retirement to enjoy the whole experience.

From Andy & Debbie Kapusta, Jr. My wife and I have been camping since 1991 and have enjoyed every trip. We started with a 19-foot Sunline Trailer, then a 28-foot Jayco, then a 34-foot Laredo. Now we own a 34-foot Vibe with updated amenities. I prefer out-of-the-way places, but enjoy every campground we have been to. We have camped in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan (Upper & Lower), and Tennessee. Reservations are hard to come by but we manage to reserve sites. My kids are grown now and sometimes join us along with our fur baby. I could spend two days camping and feel that I have been relaxing for over a month. I enjoy the sites, sounds, and smells of the outdoors and would like to try full-time camping, but it’s hard right now. My favorite time is in the early morning with a cup of coffee, sitting outside and enjoying the new day. That’s my “great getaway” every time and it is never the same. See you on the road!

From Jane Fouchey. Ty and I have been married for 50 years. Lived the typical midwestern life raising 2 beautiful daughters, working corporate jobs. Then we retired and moved to Colorado. After 10 years there, on a whim, we decided to “chuck” it all and go full-time. Sold it all! Bought a brand-new 5th wheel in Florida and have spent the last 18 months doing east of the Mississippi. Just recently we are back to CO and will now do west of the Mississippi. We love the carefree lifestyle, having morning coffee listening to nature, visiting sites you only read about, and just being together. Sure have had the RV bumps (flat tires, RV repairs that have taken us to Grand Design four times, weather, etc.). But that is what it is all about – Living The Dream!

I am Terry Johnson, I just retired in May. I have not wasted any time getting into my 28′ Jayco trailer. I have been just outside of a town called Sharon, Idaho – one of those places if you blink going through you would miss it. I have been staying on a 300-acre ranch, I have made my own RV park next to a beautiful lake overlooking the Bear Lake Valley. My day starts by getting a cup of coffee sitting outside watching squirrels, birds, and listening to the gentle breeze and sprinklers as they go by watering the acreage. Then I have to decide if I want to walk around with my puppy or just go fly fishing or RZR ride? This winter I will travel south around the Valley of Fire area in Nevada. I think I can get used to this way of life!

Meet our readers from last week’s issue.

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Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.


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Emily Wayman
2 years ago

It saddens me to know some people are so mean spirited. You guys receiving hate mail is so wrong. I have enjoyed your newsletter emails for a very long time and hope that I can continue to learn from you guys. My husband and I are full-time rvers and have been off grid boondocking for over a year now. We lived stationary full-time rv for 9 years before this last year of boondock moving every 2 weeks. We value what we have learned from your newsletter and thanku for making it. We look forward to learning more and enjoying your next newsletter.

2 years ago

I would like to one day be a more active member of this community. After reading that there were a lot of nasty comments about RVers that are people of color I’m not comfortable yet. I appreciate the editor taking a stance.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ann

As I tell my students and my children, there are so MANY MORE nice people in this world than all the problem people on the news! Live life before you have regrets! 🙂

2 years ago

I like this section on meet yoyr fellow rvers. Hope to meet them some day

2 years ago

I too love “…sitting outside watching squirrels, birds, and listening to the gentle breeze…” NOT listening to some RZR riders tearing up the countryside.

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