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RV Life in a Coronavirus World: “We are all ‘star-stuff'”


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EDITOR’S NOTE: We have asked readers to tell us how they are adapting to life these days. Here is one story:

“I cannot claim to be truly self-isolated because my wife is with me and our neighbors are with us – at arm’s length. But, of course, life is different now and for a while, so the best I can offer in terms of adaptation is this: Look up at the stars on a clear night and consider Carl Sagan’s reflection that we are all star-stuff. Think about how unique we are, and at the same time how we are all so bound together by our common origin, our common place, our common experience. Remember that, for most of us, this is not our first brush with a threat or crisis, and it will almost certainly not be our last. Our commonality makes us all susceptible and requires that we all fight for the common good.

“And remember that this virus that vexes us is star-stuff too, regardless of its origin. It was not malevolently foisted on us by ‘others’ or conjured by evil magicians. We must defeat it with our wits, our knowledge, and our reason. Anything less is an insult to our intelligence and a waste of precious time. If we must self-disrupt our lives for a while, if we must strain our precious economy, if we must temporarily sacrifice some of our comfortable freedoms, then so be it. What is the alternative?

“When the crisis has passed, we will be stronger for it. And let us pray that our children will have learned from our efforts, because we really must do better next time.”

Gary Hattier

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2 years ago

THAT was a brilliant, thoughtfully executed and compassionate essay, Gary Hattier. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Our commonalities may yet untie and unite us.

2 years ago

Thank you for sharing your thoughts !

2 years ago

A really grounding item Gary thank you for it.

This event in our lives may serve to put into perspective all the good that has occurred in the past and all the good that can come from this bump in the road of life in the future.
Hasn’t life always been like that?
I know it has for both my wife and I, and with every challenge met, we’ve come out the other end better informed, and wiser contributors to life on this planet.

A big hug for Helen Fisher too, we’re thinking of you and folks just like you – Alvin & Geri Lethbridge, Alberta.

Helen Fisher
2 years ago

I don’t know that I’m doing so great during this crisis. Some depression, withdrawal. I was in the midst of selling my house, buying an RV and getting on the road….I had everything organized and planned out, had my bucket list of places to see, even had a good offer on the house. Then the isolation request came and things seemed to be going downhill. So, had to back up. The buyer was very understanding, said no problem but he couldn’t guarantee the offer later on, which I understand, of course. I have continued packing up my “keeps”, separating out what goes to Good Will, what goes into storage, etc. The house is looking bare, which actually looks pretty good for some reason….maybe I’m headed towards minimalism and just don’t know it yet. LOL. Anyway, I’m talking to God a lot, I’ve got dogs to take care of, and curbside pickup isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. The upside for me is that the buyer has kept in touch with me, even came to my house and left a gift card on my front porch for me! I was just about speechless…and that’s unusual for me, ha! Anyway, he is a blessing and all of this will pass eventually, I hope. I pray to God there will be no more deaths.

2 years ago
Reply to  Helen Fisher

Hi Helen F, Stalled. Sounds like your plans are stalled. They’re not over, just stalled for a time. You could use the time finding the apps you’ll need in your RV life, in planning. Join RVing Women and connect with community members in the places you plan to visit. Do more research on the USED RV you will buy – more, in this case is better. You are going to move forward, we all are, that’s the way things are. Get out and walk 30 min a day, the exercise will prepare you for RV life. There are tons of pets in shelters that have been abandoned by folks who thought they could get the virus from them, maybe consider adopting a traveling companion. Take up meditation, if you don’t already practice. Stay active in your mind and body. Deploy that curiosity you had as a girl. I’m hearing your gratitude for your, very cool house buyer, build on that – friends are worth gold. I have my thoughts around you, encouraging you to take the hours one by one and the days slowly. This time will be over and we may all be a bit sad to see our time captured by so many distractions and demands. Many blessings.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Lizzy

Very good advice for all of us. Thank you, Lizzy. Stay healthy. 😀 —Diane at

2 years ago

Gary Hattier…well said. It is so easy for the world to toss aside the simple truth you have noted, …”Our commonality makes us all susceptible and requires that we all fight for the common good.”
We, humans, really must do better!

2 years ago

That was wonderful, thank you.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

“Desiderata” sometimes keeps me going.

2 years ago

A very excellent choice, with an intriguing history itself! I also like “Ithaka” by Cavafy.

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