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Great RV Accessories Newsletter – Issue 8

rv travel logoIt’s funny how, as I put this together, ladders and high places started to become a recurring theme. Sure, RVing has its ups and downs 😛, but there are several ladder and rooftop references in this issue. 

Mostly, I’m talking about how to avoid going up on a ladder. You see, if you want to know the easiest way to accomplish any single task in life, seek out someone who looks like me rather than someone who looks like a firefighter.

Sure, I found a ladder I actually like, and we see that here. But I also have several ways to avoid getting up on that ladder in the first place. Pa Kettle has nothing on me.

Edited by Tony Barthel

Something for (almost) everybody

The Lippert LP Tank Sensor and the display on the OneControl app.

Lippert propane monitor

I get to see a lot of gadgets. Some of them are, admittedly, just fun and frivolous, and others are pretty useful. But this RV propane monitor from Lippert is something that can make a huge, appreciable difference in the lives of us RVers.

Learn more

Keep those propane tanks in check (and safe!)

Speaking of tanks, Russ and Tiña De Maris have an article on a great hack to keep your propane tanks from clanging around on the way to be filled. This is a pretty clever idea, if you ask me.

Check it out

Personalized cool

RV electricity expert, Mike Sokol, has a gadget to share just in time for summer. The 02COOL personal fan isn’t just a great name that’s a pun in and of itself, but it also might be something worth having this summer.

This is cool

RV toolbox essentials

I’ve been touring the RV industry the past couple of weeks and one of the things that is common is that all RVs need routine maintenance and repairs. So Russ and Tiña’s article about what you should carry in your RV toolbox is something well worth taking to heart.

Click here

Yep–It’s tick season

While this may not be something you expect in a gadget newsletter, this oldie but goodie about tick-resistant gear is still great advice.

This is good stuff

Other stuff we’re liking

I’ve been going on and on about using blank-canvas campers such as the Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers Project M and various bits and pieces to arrive at your own custom RV. As such, I’ve also been collecting the gadgets to make this work.

Nanci Dixon has a great gadget she wrote about that fits right into this picture, the Jetboil Camping Stove. This nifty and very compact device is even great in your RV to create an outdoor kitchen.

Here is a list of gadgets I have been collecting to create a custom camper out of a blank canvas, with Nanci’s Jetboil device now also on my list:

And, if you’re interested, here are some blank-canvas campers that you could use as the foundation for this type of project:

Speaking of ovens… Make sure you open our Saturday newsletter tomorrow. We’ve got a very cool solar oven to review.

RVing has its ups and downs

A very rare site – Tony high enough on a ladder to effect some roof repairs on the vintage Aristocrat trailer.

I never thought I’d be carrying a ladder around, but here I am. I think I chose one with the goofiest of names—MeanFun. Yep. From the “proof that not everything translates well” department comes this telescoping ladder that I actually like quite a bit.

Silly name – great ladder

Another slide top idea

RV Slideout Sweep attachmentIf you ever want to know the easiest (i.e., laziest) way to accomplish anything, ask someone who looks like me. And, as such, now that I have an RV with a slide, I have been using the RV Slideout Sweep. How do I know if the roof of the slide room needs a brush? I have a GoPro camera on a long selfie stick and I can see what’s going on up there without ever getting on that MeanFun ladder.

Learn more

This month’s gadget video

I got a new hitch to test out from Camco’s Eaz-Lift division: the Camco Eaz-Lift TR3, which is a new model for them. I have the details in the attached video and will have a full written review coming out this weekend if that’s more your style.

The Book Nook

RV content creator Alyssa Padgett, of RV Entrepreneur fame, has a new book she has released that Peggy, my wife, has been reading: “RVing Across America: A Quest to Visit All 50 States.” The book description reads: “In this humorous travel book, Alyssa and her husband Heath hit the open road together—despite their lack of income, the falling apart RV they found on Craigslist, and the tiny detail that neither of them has RVed. Ever.

“This book is not a detailed account of all 50 states with things to do or places to visit, but an honest account of what it’s like RVing across America—new friends, breakdowns, bear encounters, and all. This is the story of a couple determined to chase their big, crazy dreams no matter what challenges they face, and the growth that can only be found by pushing past your comfort zone.

“Travel with the Padgetts as they camp on the Pacific Coast Highway listening to the waves crash on the rocky shores, sleep on a glacier in Alaska, and accidentally flash the entire RV park while trying to kill a spider.

“A 20-year-old RV, 50 states, a broke newlywed couple with a dream… What could go wrong?”

Get your own copy here.

It came in the mail…

Chunk Nibbles: Your new favorite camping snack

If you have a sweet tooth, these could be dangerous. They’re delicious and will become an instant favorite for you and your kids or grandkids. Trust us, you’re going to want some of these. Read more and drool.

While we try to test every gadget and product we can, the below products were sent to us but we haven’t been able to test them yet.

  • Glidecoat sent information about products to maintain the finish of an RV including removing the black streaks that are common down the sides of an RV.
  • Instead of using a towel to dry your vehicle, Shurhold has this nifty silicone blade attachment that they say speeds up the drying process and also can be mounted to a pole to reach higher spots. Here’s their information. 
  • I’ve seen their information several times with their unique suction cup-like mounts for everything from bike racks to coffee cups so, this month, we share these SeaSucker products with you.


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23 days ago

I ended up getting something called a hot rod, an anode electric rod that keeps the hot water tank hot and had it installed back in April. 2 weeks up here I popped the circuit breaker and had no clue what was going on with it. The RV repair guy who works with this campground came took a look and well, came back a second time and we realized that it was the hot rod itself. I called the people who installed it and they said to go thru the vendor. So I did. Nicest people ever. I told them what was going on and they said when something is wrong it will trip the breaker and will not turn on. So they are sending me free of charge a new one. So shout out to valterra aka the one who makes the hot rod anode for making my life stress free. Otherwise I use this instead of propane for hot water. Once I get it I will be back into hot water. Being solo is a big learning curve and its working out so far. Happy trails.

Glenn A
25 days ago

“Pa Kettle”. There’s a reference you don’t hear every day.

1 day ago
Reply to  Glenn A

One of the best horse traders and bargainers ever !

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