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RV Preview: 2022 Alliance Avenue 32RLS Fifth Wheel

I’ve written before about Alliance RVs – a newer company that has been established by veterans of the RV industry that prides itself on creating products that are the result of listening to customers. Whatever the case, the truth is that the company is an independent company that has some people with a lot of experience and I have liked their products in the past. 

One of the readers of RV Travel was kind enough to request a review of the new Alliance Avenue fifth wheel. When I went to their website I couldn’t find the Avenue but then I called the company and they had some great details. In fact, I was impressed that they were there to answer the phone, knew what they were talking about and were actually helpful. 

This might sound like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many RV companies I’ve called or emailed and have never heard back from. 

Alliance RV

Alliance RV’s claim to fame is that they surveyed some 3,000 RV owners to see how they wanted things done and then simply did that. But then they also used a lot of experience to take that data and turn it into RVs. Up to this point they’ve built high-end fifth wheels including toy haulers. 

Most recently I’ve written about the Alliance Valor 40V13 which I really liked, having seen it in person at the FMCA rally in Gillette, Wyoming. 

The new Avenue line is a more affordable range than the company has previously been involved with – being what is called a “mid profile” fifth wheel. What that means in English is that they will count the Grand Design Reflection, Jayco Eagle and Keystone Cougar among their competitors. 

Right now there are three models in the Avenue line: the 30RLS, 32RLS and 36BRM. The most details are available about the 32RLS, which is the model we’ll be looking at here. 

There are some strong competitors that are well established, so it takes some big chops to stand out in this field. What is Alliance bringing to the market? 

Alliance Avenue

The first thing they’ve got is width. The Avenue series is going to be a wide body line much like their other fifth wheels. 

The other thing that is consistent with the rest of their line is that they have a shut-off for each plumbing fixture. That means if one does prove to be defective, you can disable that fixture without shutting down the entire water system. 

But while some of the fifth wheels I mentioned above have relatively low-grade suspensions, this one does not. The Avenue series employs a MORryde CRE suspension system with two-inch torsion tubes. I am a big fan of not putting thousands of pounds of your expensive RV on a cheap suspension. Apparently, neither is Alliance. And the tires are not minimal spec, either. 

There’s also a Lippert Rhino pin box so the towing experience with this fifth wheel should be a solid one. 

First, it’s important to know that Alliance has built a very few of these to solidify the reception based on their previous research and customer input. In other words, customers can tell you they want the merry-go-round to go twice as fast, but you don’t want to fully commit until folks have given it a spin. 

The grand tour

Stepping inside, the first thing that strikes me is the color of the wood. It’s a heavily grained material that looks like a pine and I absolutely love it. But, of course, this is subjective. 

Along the front wall is a coffee bar with cabinet space above and below. There are several frosted panels in the cabinets throughout this unit that have lighting behind. This makes for a much nicer feel over the typical puck lights in so many RVs. Oh, they’re here too, but you don’t have to rely only on those. 

Alliance also is using real buttons on the panel as you walk, in so there’s no fumbling with menus. 

There’s also a pantry to the road side of the front wall. 

Opposing slides and no carpeting in the Alliance Avenue

There are opposing slides on the main floor of this. One is for the galley and the other is for the seating and dining, as you might expect. But what may be a surprise is that there is zero carpeting in this RV whatsoever, including in the slide rooms. 

In the galley you’ll find a large four-door propane-electric refrigerator. Since Alliance has used 12-volt refrigerators in other models, this is surprising. But all RV companies aren’t doing what they’d like to do due to supply line challenges. 

Next to the fridge is a Gravestone three-burner stove with 22” oven, which has a storage drawer beneath it. The whole stove and the drawer have a stainless steel finish and cast grates which gives it a higher quality feel. Above the stove is a 30” microwave oven. 

The cabinets on either side of the stove feature soft-close hidden hinges. 

Large TV and electric fireplace surrounded by “subway tiles”

There’s a very large TV above an electric fireplace surrounded by a material that looks like subway tiles. You can see that TV from the couch along the back of the unit which is made wider by the width of this rig. It’s a nice couch that really can seat three people across. On either side of that couch is a flip-up end table with some space for remotes or whatnot. 

On the camp side wall are theater seats that sit directly across from the TV and fireplace. 

Next to that is a dining table where the seats toward the theater seats are free-standing chairs. There’s a bench opposite that. That bench is an ottoman which can be pulled out and moved. The upholstery on the dining chairs and ottoman are a plaid pattern. 

Heading up the stairs you’ll be stepping over space in the lower step for shoes. I like when fifth wheel makers do this. 

The bathroom features a larger shower that incorporates a seat. The shower head appears to be an upgrade over what you’d typically see in an RV. Anything’s better than the typical RV shower head, which gets disposed of after the first use. There’s also some storage for linens in here, and there’s a porcelain foot flush toilet. 

The bedroom features a slide wherein the bed resides facing east-west. There’s a nice chest of drawers opposite the bed. In the nose of the trailer is a large closet that takes up the whole width of the front of the trailer.

In summary

I see Alliance as being a real competitor to the larger RV companies. The design of these rigs shows some major attention to detail and the use of higher-quality materials puts them a step above the rest. For example, the wall construction on these features an Azdel substrate both inside and out. That means greater resistance to water damage. 

I’m curious what your take is on the interior materials, with the assumption that the few photos I was able to get are of a pre-production model and may actually change. I like the lack of floor vents and the fact that the multiple tanks drain from one dump opening. A lot of little details here and there. 

I’m looking forward to seeing some of the other models in their plans and appreciate the heads up by eagle-eyed RV Travel readers. 

Tony comes to RVTravel having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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There's a new card in the Alliance RV deck and it's another ace. The Avenue is a mid-profile line of fifth wheels that has features that may leave the competition in the dust.


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5 months ago

Currently have a 2016 Denali 38′ rear kitchen model. Love all the counter space but looking to go shorter for better campsite fit. Found the Alliance Paradigm to have the best overall reviews for quality, customer service, etc. Liked the 310RL the best and was looking for dealers who had inventory when we came across the new Alliance Avenue line.
I personally like the gas/electric fridge with the freezer on top. We load up the freezer and can be on the road all day and the fridge stays cold, Also a lot of the domestic fridges are too big to get out the door and the dealer has to take a window out to replace a defective unit. The leveling gear is not hydraulic. If you have a leak in a hydraulic system you can’t move anything in worst case scenario. Like the slower electric gear.
Wish they would put a bench to left of dresser and have an option for a convection microwave. Love the 10K+ empty weight. Also hope it has a 10 gal or larger water heater.

Allen & Diana Storm
5 months ago

Just bought a 310RL Paradigm Alliance and compared to ALL the other RV’s we’ve made the mistakes of buying this is NOT a mistake! Everything in it is top of the line & looks like it is built to last. Folks, don’t waste your time or $$$ buying anything else! Very happy campers…Cram-A-Lot Inn

Gretchen A Martin
5 months ago

Once again the bedroom although nice is very difficult to make the bed. When you have to climb over the bed to make it or try to tuck the bedding in makes it very difficult. Plus not one word was mentioned about a generator. I understand they don’t always come with a generator but Matt never mentioned where the generator would go. Other than that the unit is gorgeous I like the electric gas refrigerator a lot of the companies had stopped making that I think it’s a great idea. Waiting anxiously to see what it will cost to buy a brand new one.

Nancy Harris
4 months ago

The unit is prepped for a generator in the front storage compartment. Typically only 5W toy haulers come with a generator. The will be debuting the Avenue at the Hershey RV Show in September. There is actually room on both sides of the bed to help with getting up there to make it, so you don’t have to crawl, or faceplant trying to tuck the corners.

Rita and George Wagner
5 months ago

We are seeing this 5th wheel for the first time. We are impressed. A couple of things we do not like are; accordion awnings do not withstand any kind of wind and they collapse easily. Between the two awnings the door entrance is exposed and when it rains, nothing prevents people from getting soaked, no fan in living room or bedroom.

We like many things; the aluminum tubular lite structure, the fiber glass outside and the lifetime warranty roof, the big windows that let light in and the sliding windows that allow for cross ventilation.

Roger Spalding
5 months ago

I applaud Alliance for trying to take a step forward in features offered. The tank capacities are always first in my analysis, and Alliance’s claim to be able to carry a full freshwater tank on the road, due to its optimal placement, scores points. I continue to be amazed by manufacturers which resist computerized touch panels. Eagle’s Jaycommand and Cougar’s InCommand are the industry standard. I like these 3 Avenue rigs; they should do well in the mid-profile market. However, as long as Alliance remains intransigent and continues to use Soviet bloc function buttons, “more affordable” looks a lot like “cheap and chintzy.”

The Lazy Q
5 months ago

Like it 👍

5 months ago

As a fifth wheel owner, the wide body would make the Alliance a little more difficult to tow and fit into some campsites. But it certainly makes it more livable, especially for full-timers with occasional guests.

Personally, I like the floorplan of the 30RLS better than the other two. Currently having a north-south queen with a wardrobe slide, I prefer it over a bed slide–easier in and out for the inevitable 3:00 am bathroom trip. It also makes it possible to use the bed without extending the slide for an occasional Flying J overnight stop. The accessibility of at least one side of the refrigerator with the slides in also aids in those quick rest area lunch stops (not much space to open slides in those truck parking spaces!).

Overall, a well-designed fifth wheel that should actually do well against the Montana, Bighorn, Cedar Creek competitors, not just Cougars of the fifth wheel universe.

Diane Mc
5 months ago
Reply to  Steve

Very nice interior. Ditto on the north/south bed and getting to refrigerator. We have a 2002 motorhome and wouldn’t trade it for anything. On overnight/2 night stays we don’t have to put out the main living room/kitchen slide. In a pinch don’t need to put out bedroom slide if one of us doesn’t mind climbing out.

Judy Reed
5 months ago
Reply to  Diane Mc

Agree with the north/south bed! All 5th wheels should be designed so that a person has access to a usable kitchen without the slides being put out in case that is not possible. Like that there is no carpet.