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Chuck, I wish you would add this to the list of beefs you write about rv’ing these days. Some people are acting like their poop don’t stink! Nor is it dirty, nor potentially infectious. I am finding incredible messes at dump stations more and more frequently. During a 5 night stay last week at NY’s Cayuga Lake State Park, twice I found the dump station covered with bits of dried toilet paper. You and I both know what it was mixed with before drying out. Over the past two weeks I found similar, but not as bad, messes at NY’s… Read more »

Eric Meslin


Just completed one month of travel that was completely planned and reserved. We did this because we were coordinating with family and were on a set schedule. But I have to say, it wasn’t as much fun as drifting along without firm plans. Instead, there was a lot of pressure to stick to the schedule. Hopefully, an experience not to be repeated.

Cheryl Carr

I agree with what Chuck is saying. After staying at the same campground in the Seattle area for the last 2 years we were told when we went to check in we were number 12 on the waiting list. This was in spite of the fact we had put our names on the waiting list in August of last year. When we checked on our status in April we were told we were at the top of the list. Since we are planning on returning to the Seattle area every year we bought into a Camping Club in Lake Stevens.… Read more »


I bought my older travel trailer for camping in BC, where I live. Because I tow with an SUV, I camp in the Interior to avoid driving over major hills. I have to say that now that there is a reservation system in place, it is incredibly hard to grab a Provincial Camp site in our own back yard. at one of the lakes. The bloody commercial RV rentals, often rent the RVs with sites booked for their guests – they have staff and BOTs and can get on the phone and computers and book the sites up right away,… Read more »

Terry Novotney

I agree with others. too much negative and repitition. How do I disenroll? Not looking for an argument or discussion. I just want to stop getting the newsletter.

RV Staff

Terry, I’ve removed you from the list to receive our newsletters. We’re sorry to see you go. —Diane at


What ever happened to “This date in history”?

RV Staff

It’s “history,” rlag. At least for now. The newsletter was getting too long so we discontinued it. Sorry. (I learned a lot when I was sorting through historical events to add to the list.) —Diane at


I managed to secure camp sites before leaving for Montana and Yellowstone. The best one in Yellowstone is the KOA west. I don’t do bears and from what we heard about Yellowstone camp sites we decided KOA was our best options. Especially the one at Glacier in Montana. So if you need a spot in Yellowstone? KOA. They also have tour groups come out to you and we had a great time. Learned more about Yellowstone than doing it ourselves. Also Glacier KOA is terrific too.

Jerry J

Chuck, On your article about Insufficient Site Capacity a Myth you used “Fishing Bridge RV Park” as an example. Couldn’t you use a better example. When researching this campground I find it is open from May 11 to Sept 5, less than 5 months at less than $45 a night and on top of a 8,000ft mountain. Add to that it’s a national park where you would expect limited facilities or intrusions of a natural wonder. Being such a popular area to visit, sure it’s going to fill up quick. Sure they have 346 with full hookups, but it’s a… Read more »

Charles Yaker

How can you compare Vegas to Yellowstone. Apples and oranges Vegas thrives onbodies to eat and gamble. Even then we found a crowded weeken when we had to go to North Vegas no problem but it isn’t a fair comparison.


“Members of Thousand Trails can now stay all year if they pay the price.” Sort of. With MOST Thousand Trails that offer annual sites, the rig itself can stay every night of the year. However, occupants are limited to the number of days/nights in the park. Apparently in some (most?) states this is necessary to keep the designation of “campground” with a different taxation rate. The number of nights I see quoted most often is 210 night per year. I’m a long time Thousand trails members on multiple member driven discussion sites. (no we are not annuals ourselves). Check it… Read more »

Kathy Mazzuchelli

Maybe there is a shortage of campgrounds according to some….but to those entreprenaurs that want to make a buck…..what a great opportunity….do the research, buy the land and set up the RV park…’s a no brainer…..the people that look at the thorns all the time…..miss the beauty of the rose !!!!

Patrecia Shaw

I shared the info about the new RV horror stories FB group on many of my FB RV groups. I sent the info to admins or moderators. Also shared info. One can get booted out of groups for sharing links. So I let them make the choice. A few have replied so far , so expect a few new members


My husband and I were “vacation” RVers (one to two weeks at a time) before we retired in 2004 at age 55. The next ten years we had a house but traveled in our RV for 8-9 months of the year. Then we sold our house and full-time RV’d from 2014-2017. It got so frustrating to find decent campsites that we came off the road and bought another house. It’s been over a year since we’ve taken our 5th-wheel out. What happened? The explosion of RVing — just too much hassle making and modifying reservations, inability to stay where we… Read more »


The park we are in is probably 75% full-timers. There are the retirees, those working and those here for either the summer then go south for the winter or here for a month or two to visit family or see the area. The retirees keep their sites looking nice, the workers can look trashy. What irritates me most in this park are those who have more than one car. They use up the visitor/overflow parking sites for their second one (even though their site is big enough for two, even some won’t park any vehicles in their site which means… Read more »

Bill Myers

We just completed a 4,000 mile trip in our RV crossing nine states. Even though we didn’t have campground reservations, we had no problem finding campsites. Most of the parks we stayed at were half full. We stayed at commercial RV parks as well as state parks and one Casino RV park. The state parks were nicer, had more room between sites, and cost less, except the Casino RV park which was free and had hookups. Most state parks are ten or more miles off the main roads and since many RV’ers prefer not to travel the backroads, sites at… Read more »

Dennis Adams

One more comment.
If you think RVing is going to provide a private outdoor wilderness experience you better get in shape and be able to get 5 miles into the trails on foot. The norm is more being on top of the rig next to you, smoldering fires, outdoor 46 inch TVs and lights on all night killing the night sky.


I’ve been to some of those parks that have “space”. Often those sites are vacant because they are to short, to narrow or impossible to maneuver a trailer into. So they stay vacant. While I fulltime, I stay 14 days or so in each park and move on. I want to see the country not the same view day after day. Parks that don’t keep making improvements (adding more 50 amp and sewer sites) even if it means decreasing the inventory of sites are doomed to failure .

G VanKoughnett Canada

Still look forward to reading this each week. As you point out there is a lot of negative things in the RV world but someone has to identify them. Keep up the good work.


Unfortunately, I suspect full-timers are the future for parks. They are guaranteed money for the park and cheap rent for the tenants. I believe the increase has more to do with the unaffordable prices for housing rent and ownership. Look for this trend to continue.
I found that full-time spaces are often less than clean, jam packed with junk and relegates RV travelers to substandard lots.

Bob Casteel

Why don’t major companies like Winnebago invest in building additional RV parks. Us baby boomers are growing at an alarming rate and want to see our country! Stop long term parking at RV sites and go to trailer parks built especially for long term parking.

John T

Because they are a vehicle manufacturer, not a real estate developer.


I checked out the campground views web site. Basically it is useless. I looked up a campground we frequent and the info on the “views” site was not even close to being correct. A lot of “may or may not have cable, wifi, electrical connections, etc. I definitely would never use that web site if I were looking for a place to stay. Not sure where they get there information from, but not from visiting the campgrounds. They would be better of just providing links to the campground’s web sites instead of the useless information they post.


You don’t know how right you are.Rent is high all over anymore with no end in sight.


We decided to go FT in 2012. We could see the Rent crisis on the Horizon, we had a 7Yo and our future disposable income to consider long term. OUr Landlord got forclosed on by state leased land of MT.after they raised his lease taxes to 1000$ mo from 12$ a month. IN 3 months it was over. Prior to that we had a place on Flathead lake, which looked great but was a renters nightmare property, so we were released from our lease due to the landlord being unable to resolve basic things like water, heat, water heater, ect…… Read more »

Vincent Salmela

I Agree with you on needing more RV parks and space. However as a business owner isn’t it your job to keep the park full so you remain in business? If that means having people long term at the expense of short term stays that’s what I would do too! Your not getting paid when no one is there. As a business owner, I would take the long term people all day long . So we can’t blame the park owners. Must find another solution and I don’t know what that is.

Monty Arch

The solution is the free market. Entrepreneurs will see the need for accommodate travelling RV’ers and build them. “Build it and they will come”.

F. Gisler

I’m with Kris who wrote in this morning around 8:00. The negative vibe from has gotten to be too much. Also, a lot of repetitive news & information. Honestly, the lack of locations to camp is due to more and more full-timers (isn’t that you, Chuck?!) It’s a trend that doesn’t seem like it will be going away anytime soon. Along with full-timing come the complaints about components of RVs not working perfectly. People don’t seem to realize that RVs are NOT MEANT TO BE LIVED IN FULL TIME!! There are condos and stationary mobile homes for that purpose!… Read more »

Chuck Woodbury

F Gisler, yes, the tone has definitely become more negative, but there is good reason. And you state the obvious when you say RVs are not meant to be lived in full time. But, look around, that is what people are doing. You write: “There are condos and stationary mobile homes for that purpose,” as if that is not obvious. You and your husband have worked out an RV lifestyle that suits you well, and my very wild guess is that 70 percent of all RVers have done the same. Their RVs have practically no problems, and they stay at… Read more »

Dennis Adams

To those that full time. Enjoy while you can. Do you all realize that we are in the midst of the Baby Boomer retirement years. 72 million give or take born between 1945-65 approx. Over 10K persons per day reach SS age. 500K RV, TT units per year have been sold for at least the previous three years. In addition to those already “out there”. I sure wish it was the late 70s again. Fishing Bridge was wide open in July. Unfortunately it is not going to happen. It’s only going to get “worse”. I participate in a few popular… Read more »

Jim Anderson

Chuck, your comments about Mark Koep’s response and perspective are Exactly Right! And yes some of what your saying is on the negative side, But it reflects the facts that you and many more RV’ers are seeing as we RV across America. Were doing a six to eight week trip next month and there is NO possible way that I can even think of making reservations way ahead…I want the freedom and flexibility and spontaneity to move and travel at my will, and not be limited by a schedule that I guessed at months ago.. Traveling on a fixed schedule… Read more »


Great reply Chuck. We are with you on this.


I want Chuck to speak the truth about campgrounds or what ever. Do not sugar coat for me, I want the straight scoop.


I disagree that there are no RV’s built for full time use.Why do you think the manufacturers are building them with household appliances in them? Today’s RV experience is NOT your fathers 16 foot Shasta with wings RV camping experience.The times dictate what folks can afford,and with today’s sorry political state in Washington…don’t expect things to get better anytime soon. This from someone who has years of full timing under his belt.Happy trails.


Agreed. The first thing that came to my mind when I read your post was John Crean who had the futuristic idea to build a motorhome with all residential appliances: range/oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, trash compactor, stacking washer/dryer and more. It was affordable, gas powered, and had the look and feel of home. But like all visionaries, they are usually way ahead of their time. The Flounder was renamed Siena. CT Coachworks is still in business but they no longer produce the motorhome.


“People don’t seem to realize that RVs are NOT MEANT TO BE LIVED IN FULL TIME!! ”

When you don’t do extensive research and you buy cheap RVs they cant stand up to full time use. If you do extensive research and pick the correct rig they WILL and DO stand up to full time use.


My family has been RV-ing for decades, starting with my husband and his grandmother in the 80’s, and now we RV for months at a time every summer. We LOVE it. My husband and I are going full time as soon as we get both kids into college. (We can work from the road) We’ve been to California and back twice and to all lower 48 states. NEVER once have we ever been unable to find a decent campsite, and we change locations every few days. We travel during the peak summer season and have no trouble whatsoever in getting… Read more »

Larry Fuchs

Disappointed lately to see that the Saturday newsletters is basically a rehash of all the tips from the previous week. Hardly anything new for me to read this morning.

David C

I agree Larry. I think the newsletters should only come out a few days a week instead of not on Friday and Sunday.

Would save the creaters some money too I would suspect!

Ed Fogle

I would qualify the statement about Yellowstone National Park. The park is so huge if you stay just outside it and want to do something on the other side of the park that can be a days drive in itself. Even the closest interesting areas to the town of West Yellowstone are quite a drive. Add 50 more miles each way to a campground and you won’t have much time to do anything in the park.


To add…one must learn how to speak Chinese when in most any National Park anymore.

Bob Hoffman

Hi Chuck and all – I RVed from 1984 through 2013, but have now settled into a non-traveling life style, but still read Chuck’s newsletter each week. Just read about Mark Koep and can’t help wondering who’s paying him – RV manufacturers maybe? Sounded like “alternative facts” to me. I still enjoy the newsletter and mostly just scan for things of interest to a non-RVer. I used to enjoy the NEWS when I could scan through and look for the location in bold print. Don’t like this new format as much, since you’ve stopped highlighting where the news is from.… Read more »


Totally agree. NEWS is not what it was. I was ready to contribute until “NEWS” changed its format.


Just went through your town of Seattle last night. As an BPOE (Elks) member one of the benefits is RV parking and camping on Elks’ property as we travel. The Elks’ lots are booked solid too. You might get lucky and get a space or you may be able to boondoock for a few days. Yesterday we thought we could get a space just North of Seattle in Mt. Vernon at the Elks. New location for us. Of course the phone number was of no help, Old number. Twenty-two sites, let’s see what they have. We got their around 2:30,… Read more »

Dr4Film ----- Richard

I would much rather stay at a Walmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Lowe’s, shopping mall or church parking lot versus staying at a local sleazy RV Park. I use RV Park Reviews plus my club members recommendations for RV Parks and if there aren’t any then I choose one of the above to stay at. After all my coach is self-contained and can support comfortable living for over two weeks. Sleazy RV Parks will not get my money for supplying a crappy place to stay.


Chuck, I always enjoy your newsletter. We full timed in a 30′ Tiffen motorhome and after 3 1/2 years we had enough. The majority of our time was spent in dumpy campgrounds with tall weeds with lifers in old campers that were rotting into the ground. We never found that spot featured on the cover of most RV brochures at the dealership. We did enjoy dry camping out west and staying at State and Corp parks when we could. As a side note, we came through Virginia two weeks ago and stayed at the Walnut Hills campground. It is very… Read more »


We like to stay in USFS campgrounds in our 21 footer. The last large USFS campground we stayed in only had two pull thrus for the big boys and they weren’t level either. In my experience, there is a real shortage of campsites for anything over 25’. Most of those folks have to stay in RV parks near the interstate, which is a shame.


I bought 3 different RVs and my current F350 Powerstroke through ebay. It gave me a much better selection and with the buyer protection all went well. It would have been nice to inspect the units before travelling a thousand miles but all in all it was a good experience.

Mickey Woods

I watched an interview with the guy from campground views, he was blowing a lot of smoke. Their website listed a lot campgrounds for our area. Most were not RV parks, some didn’t have any sites, just cabins. Some were open fields next to canoe stream for tents.