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  1. Hi, I sent a donation and my email address and never heard back about the special emails, can you check that my email is correct?


  2. Chuck,
    It would be good to explain to RV owners that emergencies happen at a moments notice. I was in Paradise CA last Thursday when we had little to no warning to evacuate from fast moving fire. Numerous RV’ers were ready with MH, 5th wheels, & TT. But 2 weren’t. 1 DP was stuck on road with someone trying to jump generator. I guess chassis batteries not ready for road. Then another older MH crashed into fence blocking road. Don’t know if brakes failed or someone cut him off. I live in TX (luckily I was at my 90yr old mom’s house that day) & try to have MH ready to go for Hurricanes & other such events. Keeping up with batteries, engine, & having some supplies. Never know when might need that parked RV.

  3. I tried to make a one-time donation by Credit Card to the newsletter and it defaulted to Paypal. I don’t use Paypal and I’m not interested. I’m sorry I’m not able to help.

    • Larry PayPal has always permitted me to use my credit card as a guest although if you object to PayPal that’s another story.

  4. In your article about travel photography, you wrote that the world’s largest turkey is in “Freeze” Minnesota. It gets mighty cold there, but the town is actually Frazee. I grew up not too far from there. http://WWW.FRAZEECITY.COM

    • Thanks, Michael. No matter where it came from originally, it’s still makes a good point. 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com

  5. This will age me~~ when I returned from SE Asia I started taking pics heavily. Darkroom too. I hated doing weddings due to the pressure of not knowing how or if a pic Thought digital would be great and invested heavily ~ took fewer pics. Then on my iPhone ~~ rarely used. Just not the same!

    • I spent countless hours in my Dark Room also. I take pictures of what ever is of interest to me. I have sold to magazines and have wrote the articles to cover the pictures also . It is so handy to have a snap an shoot with at all times(phone) with you.

  6. “I know, Chuck! Let’s have a poll on generators and tell people to add comments in the comment section, and then REMOVE the comment section! It will be fun driving people crazy until someone notices!”
    – surely NOT Dianne

    • Yep, it was me. 😯 So sorry, everyone! I thought the comment section was the default on these forms and neglected to double-check it. (I set up very few of these and am still learning.) I’ve gone back in and checked that box. Shame on me!! 🙁 —Diane at RVtravel.com

  7. Chuck, when we bought our.first RV in Aug. ‘17 – a 31 ft 1999 (with only 34,000 miles on the engine)
    Four Winds motorhome- we wanted to take some road trips besides camping in the Midwest area where we live. But I wanted to keep track of our travels lest we forget where we’ve been and lose the memories. I thought I would write a journal, diary, or something, but when I mentioned this to my wife she suggested scrapbooking!!
    It turned out to be a great idea as it’s given me another hobby and I’ve discovered I have some creativity after all. So I’m wondering if other RVers enjoy this as well. Would you be interesting in asking your readers if they scrapbook their camping trips?

    • Absolutely Richard, that way you have all those memories to look back at and the comments so you know where you were and mark every occasion.

  8. Getting rid of used cooking grease!

    Bacon grease on a paper plate stacked in the refrigerator makes a great campfire starter.

  9. Greetings,
    I was not happy when I read your article about the poor condition of the pedestal at Fort Wilderness Disney campground. We have plans to be there in February.
    We won’t change our plans, but will be extra careful. I’m already geared up and have started testing when we arrive at camp sites.
    Disney makes more money than many countries. Come on. Cough up some $$ for safety.
    Keep up the great work guys!

      • I am a voluntary contributor as well but don’t see anything other than the Monday-Thursday shorts and the Saturday weekly. Can you check since I contribute through PayPal I don’t know if you have my email address.

  10. Thank you, Chuck, for the wonderful memories of the darkroom! Our dad was a photographer in WWII and when he returned, he had a darkroom for years and produced some great photos. I remember as a kid going down there and the darkness and the smells were enticing as well as the miracle that was produced by chemicals. Those memories paved the way for my love of photography and searching for that shot of a lifetime!

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