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2 months ago

Good article on lifetime membership- Lifetime doesn’t always mean our lifetime.

Matt Johnson
2 months ago

Regarding pepper spray or bear spray, speaking from personal experience, it often takes 10 to 15 seconds to be effective. And about 5% of the time has little effect on a person. So as long as your OK with an attacker being able to continue attacking for that duration of time, if it works at all, then it’s a so so means of a non lethal deterrent.

2 months ago

I come up with tons of trivia and thoughts for the day. Will pass it along. As for the dog pic? {bleeped} reminds me of ours. Once our groomer opened up? We got them in. The look on the dogs face is you owe me big time and you took my picture of your mistake? {bleeped} heads will roll. Thanks for the giggles.

Steve Minor
2 months ago

Reader tip for today: I always use a splitter at the water spigot, even if I don’t have a hose on the other side. That way I can let off the pressure to the camper hose, without going inside to relieve the pressure when breaking camp. Like the tip suggested, it’s a good idea to have a hose (mine is 50 ft.} just in case of fire!

Roger V
2 months ago

Enjoyed the newsletter. Interesting though how there’s a whole article dedicated to “Don’t fight an RV Fire!” And then just a little further down, there’s a “Be plumbing-prepared for firepost encouraging us with a way to be prepare to fight an RV fire. Understand that it’s not mutually exclusive. Once you get out, that hose may well save a neighbor’s rig, or your own if theirs is on fire. Still, with propane in the mix, I don’t think I even want to be that close.

2 months ago

Just a FYI for past Good Sam members, I have a old membership card that expired in 2017 but it still works at Pilots and Flying Js at the pump to get a discount on fuel.

2 months ago

The Clintoon is not that far off. We are in the Naples Florida area and my wife spotted a gym on wheels. A pick-up-truck towing a large trailer with a sign painted on it indicating the gym will come to you. It was parked in a driveway with someone working out in it, no idea if the owner is a personal trainer or what the deal is.

2 months ago
Reply to  Joe

I’ve never understood the fascination with going to a sweaty public gym. Milage, expense, gross equipment, gross people. I had a home gym 15 years ago, but admit I didn’t use it much — I chop 30 facecord of wood a year, and that’s more than enough exercise. My buddy is constantly lamenting NY shutting down gyms, and I offer to let him chop my wood for FREE, but so far he has declined my charitable offer… :-S

Last edited 2 months ago by Wolfe
2 months ago

Good article about lifetime Good Sam members getting the shaft on magazines. We became lifetime members back early 90’s. Received the magazine for many years. And it has been many years since we received any magazine from Good Sam. Still have our cards. But no answer from Good Sam on what benefits we are suppose to be receiving now.