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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1271

Friday, February 7, 2020
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” ―Carl Gustav Jung

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Send A Card To A Friend Day!

Tip of the Day

Ask the RV Tech: How much value is there in RV forum advice?

Steve Savage submitted this article to RVtravel.com when he was a Master Certified RV Technician with Mobility RV Service.
In my opinion, the more you know, the less value there is in following these sites, and the less you know, the more confused you are likely to become. The problem, as I see it, is this: Some information on the forums is as good as you will find anywhere. On the other hand, some information is so bad, it moves into the realm of downright dangerous.

What I find is some very long threads discuss theoretical issues as though they present themselves as common problems when, in fact, they never occur. Those issues raise anxiety unnecessarily and waste folks’ time tending to things that never break.

The posts, however, that drive me crazy are the ones which read as though how things work and what is safe is simply a matter of opinion and openly deny legitimate sources of information.

For those reasons, I encourage anyone who uses the Internet as a source of information to conduct broad searches giving priority to manufacturers and professionals. Bear in mind, just because everyone says something doesn’t mean it’s right and consensus is never a substitute for engineering. At one time everyone believed the world was flat! (And some still do.)

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Carrying an extra one of these can save you frustration

As RVers, we’re limited on just how much stuff we can carry with us. There’s only so much space in the rig – being piled from floor to ceiling isn’t conducive to moving about freely. But there’s one thing you may want to carry more than one of – a water hose. Find out why.

Yesterday’s featured article: Don’t freeze the pipes of your RV

A thing that does all things!
RV Travel Newsletter Issue 875This large silicone pad can be used in your microwave under hot bowls to pick them up, or on top of a dish as a splatter guard, on your table as a hot plate, a drying rack, or even as a jar opener. When it gets messy just toss it in the sink for a wash, or even put it in the dishwasher. About $10 on Amazon makes it a great deal. Talk about a great multi-tasking gadget for your RV (or home) kitchen.

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Helpful resources


Quick Tip

Hint for safer parking

Ever find you need to park the rig with part of it “sticking out” in traffic, either on a street or in a parking lot? Pick up a set of “sport cones” from Walmart. A little shorter than standard traffic cones, they still stick out like sore thumbs, are inexpensive, and can be easily stored near the driver (or navigator) seat. Great for marking an “occupied” campsite, too.

RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1162Maintain those slide seals!
If you’ve heard a cracking or popping sound when extending your slides, it means its seals are sticking and/or drying out. Applying a seal conditioner about every 8-12 weeks can extend a seal’s life. We recommend using Thetford Premium RV Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner.

Random RV Thought

If circumstance does not allow you to level your RV perfectly, then consider the position of your bed: “level” it so that if it’s not exactly level, your head will be higher than your feet when you sleep.

Website of the day

The best travel books of 2019
We wish we would have found this list sooner. These are the best travel books of 2019, and as the website title suggests, now we have serious wanderlust!

Protect yourself and others from sharp edges of RV slideouts!
slide-out-covers-655Cut your head just once on the corner of a sharp RV slideout and you’ll race out to buy a set of these so it never happens again! Camco’s Slide-Out Corner Guards offer a simple solution to the danger posed by sharp corners on RV slideouts. Simply place on each corner of the slide to provide a cushion zone. Easy to install, no tools required. Learn more or order.

Clubs and useful organizations
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• Harvest Hosts: Stay free at farms, wineries and other scenic and peaceful locations for free. Save 15% on membership.
AllStays: The best website for RVers! Your membership will become your RV-bible.
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Escapees. Best Club for RVers: All RVers welcome, no matter what type of RV, make or model.


Is your name Jessica? If so, Shakespeare named you! Jessica, one of the most popular American names, was coined by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice in the late 1500s.

Leave here with a laugh

A little boy got lost in the YMCA and found himself in the women’s locker room. When the ladies spotted him, the room erupted in shrieks with the women grabbing towels and heading for cover. The little boy watched in amazement and asked, ”What’s the matter? Haven’t you seen a little kid before?” —Thanks to Tom Hart!

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2 years ago

re: “How much value is there in RV forum advice?”

About as much from a “new to me RV Tech”

I never take any advice at face value! If it I’m not 90% sure about it, I research it. That goes for all the tips on rvTravel, some are great, some are terrible, and most are in the middle!

Richard Hubert
2 years ago

Not really sure the point of “How much value is there in RV forum advice?” as he seems to be saying that if you already really know something then you are just wasting your time reading on-line comments. And if you don’t know much then you will just be confused and misled by written commentaries.
So the question then becomes – how does one acquire accurate knowledge they are seeking? I do lots of on-line research about many issues, but in regards to RVing it is mostly specific mechanical information pertinent to my Winnebago. What bugs me are some of the stupid posts and information requests which a few post which only reveals how ignorant they are or that they are too lazy to read their own owners manual.

I like to offer advice and solutions based on what I have learned in doing extensive repairs and upgrades on my own and other RVs. But will only do so in areas where I have had real experience. But I gained a lot of that experience after doing lots of internet searches about my specific knowledge area to be solved, and by spending years working on my own and many other RVs. That could include calling Winnebago for their tech support, accessing the Winnebago Life site, IRv site, and lots on Youtube, etc.. Yes – often see some incorrect advice, but have learned how to ID the true experts about something based on the depth and detail of their post. Have gotten wonderful tech advice about my specific model from Kevin C. on Youtube. But yet have seen some really bad posts on Youtube (from others) as well – making one wonder why they even bothered to film something. (They should also learn how to edit!)

The point is – on-line research and learning about anything can be very productive but you’ve got to learn to separate the noise from real knowledge – and you only can do that from experience of spending lots of time researching. So I will continue to do so.

Steve S.
2 years ago

In my opinion, there is a difference between a public forum and a Facebook group. While there are definitely some (not)know it all’s in public forums, there tends to be a much higher ratio of people with certified skills in a public forum than in a FB group (not saying there aren’t any, just that there are more in a forum). Many manufacturers also have forums of their own available via their web sites, in which manufacturer and vendor staff participate. Also most (all?) manufacturers and vendors have FAQ pages as well as Contact Us pages on their web sites, and many (most?) are responsive to customer questions. I know that FB is much easier than tracking down the correct web site or forum. After all, I think that a vast majority of answers asked in a FB group can be found by Googling it, or even using the FB group search for the answer since it was probably already asked, yet laziness knows no bounds. However, when it comes to critical information, nothing beats getting the facts from the manufacturer.

Bob Harnish
2 years ago

I have no problem with Steve Savage, but this can be a double edged sword. There is good mobile RV repair people and then there is the other side of the spectrum, bad mobile RV repair people. And here in the Yuma, AZ. area during snowbird season, you get top shelf and bottom drawer RV repair people. Problem is, who is the good and the bad. And they just thrive on picking on seniors, they know who can get up on the roof to check on their quality or lack thereof of work!

2 years ago

As one who repaired and restored vehicles for over four decades I agree with Steve Savage 100%, Nine out of ten people you offer rock solid advice to, a whole lot of it based on your research, failures and successes, is like talking to a post.
There’s dump truck loads of money being made in this life off folks who just can’t see the forest for the trees. As they say there’s a sucker and a Dumbo made every second & I love em all, they’re truly a source of great income for those who fix their screw ups.

2 years ago

Some people on forums you might as well be talking to trees. When discussions on a topic involving safety, all the facts and common sense is plain wasted. They are going to do what they want with propane use, 6 individual gas cans on the back bumper wedge, being extremely overloaded, bent axels, driving 80 MPH with a trailer, not using the correct hitch or sway-bar for their equipment and on and on. It is hard to feel sorry when they have ignored the facts, then loose their rig or hurt themselves or family. It is worst when they hurt some innocent victim because they know it all. It is sad these people endanger everyone they are around.

2 years ago

One thing to understand when getting information from the internet: Not many lawyers, doctors, engineers, mechanics, etc. are monitoring the internet to answer questions. But there is an over-abundance of idiots, know-it-alls, jokers, and lonely people who give out information because they enjoy the attention. Most probably have less knowledge and/or experience than you. If anyone insists on using the internet to resolve issues, get more than one solution. It is better to spend hours on research than weeks and money at a repair shop.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Worse than that… I AM an engineer and can say the CORRECT answers get drowned in all the noise from well intentioned but ignorant folks and self-declared experts.

Then the lawyers get involved and tell folks not to try doing anything in case the wrong screwdriver causes a nuclear explosion… be afraid!

Then contractors chime in to say how you should ALWAYS hire work done… btw, you can call them!

So yeah, take everything you read here with a healthy measure of reason… then if it won’t kill anyone, go ahead and try.

2 years ago

I read RV forums for entertainment. Occasionally contribute, rarely find much of true value.

2 years ago

As for ‘random thought’ .. Wouldn’t that method hasten fridge death?

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill

Most RV fridges have an operating tolerance of 6 deg. front to back and 3 deg. side to side ,from level (when facing the fridge). That’s optimal operation. After that the efficiency starts to degrade and thus damage will occur in the boiler.

2 years ago

Steve Savage’s “Tip of the Day”, says exactly what I have thought for many years and I’ve been afraid to say. The problem I see is that people want a solution to their problem without doing their own research from many different sources. After doing good research they then need to make a common sense decision. Without using your common sense some of these remedies will cost you dearly.

2 years ago


Tried a piece of advice on a blog site about lubricating slide seals using a “Lemon Pledge” type product to save money…All it did was melt the seals. That cost $500 to repair.

Be sure to check multiple sources before you try any “hacks”.

And concerning lengthy explanations….Not everyone is alike in personality or mechanical skills. Some need further explanation, diagrams and/or photos to feel more comfortable about the repair that may be required. Personally, I would prefer steps or bullet points az I used to be a technical procedure writer. But I know many others are intimidated by that. The fact is that we are not all alike. Even I sometimes like more depth than just bullet points. Many have different ways of learning. I used to involve mechanics in the procedure writing process. It was amazing to see the different ways others processed information. They often provided input I would have never thought about as well.

But back to the original post…Don’t just accept one answer if you don’t already know something about the issue at had. It could cost you time and money.

2 years ago
Reply to  TravelingMan

I too did something stupid because of a forum post. Someone said they used a certain product on their roof and how great it was. We bought some and used it. The roof looked amazing. We were so thrilled. I even posted pics on an RV site. Someone responded that they didn’t think that product should be used on rubber roofs. We almost lost our minds when we researched and he was right! We expected our roof to start disintegrating. We felt so stupid. Thankfully, it’s been a couple of months and there doesn’t appear to be any damage. We feel so fortunate. So sorry that you had damage.

2 years ago
Reply to  Cecilia

Sorry to hear about yours as well…I hope your roof holds out. It may take some time to cause that damage. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.

Phil Atterbery
2 years ago

As far as leveling goes, there is always two settings. One were the cabinet doors don’t swing on thier own & the level the DW feels when she places her head on the pillow.

2 years ago

Regarding the American Casino Guide 2020 Edition we were so disappointed this time. In previous years there were many coupons for Laughlin Nevada but this 2020 version only has 3 and they are all for Harrahs. Yes, we use a few other coupons when we travel around but our mainstay is Laughlin during the winter months. 😥

2 years ago

Reference to the Opening Tip of the Day:

All great points!

You mean the World Isn’t Flat? I always thought it was! LMAO!

You all have a Great Day!

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Now I know why it’s so hard to level my rig.

2 years ago

Along with an extra water hose, consider an extra power cord. With the power cord, get power adapters so you can use either 30 amp or 50 amp outlets. Some rallies especially at county fairgrounds the power outlets might be a distance away.

2 years ago
Reply to  tom

Correct Tom:

I carry multiple hoses, the standard 25ft., A 50ft. and (2) 25 ft. Camco Orange Rinse Hoses (which I couple together) giving me 50ft. for Rinsing out the tanks and drain hoses.

Multiple lengths of RHINO Sewer Hose! Multiple Power Extension Cords!

Power cords are critical since you never know where the RV Park may have PLANTED the Power Box. An RV Park in Vicksburg, MS has all their utilities at the far back of each site. So, you need extensions for everything. This Park was obviously not designed very well.

So yes, get the extensions and adapters. If you have to purchase these extensions at the RV Park, you will pay a premium price for them!

Bill T
2 years ago

In addition to today’s “Tip of the Day”, forums have a tendency to run on and on and on. I believe most folks are just looking for plain and simple answers to their question, not a lesson on how stuff works. Brevity is the key. I have read plenty of forums and watched dozens of YouTube videos and, IMO, the ones that work the best are the ones that don’t have a 500 word essay in their answer or 1/2 hour video to watch.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bill T

You are correct Bill:

Another factor is the Sheer numbers of Forums, Videos and what I call “THE KNOW IT ALLS”. The “Know It ALLS” are the ones I usually disregard, since they really don’t “Know it all”. There are a Bunch of those people on RV Travel!

Research is the key to making decisions on fixing things or what is the best way to do things!

Not too long ago I ran across someone trying to tell me how much Air Pressure to put in my tires! THEY WERE SO WRONG! But, I knew that after reading the first 2 sentences.

What you have to many times are VERY STUPID people with little or NO knowledge of a subject, making recommendations that can be very dangerous to others!

Stupidity and Ignorance are like a FESTERING Disease and is very contagious to others. You see it all the time on RV Travel and Many other sites. And it spreads like WILD FIRE!

I am going to the RV Training Academy in Athens, TX in May! Taking their RV Maintenance Course for RV Owners and Technicians. Will hopefully come away with some very good knowledge!

Bll T.
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Thanks Jeff and good luck on your course.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bill T

Most YouTube videos run a lot longer than needed because the longer they are, the more ads and the more they get paid!!!!