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jane shure
1 year ago

I used to have the drain master system. I ended up junking it. It was constantly sticking in the closed position and the electric motor did not have enough power to pull it open. I tried using grease which would work for a while until the water wash the grease out and then it was back to sticking again.

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
1 year ago
Reply to  jane shure

If you would have contacted the company they would have advised you what you might be doing wrong. From your description, I do not think your problem was caused by the Drainmaster system, but by your coach instead.

1 year ago

I’m wondering if there are Other RVrs out there who Love the beauty of the National Park campgrounds, but Not the lack of amenities like hookups and real bathrooms.
Seems like there’s no Middle Ground between a beautiful peaceful setting and the ‘social’/ ‘kiddie’ club campgrounds at all!! We would definitely be willing to pay more at the National Parks and other scenic campgrounds If they were to Upgrade to include these creature comforts!

Len Yancey
1 year ago

I just read the article about javelinas in Arizona. DO NOT approach javelinas. They will attack! Especially females with young near by. Any animal with poor eyesight is likely to attack because they have difficulty distinguishing friend from foe. Like all wild animals they should be viewed and photographed from a distance.

Bob Parish
1 year ago

To me that Drainmaster is just a novelty, something else that will fail over time and when it does it will be a big mess to cleanup and fix. The comment about leaving the gray tanks valve closed (as we all should do) Tell us why? Is it because of the smell from the campground sewer? Look directly under you sink, or down below under your shower, what do you see? That’s right a P-Trap designed to keep out the smell, now if you take your sewer hose and create a P-Trap from your rig to the sewer connection you now have that protection as well from the smells of the parks sewer.

Rory R
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Parish

One of the reasons to keep your grey tank valves closed is you don’t want to create a freeway entrance into your tank for bugs, and other furry creatures that live in the campground sewer. Then you don’t have to concern yourself with things that go bump in the night, and trying to figure out where the noises are coming from or transferring creatures and bugs from one locale to another. It happens all the time…

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

I’ve upgraded the CRT TV to a Flat Screen years ago, and added 12V power outlets and USB ports in the cab of our Class A. I’ve replaced the toilet, twice (wife didn’t like the first one and second one water valve kept breaking/leaking) and had both the stock exhaust vent fans upgraded. Everything else has been cosmetic, except for replacing the water pump, cross-over assembly and radiator.

I recently added a Tire Minder TPMS system, but have yet to test it and my next upgrade will be to change the bat-wing OTA antenna with a King JACK fixed unit. For a 12 year old unit, it’s been very dependable (except for the overheating issues known to happen to the F53).

Thomas Kopinski
1 year ago

Okay I’ve read all the data on filling a tire to the correct pressure but I can’t find anything on how high to let them get when running before it becomes a problem. I fill mine to 110psi, cold pressure, per specification, when driving all day they can get up to 132psi. I’m not sure where to set the upset alarm limit on my tpms.
PS love your newsletter. I read it every day.

Jack Plutte
1 year ago

Hi Chuck…I read the comment from the gentleman at the Boston RV Show and I wondered about the conclusion that sales may be on the rise because the majority of the people surveyed at his seminar were would-be first time RV owners and were attending their first RV show…with a seminar title of “Introduction to RV’ing and the RV Lifestyle” I would fully expect most of the attendees to be new to RVing…unless Bob saw a huge increase in attendance at his seminar, I wouldn’t conclude that RV sales are on the rise…

1 year ago

We have the Waste Master system on our rig, but not the “electronic dumping feature” unlike Chuck something I’d never install. If it had it from new OK. Here’s the reasons. I would never ever feel comfortable hoping that everything to make this work, was in place. Like what if the end has somehow popped out of the drain – yikes what a mess.
Hey maybe one could train themselves to get out of the lazy-boy to check that first but what if you didn’t – what a mess.

But here’s the biggest reason I would not be comfortable with the electronic gizmo.

When I perform this task, which takes me less than 5 minutes – start to finish – never more, I’m looking for a plethora of other things as I go about hooking up the thing, just as I do when under my rig greasing fittings and changing the oil. I may see a seal breaking down and fix it before it becomes a huge problem, I may notice the rear main engine seal is seeping, a bolt on the exhaust pipe is coming undone, a hundred things I look for, that saves me big trouble later.

I look at dumping my sewer the same way. I do agree with you Chuck, when you question why this system hasn’t taken off like a rocket, within the industry and as a retro-fit. Just can’t understand it at all.

Another thing I do a little different than most folks is I do not hook up my sewer until the tanks are full or I’m leaving my spot. I prefer not to leave that precious Waste Master system cooking in the sun or exposed to the elements any longer than necessary. Taking this precaution I believe it will last forever. That “cam-lock” system is genius!

To conclude, as a fit man in his 70’s I worship everyday, I can pull on my jeans and go out and dump those tanks, crawl underneath and grease the thing, and do everything else I need to get the rig down the road safety. I do not look forward to the day I can no longer do these tasks , as that’s the day RV’ing will be done for this kid.