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RV Daily Tips. Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Issue 1697
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could” ―Zig Ziglar

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Drink Beer Day!

On this day in history: 1928 – Alexander Fleming notices a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory, discovering what later became known as penicillin.

Tip of the Day

RVers with combo washers, try doing this for cleaner clothes

By Kate Doherty
Have you wondered why some of your towels and clothes just don’t seem to smell clean after a wash? Or maybe you’ve noticed that cloudy spots remained on your clothes. During the summer months, we use oil-based sunscreens and insect repellent that are absorbed into towels and clothing which is difficult to remove from fabric. Just like this article on cleaning your dishwasher, your combo washer may accumulate mildew and funk as well.

When you load dry clothes in the washer, you assume the washer dilutes the detergent evenly through the soap dispenser drawer while filling the washer. But, the detergent does not soak evenly into your clothes. You also assume the batch will be evenly cleaned. Not so.

Continue reading.

Yesterday’s tip of the day: Solo camping: Tips for staying safe while RVing alone

Today’s RV review…

In today’s column, industry insider Tony Barthel reviews the new Bruder EXP-6 trailer – A deal at $200,000. As he reports, “For someone who truly does want to go off-road in a cleverly designed trailer that absolutely has military-grade thinking and durability, plus, perhaps, more cachet than any Airstream other than Wally’s first prototype, it would be tough to beat this” Learn more.

Did you read Tony’s review yesterday of the 2022 Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1900RD travel trailer? If you missed it, you can read it here.

For previous RV reviewsclick here.

Is this your RV?

Bay Breeze RV on the Bay LLC

If it’s yours and you can prove it to us (send a photo for comparison), tell us here by 9 p.m. Pacific time today, September 28, 2021. If it’s yours you’ll win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

If this isn’t your RV, send us a photo of your RV here (if you haven’t already) for a chance to win in future issues.

Last week one reader claimed their $25 Amazon gift card: Tim Nowak of Elkhart, Indiana.

We’ll have another photo in tomorrow’s RV Daily Tips Newsletter (sign up to receive an email alert so you don’t miss the issue or those that follow). Some of these photos are submitted by readers while others were taken by our editors and writers on their travels around the USA.

Run your RV air conditioner with only a small portable generatorYes, it’s true!

Ask DaveAsk Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club. He is also the owner of Passport Media Creations, which has developed several RV dealer and safety training programs.

In Dave’s column Monday-Saturday he addresses a reader’s technical question with his expert advice. You’ll learn a lot!

My RV’s decals are fading. What can I do?

Dear Dave,
I have a 1997 Allegro Star Class A motorhome. It’s old, but for a first-timer, it feels great.
What can be done to the graphics to fix them? These are starting to fade and shatter. Is there a trick to keep them looking good? I’m going to get some of the Meguiar’s for the unit. Thanks. —Ellie

Read Dave’s detailed response.

Did you miss Dave’s column yesterday where he answered the question: How should I winterize the RV to use it part-time in the winter?

Showing old photo albums on TV fills your home with memories

Chris Guld, of Geeks on Tour, shows you how to get old photo into Google Photos, make albums and then add them to Google Home “ambient” mode, which acts like a screensaver for the TV. Their house is filled with their travels because their travel photos are displayed on TVs and other photo frame devices in every room. Chris explains how easy it is to do here.

Yesterday’s featured article: “Tire dressing” and “Do not use covers.” Where’s the test data?!

Reader poll

Have you ever been elected to a public office?

Come tell us here, please.

Quick Tip

Drafty motorhome?

Motorhome got a cold draft you can’t account for? After eliminating an open window or roof vent, check your dashboard environmental controls. Vacuum-operated intakes left in the open position when the engine is shut down may well stay open, allowing cold air to infiltrate. Turn the engine on, close the vents, shut engine off. Stay warm.

We were skeptical about these until we saw the reviews… holy smokes!

Website of the day

Best U.S. Factory Tours and Museums
We guarantee you’re going to say, “I want to go!” when scrolling through this list of the best factory tours and museums across the U.S.

And the Survey Says…

We’ve polled readers more than 1,500 times in recent years. Here are a few things we’ve learned about them:

• 35 percent are currently making payments on their RV.
• 20 percent would describe the workmanship on their RV as either “poor” or “terrible.”
• 66 percent do not wash their underwear by hand while on a long trip.

Recent poll: Do you listen to podcasts? 

Lap desk puts your back to rest!
If you use your computer on your lap, read your Kindle on the couch, or have a hard time holding that heavy hard book, you need this lap desk! Staff member Emily uses this when she works and highly recommends it. It has 8 adjustable levels and a stopper to hold objects upright. Great for those with lower back pain or bad posture. Learn more or order.

Recipe of the Day

Cheesy Cream of Cauliflower Soup
by Heidi Hoerman from Columbia, SC

This soup is a beautiful creamy white and shows really well in a dish with some bright color. Serve it hot with crumbled bacon and chunky croutons … maybe even a little extra shredded cheese … and you have a winner!

Mmm… perfect for a chilly fall evening! Get the recipe.

YUMMY DESSERT: You will love this: Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnappy Crust. See complete list of ingredients and preparation directions.

See yesterday’s recipe: Rattlesnake Eggs (tastier than they sound!)


Not a single person on the Mayflower’s historic voyage had a middle name.

*What does “shire reeve” mean and where does it come from? Yesterday’s trivia tells you this interesting fun fact. 

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Chewy is a Yorkie that has traveled extensively across the USA in our camper. Here he is taking a break in one of our travels at Arches NP a couple of years ago. He has passed and is in dog heaven now.” —Robert McBride

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

Pet owners: Here are a few excellent resources to find a veterinarian while on the road. Keep this handy!

This book is a must-have for state park campers!
“50 States: 500 State Parks” is a must-have book for all state park campers and explorers. The beautiful book takes you on a journey through America’s best state parks. Whether you’re looking for stunning vistas, rare wildlife, a dose of history or an enjoyable hike, state parks offer an array of experiences. Learn more or order.

Leave here with a laugh

It was early evening when a fully loaded minivan pulled into the only remaining campsite. As soon as it stopped, four children leaped out. They began to unload gear and worked feverishly to set up the tent. Next, the boys ran to gather firewood while the girls helped Mom set up the camp kitchen. The camper next door was impressed. “I’ve never seen such teamwork,” he said. The father nodded sagely. “I have a system,” he explained. “No one goes to the bathroom before the camp is ready.”

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1 year ago

I use dawn dish soap to get oily and unknown stains out of clothes. A dollop will do you.

1 year ago

Chewy looked like a great traveling companion! Bless you, for sharing such sweet memories!

1 year ago

Crockpot liners are the best thing ever! I just paid, I think, $2.50 for a box of 4, off brand, at Dollar General.

Brian Burry
1 year ago

Chewy looked like an amazing , loving camping buddy for sure! Thank you for his sweet, precious photo! Bless his memories for you!

1 year ago

I bought one of the “Lap Desks” some years ago. It is perfect for a book or use with a laptop computer. You can adjust the angle and it allows free air space underneath. The cushions on the bottom are comfortable on your legs! I use it at home in my recliner – in the motorhome on the table and in bed sometimes!

David Telenko
1 year ago

Drafts, mine was coming from under the kitchen slide, the seal looked ok! So I had some extra pool noodles & stuck under the cabinets & dinette! That fixed the problem, still can’t figure why it was letting in cold air!

1 year ago

Sorry you lost Chewy. They go too soon and hurt your heart too long.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

There may be a draft coming in from the oven vent-a hood. What goes out, may come back in !

1 year ago

The Best U.S. Factory Tours and Museums site doesn’t give locations (city and state) and at least one of the links in it is broken.

Debra Rohm
1 year ago

I have used “Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners” for years and they are terrific!!! Virtually no clean up!

You can purchase them right in the grocery store in the paper goods aisle.

Sandie Dixon
1 year ago
Reply to  Debra Rohm

Me too. I love them.

Tony Grigg
1 year ago
Reply to  Debra Rohm

Yup, we use them every single time.

1 year ago
Reply to  Debra Rohm

Did you know these convenient plastic bags are not recyclable? I would like easier cleanup but more than that, I want less plastic in our landfills and oceans. I think all plastic products should not be single use and be recyclable.

1 year ago
Reply to  cee

Good point. But how many gallons of water are you using up, washing, scrubbing, and rinsing a crusty crockpot? For those of us working off small water tanks, or who just like to keep our water footprint small, the bags are an option.

1 year ago
Reply to  wanderer

Right on. My thoughts exactly!

Christine K Guzorek
1 year ago
Reply to  wanderer

Use parchment paper as a liner.