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RV Daily Tips. Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Issue 1713
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“I’m not saying that everything is survivable. Just that everything except the last thing is.” ―John Green

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Chicken and Waffles Day!

On this day in history: 1973 – The Sydney Opera House is opened by Queen Elizabeth II after 14 years of construction.

Tip of the Day

You can do way more with leaf blowers than you think! Here are 6 other ways to use them

By Gail Marsh
If you think leaf blowers are just for blowing leaves into piles to easily pick up, you’re wrong! We originally packed our leaf blower into our RV’s basement for a work-camping job. It didn’t take long to discover many other handy ways that the leaf blower helped us as we traveled in our RV.

Here are a few ideas for more ways to use leaf blowers.

Yesterday’s tip of the day: What to do about a sticky slideout

Today’s RV review…

In today’s column, industry insider Tony Barthel reviews the new AT Overland Aterra XL. Is this the ultimate flatbed truck camper? It might be, and Tony sure has a lot of nice things to say about it. Read the review here.

Did you read Tony’s preview yesterday of the Cercle Touring Bike? If you missed it, you can read it here.

For previous RV reviewsclick here.

Did you know that Forest River currently makes 448 makes/models of travel trailers? That doesn’t count Class C motorhomes and 5th wheels. Read’s free PDF report RVs: Who Makes What to learn the make and model RV from every U.S. manufacturer.

Is this your RV?

Roadside stop on Highway 64 in New Mexico

If it’s yours and you can prove it to us (send a photo for comparison), tell us here by 9 p.m. Pacific time today, October 20, 2021. If it’s yours you’ll win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

If this isn’t your RV, send us a photo of your RV here (if you haven’t already) for a chance to win in future issues.

We’ll have another photo in tomorrow’s RV Daily Tips Newsletter (sign up to receive an email alert so you don’t miss the issue or those that follow). Some of these photos are submitted by readers while others were taken by our editors and writers on their travels around the USA.

Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.

In Dave’s column Monday-Saturday he addresses a reader’s technical question with his expert advice. You’ll learn a lot!

Why does the electric tongue jack only work intermittently?

Dear Dave,
My electric tongue jack won’t operate under load conditions. This is a Husky Brute Jack. It works retracting all the time, but only intermittently extending under load. I have checked that the batteries are good, lifted the jack, scraped the metal frame to ensure good contact as well as ground wires bolted to frame. —Jim

Read Dave’s answer.

Did you miss Dave’s column yesterday where he answered the question: Why did the lithium battery explode and flame up?

Join the RV Repair Club!
Special offer$3 for one year premium membership (reg. $65.). Get a full year of streaming access on any mobile device to hundreds of premium RV how-to videos, great projects, and repair and maintenance tips from RVing experts including’s Dave Solberg. Learn more or join for $3.

Design flaw allows squirrel family easy access into RV’s roof space reader Rod Somppi had never had a problem with his RV until the pitter patter of little rodent feet above his ceiling alerted him to unwanted visitors – a family of squirrels. Read about how the critters gained entry and what Rod did to move them out.

Yesterday’s featured article: Safety device helps prevent RV refrigerator fires

Reader poll

Are you shopping early for holiday gifts this year?

Too bad Santa’s elves can’t do our shopping for us, huh? Answer today’s poll question here.

Helpful resources


Did you buy a lemon RV? Here’s more about RV lemons and lawyers who will represent you if you need help.

Quick Tip

Check the drip tube in the back of your fridge

It’s a good idea to occasionally take a peek in the back of your RV refrigerator. They have a drip tube that channels off water from evaporation. Sometimes this tube leads to a drip container (often near the chimney) that evaporates off this water; others may “port” the water out of the rig harmlessly. In any event, if the tube gets loose and starts dripping water onto your RV framework, it can lead to damaging rot.

“Why I love my RV”

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, readers tell in their own words why they love their RVs. 

From James Faber
2020 Tiffin Allegro Red 37PA


“We ordered our Tiffin – our third RV – just the way we wanted it. After being in it for just over a year, we still love the floorplan, the options we picked, and we’re very pleased with the quality. We wouldn’t change a thing!”

Tell us about your RV. Come on, do a little bragging! Click here.

Website of the day

How to Make Cocktails While Camping
If you’re not already a camping mixologist, check out this great guide on how to make cocktails while you camp. At the bottom are some delicious-sounding cocktail recipes!

Don’t be a Halloween grinch – decorate!
Look how festive this “Happy Halloween” flag is with a little vintage trailer! Wouldn’t this look so cute outside your house or RV? Everyone would stop to compliment you on it (and you’d probably have to share where you got it.) For such a great price, you’d sure make a lot of people smile. It’s weatherproof, but it’s also machine-washable so it will look good as new year after year. Get your own here.

Popular articles you may have missed at

• OMG! These jaw-dropping vehicles will shock you. How can they drive?
• Is it time to re-level your RV? Here are some signs to look for
Improper trailer hitch extension – A disaster in the making

Recipe of the Day

Crab Cake Sandwiches
by Mysti Bannister from Jacksonville, AL

These crab cakes are delightful! The sweetness of the crabmeat is very apparent in each bite. Thanks to the cayenne and horseradish, there’s a bit of heat but the crab cakes are not overly spicy. It’s not the traditional seasoning, but we loved it. Great for lunch or a light meal.

We want this! We really want this! Get the recipe.

See yesterday’s recipe: Game Day Fire Cracker Shrimp

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The original Addams Family cartoon in the New Yorker


The Addams Family started off as a small, single cartoon that appeared in the New Yorker in 1938 drawn by Charles Addams. The cartoon was adapted for TV in 1964 where the family was finally given their names: Morticia, Gomez, Pugsley, and Wednesday. (Speaking of The Addams Family – check out this RV-themed rendition of the theme song. It’s incredible!)

*Where does the term “freelancer” come from? It has a fascinating history. Read about it in yesterday’s trivia

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“This is Cassie, a Black Mouth Cur/Lab mix enjoying the flowers at Palo Duro Canyon, Texas. She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned.” —Matt Day

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

Pet First Aid: The basic kit you should carry with you at all times. This is important!

We wish we didn’t want this but we do… we really, really do.

Leave here with a laugh

Reader Robert Cordy sent us this image and wrote, “I didn’t try it…” Ha! We don’t blame you, Robert. What a sign!

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Oh, and if you missed the latest Sunday News for RVers, make sure to catch up here.

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jillie (@guest_148410)
2 years ago

That sounds yummy. Wonder if DEF is included. For those who drive a diesel or bus you will understand this one.

Paul Cecil (@guest_148278)
2 years ago

Joke of the Day… The name may sound inappropriate but its those hole in the wall joints that have some of the best food. I still remember traveling with a coworker near Raleigh, NC. We had time to kill before getting to the airport, and he was from the area. So we went to a place that he said had the best BBQ chicken sandwiches. When we pulled up it looked like a mess. But the parking lot was full, and yes it had the best BBQ chicken sandwiches. If you drove by it you wouldn’t think much of it. But that chicken sandwich! And sadly no I don’t remember the name or how to get there. It has been over a decade since I have been back.

Marie Beschen (@guest_148267)
2 years ago

We were camping at a nice, quiet campground by the bay one time, and all of a sudden we hear this LOUD leaf blower! “What the heck?” we thought. Everyday, this guy decided to blow all the leaves away from his site! He was there for two weeks. We were camping for goodness sake, it’s nature! We were parked across and down several spots from him and it drove me crazy. If I were next to him I would have really been upset (and said something). A broom is much more quiet, less intrusive and doesn’t bother your neighbors. Just a thought.

Heckman Kenn (@guest_148254)
2 years ago

I wonder if Diesel Fried Chicken has waffles too ?

Crowman (@guest_148296)
2 years ago
Reply to  Heckman Kenn

What a difference a coma makes.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Crowman

Ha! Yes, Crowman. A “coma” would make quite a bit of difference. That might be the result of eating Diesel Fried Chicken. Have a good night. 🙂 –Diane

Diane Mc (@guest_148253)
2 years ago

Laugh of the day. We have that picture. Van Horn, Tx off I-10.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_148231)
2 years ago

While stuck in Houston, we had an issue with the ‘evaporation tub’ on the back of the fridge not emptying. Probably too humid. We reamed out the downtube, and sponged out the tub. Messy business. We had some empty saline syringes (which look like hypodermic syringes) left over from some medical stuff and started using them to suck the water out of the tub. Very neat and efficient. We now save two of them just inside the fridge access door.

Jeff Arthur (@guest_148236)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Just had this happen as we first noticed water in the fridge. So after I remembered the drain tube may be the culprit I checked & it was the drain pan was full & just by pulling it out of the pan about a cup of water came out. Took small sponge to remove water from pan.
All good now & will check periodically while camping

Rolling Coal (@guest_148239)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

A turkey baster from a dollar store works best!

Tommy Molnar (@guest_148255)
2 years ago
Reply to  Rolling Coal

Anything that removes water by suction works fine.

Jeb (@guest_148228)
2 years ago

Laugh of the day, now we know why graphics designers are necessary.

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