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RV Daily Tips. Thursday, August 3, 2023

Issue 2179
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Today’s thought

“Successful people make a habit of doing things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.” —Bob Bowman, coach to Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Watermelon Day!

On this day in history: On this day in 1963, Allan Sherman releases the hit song “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh.”

Tip of the Day

Tips from the experts: Get the most from your air conditioner and heat pump

By Nanci Dixon
I recently had the opportunity to speak with techs from Coleman about RV rooftop air conditioners and heat pumps. They had some great suggestions to get the most out of these units.

Supply chain woes

The first thing I learned was, not surprisingly, they have supply chain issues too. They, like everyone else in the RV business, are having lots of problems getting parts and new air conditioner units.


SoftStartRV is mentioned a lot on, but for good reason. Here’s why:

  • Soft start systems slowly ramp up power to the compressor to allow using two AC units with 30 amp shore power, a small generator or even one AC unit from a 20-amp household outlet.

Continue reading

Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook.” 

What seemed to be a shower leak in RV was something totally different!

Dear Dave,
We purchased a used RV. On the first outing, water appeared to be leaking from near/under the shower and soaking the carpet going to the back of the coach. I ordered (still waiting for) a snake camera to verify where the pipes are broken using the access cutout in the wall for the shower faucet. If the pipes under the shower are the problem, there is no access to work on the pipes, except removing a portion of the interior panel. My wife wants a second opinion and, if removed, how should it be done? You can see the pipes under the bathroom sink, but they are sink and main supply line only. No access from the fridge or hot water – exterior. Thanks. —Bill, 2003 Monaco Monarch SE, 30 ft.

Read the updated question and Dave’s answer

RV Tours

Tour the unique fiberglass 2023 Snoozy Camper travel trailer

By Cheri Sicard
Join the Runaway Roses for a tour of the unique Snoozy Camper, a small fiberglass trailer with a lot to offer. Snoozy has made some changes over previous years.

The Snoozy Camper in the video is the lifted “hunting and fishing edition,” an option that comes with bigger tires and enhanced suspension. It lifts the camper about 22 inches off the ground as opposed to the standard 16.

Click here to tour

Video of the day

Do you dare drive these three haunted highways in California?

By Cheri Sicard
Brenda of Beyond Belleza is taking us on a summer road trip on three of California’s haunted highways. No doubt these tales of haunted roads in the Golden State can add interest to your campfire ghost story hours.

Click here to watch

FULL-TIME RVERS, make sure you read yesterday’s brand new Full-Time RVer Newsletter. And here’s a secret: All RVers will enjoy it, not just full-timers! Read it here.

Your RV isn’t safe in a tornado. How to be prepared in case of a last-minute warning

By Dale Wade
A year ago around this time, the Weather Emergency Alert alarm sounded on my phone. I opened it to see a message that I never wanted to see: Emergency Alert National Weather Service: TORNADO WARNING in this area until 5:30 PM CST. It all happened in less than two minutes. After that, no sound, no wind, no shaking. We just felt a sense of relief in that we had, in fact, just lived through a tornado. Continue reading for important safety tips.

Reader poll

How often do you have ice cream in your freezer?

Tell us here

Quick Tip

R&T De Maris

Jackknife sofa need renewal?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
If your RV is equipped with a jackknife sofa but the upholstery looks like it came through the war, there may be a less-expensive way to give it a new look – when compared to upholstery shop prices. We’ve found a 70″ sofa cover for less than $40 fit ours, and with a little “tucking in” looked pretty sharp. Another RVer spotted the fact that her jackknife was awfully reminiscent of a futon called Beddinge Lovas, formerly carried by Ikea. She bought a futon slipcover, and with a little nipping and tucking (if you’re handy with a needle and thread) had hers looking new in no time. Here’s a search to start you out on Amazon.

On this day last year…

You know you can drink out of your toilet, right? Hey, would we ever lie to you? It’s true!

Website of the day

Best Fall RV Camping Destinations in September, October and November
Can you believe next month is already September?! We can’t! This list from KOA will get you started on deciding where to head next for the beautiful fall months.

And the Survey Says…

We’ve polled readers more than 2,500 times in recent years. Here are a few things we’ve learned about them:

• If given the chance to own one of these beverage-making businesses, 32 percent would like to own a winery, followed by 30 percent who would like to own a root-beer-making company. A microbrewery followed, with a liquor distillery coming in last.
• 70 percent do not know their RV’s license plate number by memory.
• 61 percent say their RV does not have a built-in ice maker in its freezer.

Recent poll: Do you carry a 30-amp or 50-amp extension cord in your RV?

Recipe of the Day

Easy Orange Chicken

by Cathie Valentine from Graniteville, SC

One of our favorite things to order for take-out is orange chicken. Cathie’s easy recipe means we can make it at home anytime a craving hits. Using corn starch helps to make the chicken extra crispy. The sauce is sweet, but not too sweet, and the chicken soaks up all its delicious orange flavor. Serve over steamed rice for the perfect at-home take-out dish.

Click here for the recipe


Speaking of orange chicken… In 2021, Panda Express sold more than 115 million pounds of its beloved orange chicken, which accounted for a third of the franchise’s total sales. Wow! If you’re a big fan of it, did you know you can buy their orange sauce online? Might be quicker to make than the recipe above, but you’ll have to compare and see which one is more delicious!

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Rylie loves to go camping. Loves to meet new people.” —Glenn Halpin

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Sunday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

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1 month ago

I am a huge fan of Panda Express Walnut Shrimp. It seems that it is also a fav of others as well because when I go to order it it is usually a wait on the item. Orange Chicken is cheap and fast and that is why it is the number one seller. Cheap and fast. I don’t do cheap and fast. Since panda is not available or found in Maine I did find a great place that sells a great walnut shrimp. Otherwise sorry panda but if you do not have what I want I walk.

1 month ago

I’m supposing those who might consider buying most of the promoted ?? MYSTERY PRODUCT OF THE DAY ?? have an abundance more disposable cash than I.

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Impavid

You wouldn’t pay $15 for a toilet you can drink out of, Impavid? Oh, wait. It’s probably lots more in Canada. But I noticed you can even get a “gold-plated” toilet coffee mug for only $20. Wow! Too bad I don’t drink coffee. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at (but you know that)

1 month ago

That aunt killer needs to be outlawed. Meanwhile, I’m going to be extra nice to my nieces and nephews. I wonder if it is fatal to great aunts???

1 month ago
Reply to  CeeCee

I could use that on one aunt but other then that my fav aunt and uncle and now a memory. I wonder if works on cousins. Not.

1 month ago

I think some of my nieces might think of me as the “meddling” aunt so I better be careful!!

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Thank you, Emily! Poor Home Depot, offering to kill aunts. 😉

1 month ago

You could also put some cinnamon sticks in that toilet mug.

Jim Johnson
1 month ago

Still laughing- I have two treasured aunts left, both in their 90’s. I’ll have to be very careful when buying a roach spray.

Jim Johnson
1 month ago

A very common size is Lippert’s (Thomas) 60″ (actually 58″) trifold sofa and 27.5″ recliners. No matter how much Lippert lauds the durability of their vinyl, it is still crap. Covers for this size are nearly impossible to find. What we did was:

Eventually we custom ordered replacement furniture from Lippert with cloth rather than vinyl. That process was another (nightmare) story, but we are very happy with the new furniture. We kept our covers, just in case.

1 month ago

We have ice cream in freezer when I make it, usually couple times a week. We also have a counter ice maker, our residential fridge didn’t come with one, tho I’d rather not have extra hoses to have to worry about.

1 month ago

Jackknifes are also notoriously uncomfortable after a while. We had to buy memory foam. I sewed a cover for it and put a matching quilt on the back. It serves. 🙂

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