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Great RV Accessories Newsletter #18

What do you consider your ESSENTIAL RV tools? That answer may vary from RVer to RVer; however, there are some essentials ALL RVers should carry. This issue of the Great RV Accessories Newsletter focuses on some items that you should always have on hand.

Don’t leave home without these items in your RV toolbox!

RV toolboxIf you’ve been on the road at all, you’ve experienced it: Something on your rig broke. You can’t always get help with the fixing—you need to do it yourself. Being prepared with a few tools and some of the essential “emergency supplies” can go a long way to making it easier. What toolbox essentials should you have on hand? Check out this essential tools list!

More important gear and gadgets

Camco Swivel Stik Rinser for clean black tanks

camco swivel stik rinser

This great gadget helps keep your RV’s black tank from clogging, stay odor-free, and work properly. Learn more about how it works here.

Easy and inexpensive tank sensors upgrade

rv tank sensorsWith this simple upgrade, you will never guess again how much is in your propane, fresh, or gray water tanks. It’s worth knowing about and having this!

Top 5 small air compressors for truck tires

best air compressors for truck tiresNever worry about leaking tires and underinflated toys with these small air compressors. See the top 5 small air compressors here.

Kill A Watt tool measures amp/watt drawKill a Watt tool

The Kill A Watt™ is extremely useful when checking how many watts or amps a particular appliance draws. It even works for small appliances such as a toaster, coffee maker, hot plate, air fryer, or hair dryer. Check it out.

You don’t need a noisy generator!
With a Jackery portable solar generator you can power your RV and devices any time of day silently — no noise and no exhaust to bother neighbors or violate usage hours. Many models to choose from. Find out why these are so popular!

Other stuff we’re liking

Under the Weather MonsterMeshPod pop-up bug tent

Pop up bug tent: Under the Weather Mega Mesh PodThis extra large pop-up bug tent by Under the Weather has quickly become one of my favorite summer RV accessories.

Like many RVers, I camp in many breathtakingly beautiful spots around the country. Besides bucolic scenery, these inspiring places have something else in common: pesky bugs, and lots of them.

Constant harassment by flies or becoming the all-you-can-eat buffet for swarms of mosquitoes can truly put a damper on an otherwise perfect trip. Not to mention, is there any sound in the world that’s more annoying than an insect buzzing around your ears?
Learn more about the Under the Weather MonsterMeshPod™ pop-up bug tent by clicking here.

Cuisinart battery-powered blender

cuisinart battery powered blenderFrozen cocktails or smoothies while boondocking? No problem with Cuisinart’s battery-operated blender! This gadget is cool!

Ignik Gas Growler

Ignik Gas Growler

Yes, as some readers have pointed out, it may be pricey, but the Ignik Gas Growler is small, lightweight, comes in its own sturdy, easy-to-pack case, instantly attaches to devices that typically use single-use propane bottles, and will serve you well for years and years.
Learn more about it here.

The Book Nook: The Outdoor Cook

the outdoor cook cookbookThe amazing team at America’s Test Kitchen has produced the ultimate outdoor cooking resource with their newest title, The Outdoor Cook. I have reviewed hundreds of cookbooks in my life but was blown away by the quality and thoroughness of this one.

No matter how you want to cook outdoors, this book has you covered: charcoal grill, gas grill, griddle, open fire and fire pits, and smokers. Check out this post for more info and to sample some mouth-watering recipes.

Gadget Quick Takes

Altamatic Measuring Cube

LED flashlight gloves

WANT EVEN MORE GADGETS? Make sure you’re signed up for our Sunday newsletter. We always have more gadget reviews there!

Brand-new book for county park camping
Roundabout Publications and the Ultimate Campground Project have published the first edition of “Camping in America’s County Parks.” The 192-page directory profiles 2,068 RV, van and tent camping areas at 1,408 parks in 42 states. Inside, maps pinpoint campgrounds with information about staying, including types of restrooms, showers, dump stations and RV length limits. Rates, contact and reservation information is also listed. Read more about it here.

Gadget Funny: 3-D Animal Paw Socks

3D animal paw socksBe one with nature while keeping your tootsies warm with these hilarious 3-D animal paw socks! Available in a variety of animals! Shop for animal paw socks here.

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1 month ago

The one item that will become obsolete is the DVD player now that Net flex is discontinuing their DVD shipments as of October 1. Sucks. I really enjoyed popcorn and a movie. Sigh. Guess I will have to start finding freebies on you tube. Otherwise that screen makes it look cramped for 4 people.

Roger B
1 month ago

No links to buy the items. Just a link to more info that does not include links to purchase.

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Cheri Sicard

I think the products were either linked in the newsletter, or if there was a post about a product, the product was linked in the post itself.🤔 –Diane

Pete B Morris
1 month ago


Cheri Sicard
1 month ago
Reply to  Pete B Morris

Did you have a question Pete?

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