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President Trump god bless him for this one, signed the PACT which is the toughest animal cruelty federal law on the books to date. I hope they find those who left two babies in the cold and get 10 years in the pen and hoping they find no heat in their cell. Karma will get its revenge. That just burns me to no end.


I don’t know if this is the proper venue, but I wanted to give travelers a heads-up regarding the Walmart in Crescent City, California. The parking lot security guard told me that their location is no longer allowing overnight stays. Reason? Too many abusing the privilege.


I don’t know if this is the proper venue for this, but a heads-up regarding overnight stays at the Walmart in Crescent City, CA. The parking lot security guard said that they no longer allow the practice. The decision was made based on continued abuse of the privilege.

Lynne Leland

Oregon has beach clean up days several times a year where hundreds of people show up to pick up trash. I’m afraid the huge increase in plastic is coming across the Pacific from other countries. If they don’t kill us with drugs they will poison our seafood with plastic.


Chuck I always enjoy the “Week that was” news feature. Thanks for all the research you and staff must do to bring this to us each week. The McCann murder case, close to us here in Alberta was of particular interest. To think Travis Vader could be standing next to me at the supermarket in 2020 is enough to make me as sick as you got when you discovered the great coastal garbage patch recently.
Thanks again for all you folks do keeping us RV’ers up to date.

Uncle Albert

Many years ago before I became “funemployed/retired,” I had a week long engagement in the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka. Our driver told us that a few years ago, the whole of Bangladesh voted to stop the use of plastic bags.
He said the amazing thing about that was Bangladeshis could not agree on anything, ever but they came together on that issue since the bags caused flooding by backing up the storm sewers. If you know anything about Bangladesh they are barely above sea level, anyway.

Ardy Mattox

this was a great news letter!!!! Kudos to all the people who assembled it all and made it so readable! I really enjoyed it a lot. Feel dreadful about the plastics in our oceans… too many careless people, many in far away countries.

Carol Martins

I just read this about the beach on the Oregon Coast. I wish I could buy products NOT in plastic! But look around…. everything is in plastic. I try to recycle, but I find out that plastic is not being recycled! Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I want to stop this use of plastic, but companies supply their goods IN PLASTIC!!! What to do? I am seeking advice and looking for companies who supply products in glass or aluminum…

John P Macatee

Hello. I’m a new travel trailer camper. I am a little concerned about theft. We live in California and close to the border. I am using a tongue lock, and am also using pad locks on both my x tire chocks. However, these can be removed in 5 minutes with a battery powered electric grinder, and my trailer gone. Does anyone utilize a tracking device to locate a stolen rig, and if so any recommendations?

Robert Love

That is a great story on the Mr. Heater. as complete as could be. People should be doubly aware of the dangers of using ‘fixes’ on the internet, especially when overcoming safety features!


Same for me, Campground Chatter link not working.

Billy Bob Thorton

I told you last week, we need to cut off the taxpayer funded useless electric vehicle crap;

If you’ve got money, laws don’t matter. That’s the message some say Tesla’s Elon Musk was transmitting when he whipped out of a fancy restaurant in Malibu, California, on Saturday, December 7. Musk rolled into Nobu, a high-end Japanese restaurant, in his shiny Tesla Truck prototype, and had the parking valet put it away. Of course, it ended up front-and-center. When it was time to go home, Musk jumped in his ‘lectric lizard and shot out of the parking lot, making an illegal left turn. In the process, he took out a traffic control pylon. Evidently for a man who drives a “bullet-proof truck,” he must figure he is, too.


The link for “Campground Chatter” does not work properly.

Rick Millard

Good reminder on proper use of buddy type heaters. Proper detection device and ventilation. Thanks


Always helpful information, thank you to RVtravel.com