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Correction. Someone does not know how to count. 39 years later. I graduated from high school in 1981 and have a 40 year coming up in a year in July. Time to make a slight correction on that one folks.

Tony F Stekar

Bought a cab over Kenworth ;cab &classic . Built a flatbed too haul three atv generator and pull a 32′ camper .Nice setup but 10 miles to a gallon empty to down too 7.5 hauling everything driving 65 mph; not good ! I had a ram 3500 hauling 1 less atv and got 9.5 way better and it was easier too get in. The biggest problem with this ( Kenworth ) was it not 4 wheel drive , the dodge ram is. I have gone back too the ram new 2019 cab & chassic 4×4 , 12 empty have not gone camping yet . Future trip in the plans! RESALE of the kenwoth was a VERY BIG disappointment PLEASE DON’T do my dumb ideal !

Jerry X Shea

I use the FRESH CAB RODENT REPELLENT (advertisement on this site) with great results, however, in the posted advertisement it says it works for 100 days. WRONG, right on the box it says good for “30 days.”


Re: Snowbird Canadians and the statement that people are “anti-foreigner” — that’s certainly not my experience in my own circles, and I wonder whether it “really” exists at all or is a fabrication of distorted/sensationalist media??? Here in NY, people love Candadians visiting, coming to work with us, the whole shebang. Friends in California, Nevada, and other southwest states don’t dislike legal mexican workers and visitors, either — we hire them -quite happily for the jobs that Americans don’t want to do anyway. We’re buddies with them. So… where does this statement come from? I know people who are anti-terrorist and anti-illegal immigrant, but certainly NOT anti-Canadian or anti-Mexican in my experience… am I in a magic bubble of tolerance or just observant of reality vs. media?

Re: the political poll, Part Two: I think RVT is using shorthand, but the poll is two sides of what is at least a 2×2 matrix. Republicans are originally Conservatives and Democrats are originally Liberals, but Republican vs LIberal isn’t a usable dichotomy. Republicans are WAY liberal compared to what they used to be, and there are no financial conservatives anymore in the Big Two. Democrats have drifted into extreme socialist control, which is opposite from “liberal” (freedoms). I had to say I’m a “minor party” because I’m a strongly liberal strongly -anti-Democrat. I point this out not only because the poll is broken, but because older generations are using the labels differently than younger generations. “Live and let live” and “stop spending like drunks” are absent from all big parties now.


In your readers poll why didn’t you put it a space for the Democrats to check?


I have a gripe. Why does the poll re: How would you describe yourself politically; has an option for moderate or conservative Republican but no similar choice for a moderate or liberal Democrat? Inquiring minds want to know.

Don Baker

Not sure where to place this, but I wanted to warn RVers about using Safeco Insurance.
I recently had two separate Comprehensive claims denied because they were said to be normal wear and tear.
One claim was for a cracked radiator on my 2005 Country Coach. It had a steel radiator that had already replaced the aluminum originally installed. It had been pressure tested in May after I discovered a leak which turned out to be a bad hose (subsequently repaired). After a trip across the US to Wisconsin and back and enduring some very rough roads another leak was discovered at the factory service center in Junction City, OR. This turned out to be a crack and required radiator to be replaced.
The second claim was for a de-laminated roof. This probably started in the Denver area in May with a heavy spring snowfall that broke limbs off of a tree next to the RV that fell on the roof. There were no visual damage at the time but apparently the Filon roof membrane was cracked and allowed water to penetrate. After being exposed to numerous heavy rainstorms and severe winds both in Wisconsin and enroute East and West end result was discovered to be delamination. This required the roof to be replaced. Again Safeco or rather their third party special investigator said it was “normal wear and tear” and denied the claim.

Ronald Lipp

I Love your site!!!!! Very informative.


“It’s the time of year to line up camp hosting positions – and Michigan needs you.”

Minimum Wage in Michigan for 2020 = $9.65 Hr.
$9.65 Hr x 30 Hrs Per Week = $289.50 a Week
$289.50 a Week x 52 Weeks a Year = $15,054 a Year
$15,054 Divided by 12 Months = $1,254.50 a Month (This is what you are giving in exchange for a FHU site – Not to mention the labor stress)

Michigan State Park Fees (Typical) for a 50A FHU Site:


Resident Daily – $6
Non-Resident Daily – $8
Resident Annual – $24
Non-Resident Annual – $29


Rustic Campsites – no showers and vaulted toilets with hand pump water $10-$14 per night.

Semi-Modern Campsites – 50 or 30 amp electric – some have modern showers and toilets $16-$18 per night.

Modern Campsites – 50 amp electric, modern showers and toilets, wheelchair accessible sites available, some pull through sites for large vehicles $16-$27 per night.

Premium Modern Campsites – great site locations and all the amenities of the modern sites $28-$29 per night.

Full Hookup Sites – $29-$33

I’m all in favor of Workamping to off set expenses…But in this situation (giving 30 Hrs a month), one has to weigh whether it is worth it. One can get a Premium FHU Site of $990 a month + a $29 Non-Resident Annual Entrance Pass = $1,019 a Month. Most sites are less than that.

20 Hours could be an incentive to participate. 25 hours is border line whether or not it’s worth the effort. 30 Hours? Why in the world would one want to accept this position?

If you want to save money without having to “work”, then consider boondocking or dry-docking more often.

If you just like “working” (and some do or have to), then look for something that is mutual for both parties. Not one sided. Negotiate your hours accordingly…

Les Reid

Rodent repellent in this newsletter. I put this product throughout my RV as instructed at two times what was recommended. No reduction in mice activity or droppings was noticed 3 months later. Lot’s of traps still works the best

John P Macatee

Interesting that large trucks are getting 7.27 MPG. I’m pulling a 24′ , 4,040 pound Artic Fox with probably 1500 pounds of “stuff” with a 2007 Dodge Dakota 4wd, V8, and am averaging 11 MPG, traveling from so. Cal. to Tucson , about 460 miles, I was keeping my speed just a little over 60 Mph and got 10mpg, in the way back i kept my speed just above 55mpg and got 11.5 +-, when without pulling I get approximately 17 MPG. I’m really new (3 months) to travel trailer camping and curious as to what RV ers are getting.

Mike Mazoway

In you show schedule, the Syracuse show is a Camping World/Gander show only. The big multi dealer show is in March.

Ronald Payne

I get the concept of comments turned off for political poll question,however the comment about the six dozen hotheads???
Sadly i thought we had more hotheads…….oh brother.

Steve flippo

30 hours of work to be allowed to park your rv for a week? That is outrageous. The state of Michigan is exploiting rvers.