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A Letter To The Editor? Mind your own business. Who cares if it is an RV or a home on wheels. What gives you the right to judge a man or woman by his or her right to own what ever castle they want to own. Wow. You are totally out of line on that one. IMO not yours. I for shame you.


Chuck- can’t really say much more; you pretty much said it all when it comes to Needles. The price-gouging is worse than the heat. A fun thing to do in Oatman- take somebody who has never been and give them a quarter for the machine with the burro food in it…

Garry Delisle

Re: the Surge Protector – As I recall Chuck , you have a Winnebago Class A motorhome which if I’m not mistaken comes in 50 Amps. Therefore you would need a 50 not 30 Amp surge protector.

Leslie Berg

Cool article. Love old neon signs. I hope Needles doesn’t end up with the same sort of marijuana crime that northern CA is experiencing. We have had so many armed robberies of both legal and illegal grows, where both marijuana bales and money are stolen at gunpoint by multiple intruders. I don’t think this will prove to be a new industry that will benefit the area. Hopefully the town planners thoroughly investigated the pros and cons before OKing this.

Ed Fogle

We were traveling Route 66 on our honeymoon in July, 2001 east to west. We were driving a 1959 Cadillac convertible top down mid-morning. It was so hot we decided to stop and get a room for the night. We left about 3am the next day. The temperature was barely tolerable then. It is a good memory, though.


Chuck: Awesome editorial article on Needles — travelog stuff with cool facts was refreshing. Rain hot enough to scald? Ouch….

Small house at walmart: As long as he stays by similar rules (not long, polite, not loud, preferably giving Walmost some $$ in sales), I don’t discriminate wood vs. metal “RV”…

Poll: not currently working…. dead page.

Paine: I love the quote, but it’s often hard to know what you’re dealing with until you’re in the thick of discussion and get hit with something like “I know the world LOOKS round from here, but everyone knows maps are flat and space flight was faked…” There’s literally no reasoning with unreasoning people.

David Allen

None of the poll links are working. Get a message “Something went wrong”.


the joke this week was great, by far the best one I have ever seen on here

Tony King

The Airstream video was interesting and cool. The driving test at the end was crazy ! I recognized the driving test was filmed at the former Riverside International Raceway near my home in Moreno Valley , CA.

Kinda harder nowadays to escape rude/grumpy people in our RV travels and sometimes it’s even the person checking you in to their RV Park ! We just adopted our own little policy “ I worked a long time to be able to enjoy RVing all over the USA and I’m not going to let you ruin our day/stay. Sometimes you have to ignore people or move on down the road “ we try and remind ourselves putting up with someone rude/grumpy is still way better than working.

I’m still a firm believer in instead of checking for moisture in your Brake Fluid because of heavy use etc is to flush out/change the fluid if there is any concern. Harbor Freight sells a Pneumatic Brake Bleeder for around $33 that really makes it much easier to do without having someone pumping the brake pedal.