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Dave Kaiser
11 months ago

The House Creek campground near Delores, Co is run by the Forest Service and is on McPhee Reservoir, Colorado’s second largest lake. We have visited the lake every year for the past 20+ years but stay in the campground across the lake. House Creek has always been a dry camping area in an open meadow and has a very nice boat launch. Where we stay (Juniper campground) is wooded with electric at some sites. 20 yrs ago there were laundry, showers and dump facilities available but that is all gone as, we were told, lack of money for maintenance and sewer system troubles. There are flush toilets Juniper and Pinyon Campgrounds with walk in tent sites too. They removed the fish cleaning station and flush toilets at the boat ramp and put in vault type. Has a Marina though with rentals. Cost is $26 per night for 30A electric with water available minus the discount if you have a senior pass. Beautiful sites, pull outs and back in’s. Never full and probably never will be if the forest service doesn’t invest in up-keep. What a shame. The reservoir was built in the 80″s.

Dave Kaiser
11 months ago
Reply to  Dave Kaiser

Chuck, you might think about this stop in your travels, no sardines there.

11 months ago

Regarding trailer length in Washington State. Could you please let me know what the bill number is? In the future could you add that to the report?

11 months ago

I’m totally happy there was no loss of life in that trailer-truck flip shown.
You got to call the guy on his dismissal of any responsibility on his part for the mishap.

If I don’t miss my guess he was travelling WAYYYYY to fast, and that’s what caused this.

I hope somebody told him that so it doesn’t happen again.

As much as I do not wish more government in my face, if someone in authority proposed a lowering of the speeds inexperienced people can travel on our highways with a trailer or anything else in tow – I’d check the box in favor.

People for your sake and everyone else’s, SLOW DOWN. You may have the plush pilots chair in a conveyance that does everything for you, it does not mean you’re not sitting on a bomb looking for a place to detonate. That video provides the perfect metaphor for that.

Rory R
11 months ago
Reply to  Alvin

Additional laws won’t slow anybody down. In most states the speed for towing is 10 MPH slower than other vehicles, and most pay no attention to that….

11 months ago

“Looking to travel across the big open spaces of the Cowboy State? Wyoming’s legislators may soon be making a decision that might make you want to think otherwise”…

Anddddd, like all other Toll Roads, we would avoid this one as well if approved. Pretty soon, the whole road system will be toll roads. What do they do with that Gas Tax, Bridge Tax, Vehicle Registration money anyway? There must be a big party somewhere…

11 months ago

“What if they built a campground and nobody came? Well, the situation isn’t quite that bad, but officials in South Dakota…”

Passed thru South Dakota this year – Buffalo Bill State Park, Custer State Park, Palisades State Park…

Cost’s were higher than average parks elsewhere. AND, in January this year, we received a notice by email of additional cost increases for 2020.

To their credit, all three parks were very clean.

11 months ago

We went through South Dakota last summer and stayed in Custer State Park. The Black Hills were lovely. But the price was really high for what you get. All in with fees and such, I think it was $42/night for electric only, and a dump station that was in another campground 45 minutes away.

If we went through there again, we would probably find a forest service campground somewhere.

Vanha Pieru
11 months ago
Reply to  Ann

Way to go South Dakota park people, lets drive away MORE campers (and associated revenue). Than you can just shut down the campgrounds and save yerself a lot of work.