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Ron Story

I can’t seem to be able to leave a vote on the polls. Even on the daily polls.

Lynn D Spicer

Has anyone had experience with KM RV Resorts?

Paul Wilhelm

All your Sunday edition links lead back to the Saturday edition.

James E O'Briant

Your headline, “A fuel pump repair that went awry in Gilmore, California,” should read “Gilroy, California. (We live in Gilroy, and we know this storage faciiiity and know fo the fire, but we store our motorhome at a different storage facility.)

Patrick Granahan

Before you buy a headlight restorer kit at the auto store try using your Colgate Toothpaste !
Rub it into your headlight lens full strength then polish it off and presto !….the cloudy haze is gone.

Gerald Hihn

Regarding the fire danger from dust in space heaters. I take my two heaters apart at least twice a year and blow the dust and dog hair out with a compressor we carry. Some have specialized screws but a trip off to Harbor Freight will get you a set of screw driver bits that will fit just about anything.


There is no “justice” in the liberal Oregon justice system. A crying shame.


Regarding the Jefferson County, ID boat dock camping kerfuffle, wherein: “We just have to police it a bit,” says Mickey Eames, the county’s parks and recreation director. Which is odd, since the whole mess started with the county not being able to “police” the park in the first place.”

It helps to understand the theory of any ruling group’s intelligence (in this case, the group struggling with the problem): divide the IQ of the brightest official there by the number of officials present. The result is the group IQ. The more members present, the lower the result.