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Jack Duncan

I too have seen the long rv’s and wonder if they are street legal. Do they have brakes on the rear trailer?

Jim Brand

Wondering what Quartzsite campground you’re staying at?


I just happen to clean my heater yesterday. It had dust on wires, motor and vent louvers. That heater in the picture was disgusting. Wouldn’t that heater stink like crazy with all that lint and dog hair? One should always pull the armature and oil both ends of the brass bearing. I had a small fan under my desk and work and it sized up one time. Oiled it up and has never done that again.


Brain Teaser: catcher and umpire


Brain teaser. I cheated and found the solution online. Wasn’t going to wait till tomorrow. Not gonna reveal it here though.


Is 11am too early for checkout?
Unfortunately, I have to disagree with the survey. As a couple who has spent 10 years workamping, the sites are not always immediately available…dog poop, cigarette butts, fire rings filled with trash, old food on the ground, pop top rings, sloppy tank dumping, sanitizing water spigots because who knows who used it to clean out black tanks, you name it I think we’ve probably seen it and cleaned it up. And people who left rigs to go to breakfast and decide to stay past the departure time…an hour to 2 hours later. Or campers who complain about lawn mowing because they are on vacation and they don’t want to hear motors but lawns still need mowing, bushes still need trimming, can’t get to grass under parked RVs, except when no one is in the site. A top notch campground moves fast when the rigs leave…my eyes have been opened to RV management over the past 10 years. And you always have rigs waiting to get in before the time and the fuss that is made when you again explain, people don’t have to leave until checkout time….and it is happening more and more. Sometimes it’s all about me, it’s my vacation and I want what I want when I want it. What happened to RV manners from 15 years ago. If everyone would make sure the site was left as clean as they would want it, I would probably agree to later checkout. Patience and understanding go a long way.

Randy Stracener

Everyone should disassemble and inspect their small heaters (actually every heater) every year. Blow it out, check for electrical connectors that are getting loose and hot (replace with one designed for a heater, not one from auto store) and oil motor. Not only can it prevent a fire, but make the heater more effective.


Don’t forget the portable oil filled, radiant space heaters. They’re safer as they don’t use a fan that can collect gunk that could catch fire. They are more expensive and a little slower to heat a cold space, but once the space is up to a comfortable temp, the heaters are great….and safe!