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17 unusual uses for dryer sheets in your RV

Yes, you use dryer sheets in your dryer. They help keep clothing soft and static-free. But there are many other ways to use those same dryer sheets, especially when traveling in the RV.

Try these 17 unusual ways of using dryer sheets

In the RV:

  • Use a dryer sheet to dust your RV’s window blinds. Not only will the sheet easily pick up dust, but it will also help prevent dust from collecting on the blinds afterward.
  • Dryer sheets will help keep fixtures sparkling in your RV. Use them to remove watermarks on the sink and bathroom faucets. They’ll keep your stainless refrigerator handles cleaner, too!
  • Are your TV and computer screens dusty? Grab a dryer sheet and give them a once-over. No more dust!
  • Put a new dryer sheet inside storage bins filled with off-season clothing. The scented sheet will keep stored fabrics fresh-smelling until you need them again.
  • Got bugs on your RV windshield or front bumper? Dryer sheets are the perfect thing to clean off those spots. The material will not scratch the RV’s finish either.
  • Pet hair collecting on your RV rugs and upholstered furniture? A dryer sheet can rub away pet hair in a jiffy.
  • Use a dryer sheet to remove dust from ceiling fans as well as additional floor fans.
  • Soap scum on your RV shower doors can be hard to remove. Use a wet dryer sheet to make the scum disappear.
  • Put dryer sheets inside the bedroom drawers and/or suitcases to keep clothing smelling fresh.
  • No one wants to deal with greasy, stuck-on grimy cooking pots. Fill the pots with water, add a dryer sheet, and let sit overnight. The pots will easily come clean in the morning.
  • You can use a dryer sheet to shine your shoes and you can also stuff some new dryer sheets into stinky boots and the odor should fade.
  • Use dryer sheets to clean RV windows. Just polish off the smudges!
  • Place two or three new dryer sheets in the bottom of waste cans to help eliminate smell and keep your RV kitchen smelling nicer.
  • Don’t toss out the used dryer sheets, even after using them for one of the hints. Stuff them into toilet roll cardboard and use them as simple fire starters.

On a camper (that means you!):

  • If you accidentally get deodorant smears on your t-shirt, a dryer sheet will remove them.
  • Put a new dryer sheet into your pocket and mosquitoes will avoid you. Evidently, they don’t like the smell.
  • A dryer sheet will keep flyaway hair in place. Gently rub a new one over your hair and static disappears. This also works for clingy fabrics. Rub a dryer sheet over your skirt (or whatever) and you’re good to go.


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Terry Treman
5 months ago

Burn old dryer sheets? I don’t think so. I don’t know what kind of fumes may be created from burning the chemicals they contain. Do you? Please don’t suggest things without researching possible ill effects.

5 months ago

DON’T use them to remove bugs from your rv if your rv has 3m type film on it. They WILL damage the film. Use them on paint with great caution … and please not on my rv w/ full body paint.

Michael Galvin
5 months ago
Reply to  Paul

Ever since this article first came out, I’ve been washing bugs off the front of our 2017 Winnebago Class C, full body paint and some sort of plastic protector on the front. No problems.

5 months ago

All these uses can be done without the stink of the chemicals with a microfiber cloth.

Seann Fox
5 months ago

Thank goodness you didn’t use the old wives tale about using them to keep mice out of the RV. THAT DOESN’T WORK!! My Neighbor tried it and the most used it has TP.

Gene L
5 months ago
Reply to  Seann Fox

I buy an 80 – 100 count box of dryer sheets and spread them all over my RV before I store it. I have not had any mice thru the winter. That’s one old wives tale that WORKS for me.

Anne Oelke
5 months ago
Reply to  Gene L

You’ve been lucky. I’m betting that you would not have mice even without the dryer sheets.

Matt Colie
5 months ago
Reply to  Seann Fox

I’m glad it worked for Gene. It didn’t work for us. One sheet was gone from where I knew I had placed it. When I had to take a lower drawer out, I found a nest that was composed largely of dryer sheet.