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Very unique: Wildwood FSX 245VC might be a perfect fit… for some

Today’s RV review is of the forthcoming Wildwood FSX 245VC, which the company calls a cargo travel trailer. That naming convention makes a tremendous amount of sense, as this is somewhat of a mold breaker. I suspect it is going to be a strong, strong seller. 

I know a few people who have purchased toy haulers specifically because they like that rear patio ramp. I’ve seen them take full advantage of that, including backing up to a stream and enjoying the view. While there are obviously people for whom a toy hauler makes sense, some people are more interested in that patio deck. 

What is this?

You could argue that this is a toy hauler simply because it has one of those patio decks at the rear. But it’s clear from the design that this isn’t meant to haul any serious toys just because of the size of the space. 

Not that it can’t. There is over a ton of cargo carrying capacity with this trailer, at 2,392 pounds. But the space allowed for toys is not all that huge, although it is 93 inches long and 53 inches wide. 

In fact, that would be a spot large enough to put a single motorcycle or a couple of eBikes. Or just regular bikes, for that matter. But you couldn’t put most kayaks back there—although I do really like those inflatable models. 

Not that you will ever find me on a kayak again in my life. My single talent with kayaks is flipping them over and then having difficulty getting out from under the vessel. If you ever see me considering the purchase of a kayak, you have my permission to have me committed to a place without beer. 

Work and play

The cargo area back here isn’t all that large, so why would this trailer get me so hot and bothered? What this area does incorporate are bunks that fold up against the wall. For all of you who have been saying you want a bunk model trailer so your grandkids can come camping with you, this might be one of the best choices out there. 

If the grandkids actually do come with you, which would be a shock, you can have those bunks flipped up and bring the bicycles or what not along for the ride. 

If they never come with you, there is a table that flips down when the bunks are up that you can use as a standing desk or a serving station if you’re sharing a meal with friends. 

Patio deck

There’s also that ramp door that becomes a fenced-in patio deck. This would be great if you bring along pets, as they can go in and out. They are confined on the patio, yet they’re still able to get into the trailer body and beg for treats and pats. 

I belong to a group of campground owners and many of them tell me they are starting to prohibit those fences around RVs as they’ve had too many issues with them. But this type of patio deck with a fence around it would solve those issues. 

This would also be a great place to entertain friends, and it seems particularly well-suited for having a wet bar. Not only do you get the large patio deck, but there’s also a plumbed sink here. You could fill up your ice maker, fire up your portable battery-powered blender— and now you’ve got a party. 

That’s where this trailer really shines, to me, though it is a legit bunk model as well. 

What’s inside

As for the main living space, it’s rather pleasant. This model comes with a two-person theater seat in the slide and there’s a couch at the very front of the living space, as well. 

Dining is done at a two-person breakfast bar, and that is the same height as the rest of the kitchen counter. That configuration makes for a lot of counter space, so you could prepare a meal for the party on the patio. 

Tools for making this happen include a three-burner propane cooktop and a convection microwave. The 12-volt refrigerator in this unit is one of those newer models with the door that opens either way, which is nifty. 

Murphy and his bed

While some might be put off by the fact that this has a Murphy bed, wait. The space around the bed when it’s down is about the same as it would be for most travel trailer bedrooms. So you could just leave the Murphy bed down all the time without affecting the usability of the trailer, except you would have buried the front couch. But this could work depending on your priorities. 

Unfortunately, this is a bed that requires a bending mattress, though there are several companies that make upgraded versions of these, if that’s your choice. I wonder if any of you have installed a Froli Sleep System in your RVs rather than replacing the stock mattress, and what your experience has been? 

Boondocking and travel access

Wildwood and Salem are starting to join the number of RV brands that are embracing solar. They are dipping their toes in the water with a 200-watt solar panel as standard equipment. This is connected to a 30-amp charge controller, which could handle more panels. 

As for travel access, as they say in those mob movies, fuggedaboudit. The deep slide and the end of the “L”-shaped kitchen counter practically touch when the slide is in. So you basically have no access to the trailer unless you’re good at pole vaulting. 

More to know

One of the nicer things about trailers that are toy haulers, or even stuff haulers, is that they tend to have higher ceilings, and this one is no exception. The ceiling in here is 84” tall, and that also means the shower has more headroom simply because the ceiling is higher. That also makes the interior feel more spacious. 

I like that this model has no floor ducts for the furnace, instead routing them through cabinets. 

There is some nice lighting under the cabinets, which gives the interior a more upscale feel. 

Something I am really liking about Wildwood (and their identical Salem counterparts) is the totes the company includes. This one fits totes under the couch in the front and also in the rear cargo bay. I’d like to see more RV companies adopt tote size as a standard measurement. 

That would be totes awesome! 

Another thing this brand is known for is what they call the AccessiBelly, which is a segmented underbelly cover that enables you to remove just one section if you need to effect a repair. The underbelly is also heated for extended-season camping. 

Wildwood offerings don’t come with a TV—which makes so much sense to me as some people want something fancy, some want nothing at all. But there is a mount for a TV and that bracket is on a panel that opens to reveal a small amount of storage space. This would be perfect for things like the remotes or the various chargers everybody is carrying nowadays. 

This is one of a few trailers I’m seeing with the Lippert Quick Drop (manual) stabilizers. I would like to see these become universal. They’re quite a bit better than normal scissor jacks. 

Things I don’t like about the Wildwood FSX 245VC

There are some things I don’t like about this trailer, and let’s start with the location of the control panel. That panel is way up high on the wall and seems to be a really odd spot for it. 

There are two dump connections. That isn’t unusual, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. 

Because of the Murphy bed, there is a limited amount of front pass-through storage space. While there is that cargo area in the back, I still like a larger pass-through, although it’s not the end of the world. 

Interestingly, this is available as either a wood-framed aluminum skinned trailer, or is available with a fiberglass skin. That doesn’t change the bones of this unit. Honestly, the wood frame and aluminum skin is fine, as long as you maintain the seals—which you should do with any RV as it is. 

The flexible bunks, plentiful entertaining space, ability to carry the kinds of toys that many of us take with us, along with the large patio deck make this a trailer I think might serve a lot of people. What is your take? 

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Tony Barthel
Tony Barthelhttps://www.anthonybarthel.com
Tony worked at an RV dealership handling sales and warranty issues before deciding he wanted to review RVs and RV-related products. He also publishing a weekly RV podcast with his wife, Peggy, which you can find at https://www.stresslesscampingpodcast.com.



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Bob Newman (@guest_254381)
2 months ago

Big thumbs up. No uncomfortable bolt upright dinette hogging space. Great floorplan for active touring couple. Looks like one could use fixed mattress and forget about converting. Love the headroom. Wish it came in a higher end package with welded aluminum and foam insulation.

Bob P (@guest_254354)
2 months ago

Except for the Murphy bed I like it

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