Sunday, October 2, 2022


If you’ve ever wanted to own your own town for a small price, now is your chance!

If you watched the popular Emmy-winning TV show Schitt’s Creek (and if you haven’t, you should), the thought of owning your own town and being your own mayor is probably an exciting thought to you. Even if you haven’t watched the show, this is still a neat opportunity.

In the show, the wealthy New York City-based Rose family loses their money and relocates to a small town they had once purchased as a joke. What entails is a hilarious story of a town that wins the heart of truly one of TV’s greatest, most-beloved families.

Now is your chance to be like the Rose family! Water Valley, a small creekside 7-acre town near the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee is for sale for $725,000. Just 50 miles south of Nashville, the town has four former stores (all built before 1900), an original stock barn, parking, and picnic spaces. Two of the buildings have wiring and plumbing and could be used for commercial purposes, housing, a hotel, or a B&B.

Christa Swartz of Fathom Realty has said she’s already received multiple offers on the town, including some from Hollywood and Las Vegas, who she’s saying would like to use it for movie and TV show sets. She’d rather it go to a person, though, to preserve as a piece of Tennessee’s history. She says many people who call mention Schitt’s Creek.

Photo Credit: Christa Swartz of Fathom Realty
Photo Credit: Christa Swartz of Fathom Realty
Photo Credit: Christa Swartz of Fathom Realty

If you want to learn more, you can visit the official listing page here. And if you buy the town, please invite us! We’ll write a story about you. Wink.



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