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Full-Time RVer Newsletter #27, April 13, 2022

Volume 2. Issue 27
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Quote of the day

“The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.” —Barbara Kingsolver

Living full-time in a roomy motorcycle pop-up trailer

For anyone who thinks their rig is too small, check out the following video. Kevin has combined two of Greg Illes’ (veteran RVer and writer for deepest loves: RVing and motorcycling. In fact, he even rides the same model motorcycle as Greg. It’s not just an occasional weekend sojourn – he’s actually full-timing in this motorcycle pop-up trailer setup. Interesting rig to say the least. And it has a king-size bed?!

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Some of these articles are from past issues of and have been updated for this newsletter. 

Take your ice cream cone out of your pocket! It’s illegal!

We received many interesting comments on a story we published about birds nesting inside a motorhome’s slide-out. … Many comments centered around the legality of destroying bird nests rather than taking precautionary actions, and that got me thinking… What other kinds of interesting or funny laws exist and how might they affect RVers? Read what Gail Marsh discovered. You’ll laugh at a lot of these!

Warning: If bit by a tick, there’s a 50% chance you’ll get Lyme disease

That headline is true! If you didn’t know Lyme disease was transmitted by ticks, you should read this article by Gail Marsh, who tells you the scary truths about the disease. Learn the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and preventive measures of this disease in this article.

Fridge Fixer keeps residential refrigerator doors closed in RVs

Americans are an ingenious lot. We see a problem. We solve a problem. Whether that problem be big or small, we don’t hesitate to provide a cool solution. And speaking of cool, one of the problems many RVers have is that their residential refrigerators don’t stay closed when going down the road. Solution? Fridge Fixer™. Read what Tony Barthel thinks about this nifty gadget, and watch a short video, here.


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Quick tip

Get ALL your wheels aligned

Got strange tire wear issues? When was the last time you had your RV wheels aligned? Motorhomes are obvious candidates, but even towable RV wheels can need alignment. Not every corner tire shop can do it, so be prepared to make a few phone calls to find a shop that can do it.

Reasons to share map locations with friends and family

Both Google Maps and Apple Find My have the ability to share locations with specified people. Once that’s done, you can look at a map at any time and see where your friends are. That comes in very handy when you’re traveling or meeting up with another RVing couple. Or you can have fun traveling even if it’s not your own travels! Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour tells you how to do it here.

Raising the bar: Historic drinking establishments you’ll want to say “Cheers” to

You’ve been running all over the city (or the country), visiting museums, landmarks, tourist traps, souvenir stands, zoos, aquariums. After all, you’re on a relaxing road trip vacation, right? Well, for those moments on the road when you’d love to do nothing more than slow down, relax and curl up with someone special over a good strong drink, why not make it something memorable – or even historic? There are some well–oiled taverns, pubs and saloons still left in the U.S. that are steeped in history; the perfect places to begin (or end) a vacation pub crawl. So if you have a little time, this round of places is on me.

Roadside Assistance gave us the wrong tire – on purpose!

By Kate Doherty
On May 27th, my spouse and I were approaching an RV park in Provo, Utah, for the night on our trek north for the summer. After settling into our pull-through site, we began our routine hookup. As I walked around the back of our motorcoach to open the electric bay, I noticed a narrow “v-shaped” gouge in our left rear tire. Almost new, having no more than 3,000-miles wear on the back tires, I called to my spouse: “We’ve got a tire problem.” He walked back, looked at the tire and said, “We’re not driving on that.” He continued our hookup and I called Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Continue reading for an important heads up. Have you ever encountered this situation?

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Your assignment

What advice would give an aspiring full-time RVer?

From the editors: We asked our readers this question. Here is one response: 

“Don’t enter into the lifestyle thinking it’s an endless adventure. It’s not. Depending on expectations, it can be a dream or a nightmare. Test the water before diving in. Plan an extended trip—3 to 6 months—to get a good feel of expenses, how you’ll cope with smaller space, the inevitable problems that might arise with your rig, even how the added time with your partner might impact your relationship. If you don’t currently own the type of rig you’d plan to use for full timing (class A, 5th wheel, etc.), rent first to avoid regrets.” —Julie Conner

Featured recipe

Arlene’s Caramel & Streusel Coffee Cake
by Arlene Jacobson from Grand Terrace, CA

We just love this light and tasty coffee cake. It tastes like a cinnamon roll. The buttery flavoring with the sweet cinnamon streusel is the perfect pair. The extended mixing time may be a bit of work, but the result is worth every minute! Once baked, the cake is super moist. The sweet and tangy glaze takes this cake to another level.

Click here for the recipe Staff

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11 months ago

I just read that article on testing the waters going full time. I am in 4 weeks heading solo to Maine and I must be nuts. But it is only for 3 months. I sit in my 21 foot trailer going its like a mini efficiency. I keep reminding myself. Happy trails.

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