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David Stansbury

Good Lord Chuck- I see you’re getting some real %$#@&^(@! here. Personally, I don’t understand it. This is website to help and improve people who are RVing. Why are some of these people so pissed, and why is it your fault? Just to let you know, there are a lot more of us out here who appreciate what you guys do than there are weenies. Don’t let these people get you down!

Robert Shon

My family & I use Amazon often but haven’t figured out how to get the credit applied to your site. How about some help here so I can help you.


My oldest sister alway used the “Pardon my French” expression. I knew she took French in high school so I knew she was the expert. Lol


“They cannot accept that others do not believe exactly as they do.”

Sometimes one should gaze into a mirror and contemplate their own words Chuck.


When doing South Dakota if you like Laura Ingalls Wilder then visit De Smet. This is her families final journey but not her final journey. Visit the homes she lived in and the cemetary where her family is buried. It is awesome and very quiet. I want to do her final journey to Rocky Ridge Missouri. The Ozarks. But that is another trip. Also if you do Mt Rushmore? Start with Custer State Park. There is a reason to do this. Yes you see boring bison and stuff but then it gets hilly and then you go thru a tunnel and then you see the top of the hill and well….just do it. I don’t want to blow the surprise. I loved this area. And O. The second Thursday of July was the start of monsoon season in AZ. I know because the tour guide for the grand canyon told us to expect rain at any given moment. When he mentioned monsoon? I thought great a hurricane. We did experience one at the grand canyon and it was awesome. Lightening hail ground lightening and yes rain. So yes a monsoon on the first day of a monsoon happened. We always get the strange weather. Loved traveling out west and can’t wait to do it again.


I’ve been wondering, what happened to the old fashioned Forest Fires? Do they still exist or were they replaced by WildFires?


Chuck, I agree people use to agree to disagree and find things in common. Today it seems more like let’s find the difference so we cannot get along. We all need to exist on the place we call earth.

Charles Wehland

A crazy person or a hateful person without an assault weapon is not going to kill 22 people in 20 seconds.


Please cancel my description, Chuck. Your hypocritical editorial today (and the equally hypocritical boiler plate for commenting) was the final straw.

Joseph Woods

Well said Chuck! I don’t always agree with your editorials, but this one is spot on!


Excellent article Chuck. Please remember this next time your tearing down Camping World and its owners and their business model.