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Jeff Craig

I feel your pain, Chuck! Two years ago my wife and I headed for a KOA near Astoria, Oregon for Turkey Day, and it was a parking lot from Federal Way past Chehalis! The Waze app kept offering me alternate routes, that would save me a total of 25 minutes from the projected trip – but with a 35ft Class A and a Jeep in tow who knows if it would be worth it?? I should have known better than to leave Everett at 6P even if it was two days before the holiday.

When we leave anymore for longer trips, we just take off at 5A and plan on driving for 12-14 hours at most. Since we stop every three hours for leg stretches and to let the dog out/fuel up, it works fine. We get out of Seattle metro traffic before the ‘nightmare’ really starts, and avoid the mess in Portland through Eugene as we hit there after the morning rush.

The only other issues we’ve had with traffic were when we went to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and sat parked south of Bellingham for nearly 30 minutes headed for Fort Langley, BC, and stuck on I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass a few years later while waiting for blasting operations for the now open elevated roadway past Keechelus Lake. We just fired up the generator, put a DVD on the TV and made dinner for the 45 minute delay.


More than three hours to go 75 miles in “normal” freeway conditions. Heavens forbid it should happen, but in the case of a regional event, the plan of choice may be to shelter in the RV at home, rather than shelter in the RV trapped in freeway gridlock. The harsh fact, thanks to our unique geography here on the “shelf” between mountains and sea, is that there’s no good way out of here! So, plan ahead? Full fuel tanks at all times; water, propane, charged batteries, food, clothing, essential supplies… all stocked and ready for an extended stay at home. It’s a pretty good bet nothing will be moving out there.


Can you be more specific about the KOA you stayed at. Cannot find a Mt St Helens KOA


Joke of the week was hilarious- thanks!

Gene Bennington

Avoiding slideout damage during the leveling process- here’s excerpt from my Jayco manual…….. “Operating the slideout system:
The RV must be level and the stabilizer jacks in the extended position.” The manual also states- “CAUTION,
Make sure the slideout is in the closed position prior to hooking the unit to the tow vehicle.“