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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1247

Monday, January 6, 2020
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” ― Isaac Asimov

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Bean Day!

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Tip of the Day

Easy and economical fire starters

Reader Ann Andrews, who describes herself as a “mature Girl Scout,” says forget about commercial fire starters. “I use cardboard egg cartons and the wax from cheese. Many of the snack cheeses are wrapped individually; other bulk cheeses are wrapped in a paraffin wrap. I remove the waxes and save them, and when I have a collection I put some into each egg holder. Then I cut them apart and store. We use a couple every time we start a campfire.” Saves money and reuses otherwise “wasted” items. Thanks, Ann!

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RV Electricity – This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session:

What’s that burned wiring smell? A reader noticed some heat and smell from the panel when running the A/C for long periods. He wonders if a loose neutral terminal screw for the main feed could cause the heat buildup.

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Mod that wet bed so it stays dry!

We RVers sometimes suffer an obnoxious and health-hazardous problem: water condensation under the bed mattress, which can lead to mold and mildew. But here’s a quick and simple mod that can give you real comfort, particularly if you’re a winter RVer.

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Save money with these reusable silicone bags
RV Travel Newsletter Issue 913Never waste money on plastic bags again! This 4-pack of reusable silicone food bags have an airtight seal and are leak-proof, keeping food fresh for longer. Easily freeze the bags, and even run them through the dishwasher once you’re done using them. This plastic bag alternative won’t harm the environment, and instead provides a solution that you can wash, rinse and reuse to your heart’s content! Learn more or order.

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Quick Tip

What to do with bacon grease while camping?

Here’s another great fire starter tip, this time from Kent Bentz: “We soak up the bacon grease into paper towels, fold and place them in a sandwich bag, then freeze or refrigerate them. They lay flat and don’t take up much room. When ready to start a campfire, take one or two out of the bag, place under wood and light with a match – will burn for many minutes. Best fire starter ever.” Mmmmm! Thanks Kent!

Give your phone or tablet a full-sized keyboard
How neat is this? This tiny, collapsible Bluetooth keyboard connects to your phone and tablet so you can type comfortably. The 5-ounce palm-sized keyboard can be folded into your pocket or backpack to carry around. All you have to do is press “Connect” to quickly pair with your devices. Check it out here.

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Random RV Thought

The time you wish you had less wood paneling in your RV is when a mosquito is loose at night. It can drive you crazy trying to find the tiny creature on a dark surface. This is the time when you wish all your walls were white.

Website of the day

Iceland Road Trip: A guide to traveling by camper van
We’re sure you know that RVing around Iceland’s Ring Road is the “hot” thing to do right now. Here’s a pretty handy guide to help you get started if you’re thinking about planning that trip for yourself (you should be).

It’s about time you cleaned those headlights…
RV Travel Newsletter Issue 916When was the last time you gave those headlights a good scrub? It’s been a while, huh? Get yourself this 4-piece headlight restorer kit from Turtle Wax for less than $6, and have your headlights looking as good as new in less than 5 minutes. It can be used on all lenses, plexiglass and plastic surfaces, and will restore all dull, yellowed headlights. Learn more or order here.

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Michelangelo hated painting the Sistine Chapel so much that he wrote a poem about it. Read it here.

Leave here with a laugh

Two guys are in the bush hunting and they get lost. The first guy says, “What should we do?” The second guy says, “Well, the international distress signal is to fire three shots into the air and hopefully we’ll be rescued.” So they fire three shots into the air and an hour later no help has arrived. The first guy says, “What should we do now?” The second guy says, “Let’s fire three more shots into the air.” They fire three more shots into the air and an hour later no help has arrived. The first guy says, “What should we do now?” The second guy says, “Let’s fire three more shots into the air.” The first guy says, “I sure hope it works this time. These are our last three arrows.” —Thanks to George Bliss for this!

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3 years ago

If I know where we are going in the fall then I make the rsvp in October or November. We usually frequent the same campground every year. This year we are going to do the same campground for the 4th, Labor Day and one weekend for their Halloween weekend. Although I need to change the rsvp for Labor Day. Looks like we are going back to school a week early. Sucks. Love just sitting out under the awning watching people doing very stupid stuff or listening to an audio book. I always make campground rsvp. Never left home without doing it. Been for years.

Vanessa Simmons
3 years ago

Those white walls would be nice until you splat that bloody mosquito on it.

Rory R
3 years ago

RE: Bacon Grease storage we have an aluminum container with a screw on lid, which we use to store our bacon grease. Then we use the bacon grease for cooking at a later time. I don’t want to start a debate about healthy eating and cooking, just explaining what we do with our bacon grease. Never pour bacon grease or any other grease down a drain in the RV or in a stick and bricks…….

Sharon B
3 years ago

I don’t like campfires and absolutely hate to be next to one. For my taste many sites are too close to each other for a campfire and I don’t want to smell like one. I can’t even sleep when there is one close to my camper for fear of having my TT ignite. However, I obtained a 100 year old cast iron pot and lid so I will be searching around for a large fire and ask the camper owner if I can put my iron pot in it to burn the surface.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sharon B

You don’t burn cast iron per se… you season it with oil.

Pamela Balogh
3 years ago
Reply to  Wolfe

you can put cast iron pot or pan in leaf fire to clean off the crude, old farmer’s trick.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sharon B

Both of us are with you 100% Sharon. Campfires in this day of banning drinking straws and plastic grocery bags to “save the environment” we think more importantly “saving the quality of the air we breathe” should be under consideration by more people than there appears to be. Alvin & Geri

3 years ago

We have our own lot at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort in Newport Oregon, so we don’t need to make reservations to stay there for the summer starting in May but we do make reservations about a month in advance at overnight stops that are on our way to Newport.

However, this year we are attending the FMCA rally in Tucson in March and have made overnight reservations at a mid point in our travel at Quartzsite.

3 years ago

I must say, I did get a laugh on “Leave here with a Laugh”. Made my day, thanks!

3 years ago

On the bacon grease question, I doubt very few pour it down the drain in campers, but speaking from a former wastewater plant operator, never, ever, never pour bacon or other grease/fats/oils down a drain. The grease turns into something very similar to white caulking and can completely plug up drain lines. Once it sets up, you can’t flush it out of the lines, it has to be removed by high pressure washing or something similar to roto rooters. When you read about sewer or lift station overflows, more often than not, its due to grease clogs. Not good for the environment or your budget when sewer rates go up to cover the maintenance costs.

3 years ago
Reply to  Gary

Gary, I’m sure you puzzle like I do this is a topic of discussion within a (presumably) mature audience.
Really, are there among us folks who dump grease down a drain – need the consequences issued them – then we face them coming down the road at us – ALL VERY SCARY!

3 years ago

No June reservations, but if you had asked about April or May…

Sink Jaxon
3 years ago

Love the bacon grease campfire starters idea! But I just don’t do campfires…

3 years ago

We have reservations made a year in advance because an event we wanted to go to at a specific time. An injury prevented me from going this year and the campground didn’t give refunds but would do a one time reschedule.

3 years ago

I always do reservations for sites that I will attend a rally. Otherwise, just wing it.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

I read with interest, the Iceland van camping article using “Go Campers”. It sounds like a fun adventure, sort of. My wife isn’t remotely interested though, so we aren’t going. However, the farther I got into the article, and the more I could see costs mounting. It became clear that this is NOT a cheap trip (and that’s not even counting airfare!). You start out with a small van – and a mattress. You are encouraged to add numerous accessories like thermal sleeping bags, camping chairs, cooler, and wifi (wifi?). Basic cooking utensils are included, but I’m not sure what those are. It seems there is no boondocking allowed because over time too many people were just tossing out their trash and creating problems (sound familiar?), and also trespassing on private land. So, camping in campgrounds is all that is allowed.

Apparently this is the latest hot thing to do and booking “Go Campers” way early is the only way to guarantee reservations. It seems the “RV” lifestyle is causing a problem even in Iceland!

3 years ago

We have a reservation for June in Lake George NY. to attend Americade. We make the reservation for the following year the day we arrive. Been doing this for 28 years. Same campground, same spot.

Brenda R
3 years ago

The only reason we have an upcoming reservation is because we have a rally scheduled with our truck camper group. Otherwise, we rarely have advance reservations.

Rebecca Berger
3 years ago

LOVED the idea about the bacon grease and paper towels. Will try that.

M. Will
3 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca Berger

A great idea if you aren’t in any area with bears or related wildlife. Can imagine the smell might attract an unwanted guest. Just a thought!!

Janette Herrin
3 years ago
Reply to  M. Will

No different than the possible hazard from grilling outdoors. Yes, bacon (grease) is very aromatic, but all foods have the possibility of attracting wildlife, (esp. my brother-in-law). lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca Berger

This would not work for us. We cook our bacon on a grill over the campfire. The grease goes straight into the fire. We also have some great tasting bacon.

3 years ago

With regards to the POLL for today. My Wife and I made reservations in March of 2019 for Mobile, AL and MARDI GRAS!. Mardi Gras begins next month and of course the RV Spots are totally filled, except for the DUMP RV parks!

We’re staying at:

A Totally beautiful Park!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

We’re currently staying at all about relaxing, and what a great park it is – one of the very best if not the best we’ve stayed at, and the owners are super caring!!