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1 year ago

Chuck and Gail……be careful out in the Mojave. I’m not talking about Mojave Green rattlesnakes but Valley Fever. My wife got it 3 years ago at Red Rock Canyon off Hwy. 14. It’s nasty stuff. Lots of folks get it and many don’t survive.

Elaine Schuster
1 year ago

We took US 6 through Nevada in September this year, and just inside the state line we took a picture of the road that looks like your picture in this story. The striking thing about that stretch of road is that there were two trees, maybe 300 yards apart on the side of the road, Just two trees, it was unusual in that environment. We stopped and looked at the second tree, and found two carved crosses at its base. We’ve been so curious, who was buried there and how did they die? One said “Here lies Jake” and the other said “RIP Cheegan.” I showed your picture to my husband and he exclaimed, “It’s our tree!”

1 year ago

A picture of me 40 years and one taken the other day I look and go who is that dowdy ugly person in the picture. I looked horrible. I use to take great pictures. Now? I won’t go near a camera. I guess that is what age does to a person. Makes them look ugly. Thanks for the reminder of how ugly I really am. 50 more years until I am dead.

1 year ago

Is there any place to go to get road conditions as far as RVing is concerned? I was driving east on I70 coming out of Denver a few years ago and the bridge transitions were so bad it broke my front TV right out of it’s mounting. A year ago I was in the same area and the roads broke one of my ceiling mounted speakers from it’s holder. Just seems like there should be some where that RVers could leave updates for others so that they can avoid bad roads and/or find better roads.
287 used to be terrible through Oklahoma but they finally have all but about 10 miles fixed.

1 year ago

I see Hwy 99 has not improved in 10 years. In 2009 when heading to Yuma the California roads destroyed our tires. I had them checked when we left Oregon – they were fine. By the time we arrived in Yuma they were close to death!

Every time I read you complain about all those living fulltime in RV parks I feel like I need to apologize. We use to be workampers until my husband’s illness forced us to park – that was 6 1/2 years ago. Since my MH is paid for, it would cost me twice as much to rent an apartment plus storage fees. I wish I could afford an apartment but the price goes up faster than RV park rents. Believe me, I would rather be out traveling.

Dave & Nancy
1 year ago

Thanks Chuck for the parting comment; “Those of us with RVs who use them for pleasure and not by necessity are among the most fortunate people on Earth. A billion people can’t even afford a decent meal, much less comfortable shelter. Look at us! How blessed we are! Celebrate your good fortune every day. Life is short: Embrace it. Be nice.”

I guess that it’s an age thing but my wife and I find ourselves being grateful for thoughtful people and small things several times a day. Happy New Year

John Padgett
1 year ago

Forgot all about Charles RV shows. Don’t think I missed many. He’s what got me going .

Ken Taylor
1 year ago

Your description at the top of today’s edition brought back memories of when I was in Junior College and working for a company that provided a developing and printing service. I had a route that picked up film at drug stores then took them back to the shop and developed the film so prints could be made then returned to the customers the next day. That was a far cry from today’s cell phone cameras. In the fall of 1962 my bride and I moved to San Jose California to continue my education. I started doing freelance photo work and had the same set-up in my kitchen that you described in your article. It definitely was a “night” job and by the way my bride and I will celebrate our 58th anniversary in April. She is a keeper.

Corrina Lee
1 year ago

Thanks Chuck I totally agree that we’re truly blessed. We’re leaving Hole-in-the-Wall Campground in Mojave after staying 2 glorious days. Don’t come from the north end otherwise you’ll be on a rough rutted dirt road. Stay positive.

Henry Schwagly
1 year ago

Now that we’re in the year 20-20, does that mean we could be “perfect visionary’s “

Vic Mazzaro
1 year ago

Hi Chuck,
I noticed that when you refer to your beautiful wife you always say my partner. This seems to me that you should say my wife. I feel that saying my partner kind of refers to people who are not married or other groups I don’t care to mention. I’m very sensitive to honoring my wife with respect. I don’t mean to attract you and I know you love your wife as I do but I had been noticing it. No disrespect to you and I love RV Travel. Thanks for letting me express my option

Jerry X Shea
1 year ago
Reply to  Vic Mazzaro

I don’t believe they are married.

A R Spears
1 year ago

I liked the good old days when RVtravel was a lot easier and enjoyable reading. way to much eye wash or is it just me?

Larry H Lee
1 year ago

In contrast to Jim, above or below, I enjoyed today’s issue immensely as I lay in bed awaiting my coffee brewing. Using my cellphone it is so very easy to go past articles and ads which do not interest me while stopping awhile to read the ones which do. Both fun and efficient. BTW, I find the ads useful as well as the articles since I find items I had not heard of before.
Thanks to all the writers and editors for your efforts even the ones which I skipped over today.
Happy New Year

1 year ago

Way to much information for a Saturday morning read. To much reference to what was missed last week. Sorry I only read the high lights I have much better things to do.

Bill T.
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim

I do agree. Some information is repetitive. If page real estate is at a premium, as the staff believe, the space occupied by this repetitive information could be better utilize. Between “Did You Miss Last Weeks RV Travel , Popular Articles from Last Week, Resources and Last Weeks Featured Stories, it seems to be a waste of page space that could easily be transferred to a top menu link. If the majority of subscribers subscribe to the daily newsletter, then reiterating it on the weekend is moot. I believe a top menu selection of a “Past Editions” or some other similar link would be better. Readers, casual or otherwise, could access past editions quickly and easily if they wanted, without the info hunt as a sub-menu category. is doing a great job for it’s readers and I just wanted to offer my opinion on Jim’s statement above.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bill T.

I subscribe daily and weekend, and don’t mind the rehash. Often the comments from you folks are more useful than the original article and I like to see what people said after a week.

John R Crawford
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim

Jim, I think saying nothing at all would be better than your contribution.