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Brian Gilbert

Hello! The picture you posted of the smoking ship along with the article on bunker vs. diesel fuel, is the SS Badger, a car ferry. I recognize her as she sails to and from my home town, Manitowoc, WI. (The “LMC” on her funnel stands for Lake Michigan Carferry.) However, she burns neither bunker nor diesel; she burns coal. She’s the last coal-burning steamship on the Great Lakes.


Well you blew it on the story about diesel prices. The picture of the lake Michigan car ferry also known as the SS badger is the last coal fired passenger ferry ship sailing in the United States. And for what it’s worth underwent an extensive renovation to deal with it’s kolache that allowed it to continue it’s heritage voyages across Lake Michigan in the summer time.


In Idaho Falls today Jan 5th, regular gas ranges from $2.50 at Sam’s Club to $2.62 most other outlets observed. Diesel today here is approx.. 40 cents higher than gas – wild swings in diesel prices – 80 cent difference in Boise – one week ago.


Thanks for another fine round of information Chuck & Co. I always come away smarter.

The item on the shipping industry being forced off filthy polluting high sulfur bunker oil to low sulfur diesel, may not be a topic RV’ers have knowledge of, or on the surface even care about, So why care, why share that info, why is it important we know this? Very simple.

The spin off, although the article hints at a different outcome, has had or will have a dramatic effect on the cost of diesel for your motorhome, and other land based users of that ubiquitous fuel. This will not lead the evening news – believe it – no bombs were deployed -directly!.

Last Christmas (2018) when in Boise ID visiting family; diesel was very near par with gasoline, as I recall. This round (2019) diesel was around 80 cents higher per gallon.

All this going on while authoritative climate alarmitics hired to construct sensible rules of behavior and conduct – ban drinking straws and grocery shopping bags to “save the environment/planet/climate!!!!!” Do we live in crazy times – or WHAT!!!!