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RV Daily Tips. Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Issue 2063
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Today’s thought

“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard, are sweeter” ―John Keats

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Cook A Sweet Potato Day!

On this day in history: 1878 – In Utica, New York, Frank Woolworth opens the first of many five-and-dime Woolworth stores.

Tip of the Day

Handy tips and tricks for using TV trays while RVing

By Gail Marsh
You may remember the metal or wood folding trays from your childhood. You may still have them, but I’ll bet you’d never guess the many ways for using TV trays while RVing.

Brief history

No one knows for sure who invented the first folding TV tray, but historians claim to know why. It’s right there in the tray name: TV. Yes, by the mid-1950s folks were enamored with television. In 1952, the first advertisement for the ingenious, folding, mini table debuted on (you guessed it) television! It was touted as the perfect place to put snacks and a drink while watching TV.

Then, just two years later, in 1954, Swanson & Sons introduced an all-in-one frozen meal. Each meal was packaged on an aluminum picnic-like tray, with separate places for meat, potatoes, and veggies. All homemakers needed to do was remove the outer packaging and bake the meal in the oven. Afterward, family members could take their supper to the living room and watch TV as they ate. TV dinners were a smashing success! And the folding TV tray became a necessity for many American households across the country.

Continue reading; these ideas are great!

 CONTEST!  Is this your RV?

Win a $25 Amazon gift certificate if today’s RV photo shows your rig
Every day we post a photo of an RV either submitted by its owner or by our editors and writers as they move about the country.

Click here to see if your RV made it into today’s issue.

Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook.” 

Nightmare Dometic refrigerator journey!

Dear Dave,
The refrigerator on propane mode will, all at the same time, shut off flame, click motherboard and check light comes on beeping continuously. When on auto, the refrigerator will beep and motherboard clicks. —Steve, 2022 Jayco 22RB

Read more of this saga and Dave’s answers

In the RV Shop with Dustin

Prevent buyer’s remorse: The importance of getting an RV buyer inspection

A Facebook group member recently shared their buyer’s remorse. They shared their experience purchasing a brand-new trailer in November 2022. Approximately 6-7 weeks later, the owner found that the undercarriage was significantly “rusted like the Titanic….” As they described, “Anything that can rust is rusted: screws, bolts, nuts, brackets, slides, springs, wheels, axles, etc.” This member stressed the importance of getting an RV buyer inspection prior to taking the unit into possession, whether it’s brand-new or used.

Continue reading

Live today: RV repair and maintenance advice

Dave, Dustin and Zach answer your questions about RV repair and maintenance

Dave, Dustin and Zach answer questions from viewers about RV repair and maintenance in this one-hour program from 4-5 p.m. PST time (7-8 in the East). Ask questions or just sit back, relax and soak up all the helpful information from these RVing experts. You will learn soooooooo much!

Watch and ask questions hereRV Travel on YouTube • RV Travel on Facebook • California RV Specialists on YouTube • RV Travel on Linkedin

Video of the day

10 camper hacks and tips for you to try

By Cheri Sicard
The team from HGTV Handmade has compiled a quick little video of camper hacks and RV tips. You are definitely going to want to try some of these.

There’s no dialogue, just a quick run-through showing these camper hacks in action.

Click here to watch

For Lovers Only…

From: MSB
“40 years later and every day I think to myself, ‘I’m so happy we found each other.’ You are the love of my life. I love everything about you. You are the kindest person I know, are always helping others, a wonderful wife, mom, and grandmother. We Love Around the World and Back Again.”

To: Stinky
From: Dumb Daddy D.
“For over 56 years, Stinky, you have made my life anything but Stinky. Wonderful and rewarding are better descriptors. I love you. Let’s go camping!”

[Note from Diane: Love that nickname. My dad didn’t like my mom’s name, Frances, so he gave her the choice of being called “Stinky” or “Butchie.” Then he lovingly called her Butchie for the next 60 years.]

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, we’ll continue this feature throughout the month since we got so many submissions. No more new submissions will be accepted, though.

Wrinkles are much more than lines. They tell the story of adventures I am glad to have had

By Nanci Dixon
When I look directly into the mirror lately, I am startled by the person staring back at me. She looks familiar but nothing like the me I remember. She’s wrinkled, lined and sagging. When the heck did that happen? … Find out what Nanci said after her husband asked her if she would like to get a facelift, and why she responded the way she did, here.

Reader poll

How important is it that your RV is available to you in an emergency?

Tell us here

This is the #1 best-selling… well, we won’t tell you the category, but you’ll probably want it (and you’ll also want to go to all these places!).

Helpful resources


Did you buy a lemon RV? Here’s more about RV lemons and lawyers who will represent you if you need help.

Quick Tip

Make sure your pet is comfortable when traveling

Introducing Rover or Fluffy to RV travel? Make sure they have a comfortable bed for traveling. If you’re headed for cold or damp country with an older pet, consider springing for a heated pet bed. Whatever you choose, let your pal get used to it at home before traveling.

On this day last year…

Don’t take a break on your brakes!
Every RVer needs one of these!
Wonder what it would be like to have your brakes go out while you’re going down a long, steep grade? You might find out if your brake fluid is moisture-contaminated. Water in brake fluid boils and can wipe out your braking ability! Buy yourself a brake-fluid tester for about $10 that warns you if there’s too much water in your fluid. Simply dip the tester into your rig’s brake fluid and you’ll be able to see where you stand. Learn more or order.

Website of the day

YouTube: RV Emergency Preparedness
If, like in today’s poll, it’s important that your RV is available to you in an emergency, check out these pages (and pages and pages) of YouTube videos. They’ll help you make sure your RV is ready for anything!

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Recipe of the Day

Sweet Potato Banana Bread

by Teresa Jacobson from New Orleans, LA

This quick bread is a twist on plain banana bread that’s full of flavor. Nuts add a nice crunch. This recipe uses bananas and mashed sweet potatoes which make the bread extremely moist and tender. The bread is not overly sweet so the glaze on top adds sweetness to the bread. Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Click here for the recipe


Did you know that leafcutter ants don’t actually eat the leaves? Instead, the leaves are food for the ant’s extensive underground fungus system. For tens of millions of years, leafcutter ants have tended these fungus farms, which provide nutrients for the ant larvae in the colony. This fungus is so important to the colony that when a new queen sets out to form a brand new colony, she takes a starter fungus (in a tiny pocket within her mouth) with her to start seeding a new colony. Amazing!

*What’s the most popular town name in the U.S. and how many towns are there named that? Guess, then see if you’re right by checking yesterday’s trivia

Readers’ Pets of the Day

“Eevee and Lexi are Collie/Red Heeler cross and Blue Heeler pup. Couldn’t ask for better companions. They are settled down for the ride after a long morning hike.” —Beverly Chaba

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

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Photo credit: @dognamedstella, Instagram

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1 month ago

Today is Margarita Day, not sweet potato day (yuck).

27 days ago
Reply to  Cecilia


Lil John
1 month ago

When did you take pictures of my dog?

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Lil John

Oh, he didn’t “notify” you that strangers were out in your backyard taking pictures of him? Oops! And we were wondering why he got so excited all of a sudden. Musta been the potato chip you dropped! 😆 Have a great day, Lil John. 😀 –Diane at

1 month ago
Reply to  Diane McGovern

Couldn’t have been more timely. We just got a new puppy. Yep, training and training and will we finally secede? Last time I swore it would be the last time.

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  KellyR

Congratulations on the new puppy, Kelly! I’m wondering if you’re going to “secede” or maybe “succeed”? You may just “secede” (withdraw) if you don’t succeed in training him/her. 😆 But you’ll have fun with your new companion, I’m sure! Enjoy! 😀 –Diane at

1 month ago
Reply to  Diane McGovern

Ha! I try very hard to check my spelling and meanings. It looks as though I screwed up and I ended up with a play on words anyway. I’m better than I thought. I’m not Norm Crosby yet, but working on it. Darn editors won’t even give a dyslectic guy a break. lol

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  KellyR

Just gotta give you a hard time, Kelly, since your autocorrect very rarely gets one past you. I figure it was probably the puppy’s fault for distracting you. But I’ll give you a gold star because I think that’s the first time in 10 years that I’ve seen that word in our comments, or even in one of our newsletters or posts, for that matter. But since I don’t know how to insert a gold star in here, you’ll just have to imagine it. 😉 Have a good night. 😀 –Diane, the darn editor 😆

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Is the newsletter targeted at those 55 years of age and older a new newsletter? When do you anticipate it beginning? I think that I signed up for it twice, but have not seen it yet. Thank you!

Charlie Sullivan
1 month ago
Reply to  Neal Davis


Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Same newsletter, Neal. The majority of our audience is 55 or better, so we’re just letting them know that we’re keeping them in mind. Have a great day! 😀 –Diane (“55+21” 😆 ) at

Jim & Deanne
1 month ago

I grew up in Oneida NY. We had a Woolworth store and they had a lunch counter. They had balloons with prices inside. We would pop a balloon and whatever number was inside is what we would pay for a banana split. It was never more than the menu price and sometimes it was free. Oh how we enjoyed a banana split no matter what we paid.

Sandi Pearson
1 month ago
Reply to  Jim & Deanne

Remember those too! You are right…a banana split was something special! Nothing beat sitting at the lunch counter at Wollies with a friend…like being all grown up! A joy today’s kids will never know! Thanks for the memory.

Deborah Johnson
1 month ago
Reply to  Sandi Pearson

Woolworths was one of the only stores in my town in Florida in the 1950s that had air conditioning. It had a picture of a penguin in the window. I loved spinning around on the counter stools.

1 month ago

Today’s thought — “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard, are sweeter” ―John Keats

If he hadn’t heard the melody how would he know it was sweeter? 😉

Jim & Deanne
1 month ago
Reply to  volnavy007

Silence is pretty sweet

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago
Reply to  volnavy007

My exact same thought, volnavy007.

1 month ago
Reply to  volnavy007

Read the great poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn” here:

1 month ago

On day in history, my husband grew up near Utica, few miles away., and knows the story. They had several Woolworth stores in Central NY, another one use to be in Norwich, NY, our family knew who ran it, tho I think I’d only been in it once when I was real young.

1 month ago
Reply to  Brenda

I was a manager for Woolworths in Florida for 14 years.

Jesse Crouse
1 month ago

#4 pic is the permanent state of Jack Russell Terriers

1 month ago

Just curious. Who checked the new queen ant’s mouth and found the fungus?

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago
Reply to  Dan

Probably someone who applied for (and received) a $500,000 government grant to study the habits of ants.

1 month ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

And I blew it all on booze and broads!

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago
Reply to  Les

🙂 🙂 🙂

1 month ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

LOL 😅🤣

Gary W Mayberry
1 month ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Probably more like 5 million dollar grant!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Dan

It’s the same guy who checked the comments section for troll bait.

T. Hudson
1 month ago
Reply to  Bill


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