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RV Daily Tips. Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Issue 2098
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Today’s thought

“To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter… to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring – these are some of the rewards of the simple life.”—John Burroughs

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!

On this day in history: 1955 – The polio vaccine, developed by Dr. Jonas Salk, is declared safe and effective.

Tip of the Day

Taking RV inventory: Does everything in our RV need to stay?

By Nanci Dixon
Each year before our summer travels begin, we start the process of taking RV inventory. We find ourselves asking, “What do we really need?” and “What don’t we need anymore?” We are snowbirds that have been pretty much in one spot all winter, so now it’s time to put stuff away, organize and decide what should go into the dumpster (or Goodwill) and what we really, really need.

With the cost of gas, it is a good time to take inventory, pack the RV, and dump the extra weight.

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Every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday we post a photo of an RV either submitted by its owner or by our editors and writers as they move about the country.

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Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook.” 

Does using ice cubes to unclog an RV’s black tank really work?

In this 3-minute video, technical advisor Dave Solberg discusses whether using ice cubes to clean and unclog level sensors in an RV’s black tank really works. You hear it often—empty your RV’s sewer (black) tank, add some water, then drop in a bunch of ice cubes. Then drive around so they bang against the sides of the tank, unclogging them and helping your level gauges function again. Does this really work or is this just a bit of advice that is passed along but never tested? Dave explains.

Click here

In the RV Shop with Dustin

Using the Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks

California RV Specialists offers sales of all the Andersen 5th wheel and RV stabilization products. Using the trailer jack block under your jack(s) means your jack doesn’t need to extend down as far, saving on wear and tear over time. Because the jack doesn’t need to extend fully, there’s less stress on it from movement. It’s a win-win.

Learn more

Video of the day

The top 5 best Florida springs with campgrounds

By Cheri Sicard
The team from CampTravelExplore is counting down their top 5 springs in Florida that have a campground attached!

The team says these crystal-clear springs are some of the Sunshine State’s finest attractions and should be on the bucket list of any RVer visiting.

Even if you don’t have a Florida trip planned, the extraordinarily beautiful eye candy in this video might have you rethinking your plans.

Click here to watch

Turn your RV into a coffee shop or log cabin—smooth jazz, crackling fire and all

By Emily Woodbury
I recently came across these incredible “ambiance” videos (is that what I should call them?) on YouTube and thought I’d share them with you. I have to admit, I left the first one, “Snow Night on Window at Coffee Shop,” on in another browser window while I was working, and it really sorta kinda felt like I was there! Not bad! … Check these out.

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Helpful resources


Did you buy a lemon RV? Here’s more about RV lemons and lawyers who will represent you if you need help.

Cannibalism is wrong! And, some important advice: Never eat a relative. As this illustrates, it could happen by mistake. See how.

Quick Tip

Keep bugs from sticking so hard to your rig

Bugs sticking to the front of your rig making you buggy? Get ’em off easily. Apply plenty of wax to the front of your rig when doing your “spiff and clean” routines. Some RVers swear by dampening dryer softener sheets with water, then wiping the front end down with the sheet – bugs practically jump off with a quick wipe down later.

On this day last year…

Website of the day

The 21 Best Grilled Cheeses in America
Since it’s National Grilled Cheese day, we figured we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t share this list with you. Get ready to drool! (This list was last updated in 2019, so before going make sure the place is still open!)

Popular articles you may have missed at

Recipe of the Day

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

by Rhonda E. from Juneau, AK

This grilled cheese is something you would expect at a fancy deli. The garlic mayo packs a punch of flavor and crisps the bread up beautifully. The Gouda melts wonderfully and it pairs perfectly with the salty bacon, spinach, and softened onion. Every bite is a gooey bit of flavor!

Click here for the recipe


Half an hour southwest of Austin, Texas, the quaint town of Kyle has earned the nickname the “Pie Capital of Texas” for its popular restaurant, the Texas Pie Company. The owner’s popular family recipes range from savory pot pies and chicken tetrazzini casserole to sweets like peanut butter mousse, lemon chess, chocolate fudge, coconut cream, Almond Joy, and pecan pie bars.

*The only predator that routinely preys on skunks is the….? We told you yesterday!

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Up camping Bruno (German Shepherd) is rousting me so he can go swimming” —Bill St Jeor


Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Sunday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

A “cool tool” indeed: The Magnetizer/Demagnetizer
This gadget, recommended by Dave Solberg and Dustin Simpson, instantly magnetizes or demagnetizes steel tools and other small parts. You can convert any tool blade to a magnetic retriever of things like screws, nuts, and metallic particles. No batteries or electricity required. Never lose a screw again! Read more about it here, or buy one for yourself here.

Leave here with a laugh

Reader George O. sent this in and wrote, “Just thought you would appreciate this example of an RV dealer’s ‘discount’. Since sales are now in somewhat of a downturn, dealers are going all out to entice new buyers, or insinuating the buying public is very gullible.” Too funny! Thanks for sending, George!

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1 month ago

An old motorcycling trick to clean bugs off a helmet face-shield and windscreen is to spray the mess with Pledge furniture spray wax and wipe clean. Works great, the bugs just wipe right off, and the film of wax left on the face-shield and windscreen makes rain bead up and slide off without streaking when you’re riding in wet conditions, too. I used to carry a small spray can of the stuff and a rag in my tank bag whenever I was on a road trip, whether I was expecting good weather (and bugs) or rain, and took care of any messes whenever I stopped for gas.

Last edited 1 month ago by Cal20Sailor
1 month ago

Today’s laugh easily covered and made up for the mosquito trap with a little change left over ($2).

Neal Davis
1 month ago

I dislike bug parts stuck to our RV. I do as suggested — wax early and often — and more. That is, to try to avoid the bug parts coalescing with the front cap (by leaving them for days on end), I clean it and the windshield after each travel day and then reapply wax. I use Wash Wax All, so the “wax” is not as robust as paste wax, but I anticipate frequent application offsets that shortcoming. I find using a Swiffer handle and pad with a Swiffer wet sheet removes the bug parts from my windshield very well, eliminating the need of a ladder.

1 month ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Great tip on using the swiffer, thanks.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

I am greatly amused by today’s funny. If my math is correct, a $2 discount on a price of $100,240 is a 2 one-thousandths of a percent reduction. I’ll pass. 😎

Last edited 1 month ago by Neal Davis
1 month ago

Bruno is one very handsome pup! Let’s go swimming is a grand idea. Bruno is making sure you’re cool and healthy! Good Boy!!!

Don H
1 month ago

Hey guys,
I’ve been a faithful reader for years. Note that I said “reader”. I enjoy READING your articles and have learned things from you despite the fact that I’ve been “camping”, now RV’ing, for many decades. But I do NOT enjoy watching YouTube Videos. Invariably, it takes several times as long for a video to transfer a bit of information as it does to read about it. And I’ve got plenty of other things on my plate to spend that time on. More and more of your “articles” are just intro’s to videos. So I’m scrolling right on by more and more info that I might find useful.
PLEASE – cut the videos and get back to being a newsletter…

1 month ago
Reply to  Don H


1 month ago
Reply to  Dave

I do the same.

1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

Same here, Don. 95 out of 100 times I just skip past videos. I can read and my wife can have the TV on. I can’t be playing videos with sound. If I want to watch a video, a You Tube search is but a click away.

Kermit Burns
1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

Me, too

1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

Ditto. Well said.

1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

x3. I find that I can read and find pertinent info far faster than possible watching a video. I always search for a transcript – if none, I move along!

Last edited 1 month ago by BoinLV
1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

Or include a transcript of the video, there are tools that can do that fairly easily.

1 month ago
Reply to  Snayte

Spot on.

Diane Mc
1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

Oh…I thought maybe it was just me. I rarely watch videos on anything. If it is over 2 or 3 minutes, 99% sure won’t be watching. Lots of fluff in many of the videos instead of getting to the point. Like others…I’m a reader. It’s silent😊.

1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

I totally agree!

Mary Beth
1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

I want to put in a vote for keeping the videos coming, since, often, a picture is worth a thousand words. So…a demonstration might be worth even more than a thousand! I’m not interested in every one of the video topics, but I find the ones offered up to us are sifted out from the glut of information on YouTube and present us with valuable information. I appreciate all the ways RVTravel reaches each of us (and our learning styles) with helpful topics.

1 month ago
Reply to  Mary Beth

I’m with you on this Mary Beth. If you don’t want to watch them don’t click on them. I only watch about 5%-10% of them and only when it is a topic, or sometimes a recipe, that interests me. At least we get a choice if there is a link.

Tony Grigg
1 month ago
Reply to  Cancelproof

I save some of videos by emailing them to myself. Then I watch them when time and opportunity allow. Keep ’em, please. 😉

1 month ago
Reply to  Tony Grigg

Agree – this is a great way to refresh the memory in the future. Keep the video’s. Just one suggestion – add the time required to the initial description.

1 month ago
Reply to  DW/ND

Just glad that we all agree that some do and some don’t. I too forward them if I’m not able to watch at the time. I will be adding a running time to them, good idea.

1 month ago
Reply to  Mary Beth

I also vote for keeping the videos, if you don’t want to watch them that’s your choice.

Bill Byerly
1 month ago
Reply to  Mary Beth

I totally agree. Watch what you want and skip over those you don’t.

1 month ago
Reply to  Don H


1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

I’m an old codger that has been drug into this electronic world to where I am reading this MAGAZINE on a computer! Some people watch sports on TV so they can see more of the game. People that GO to the game sit there and watch the game on the huge video screen. Even though there are hymnals in each pew, they still drop a huge screen from the ceiling so I can sing the hymn by watching the bouncing ball. Many RVs have many TVs, even outside. I will bet some people go to the Grand Canyon and sit in the RV and watch it on videos. GET USED TO IT. LIFE HAS BECOME A VIDEO. Even going “camping” cannot get you away from it. For me Heaven will have real wild flowers and Hades will be wall to wall videos, but I am still living HERE. Just tear the video page out of the magazine and read on. I don’t go the the Opera – I prefer Tractor Pulls. It is nice to have choices. Heck, the Nightly News is now just videos. I finished reading this newsletter so I will go watch some TV until the next RVT news

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  KellyR

Good points, Kelly! BTW, I would much prefer a tractor pull to an opera, also! 👍 Have a good evening/night. 😀 –Diane at

1 month ago
Reply to  Diane McGovern

The one nice thing about electronic magazines is that I don’t have to wait until the next month to hear back from my “Letter to the Editor”. lol

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  KellyR

At least, not when I’m paying attention. 😂 Take care, Kelly. 😀 –Diane

Bob M
1 month ago
Reply to  Don H

The only videos I watch is videos of new RV’s. Josh the RV nerd and Corrin at Thompson RV. Especially if they don’t have ads.

1 month ago

RE: Quick Tip. Who’d a thunk it? Wax helps keep the bugs off’n yer rig.

Bob p
1 month ago
Reply to  Dan

Next tip will be rubbing lard on the front will make bug removal easy. Lol just difficult to see.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

“Leave here with a laugh” really IS funny. I saw a post showing a restaurant somewhere that had a sign out front that said something like “Buy one burger for the price of two and get one free.”

Jesse Crouse
1 month ago

$2 off the inflated-jacked up- price. Who could resist that “deal”?

Bob p
1 month ago
Reply to  Jesse Crouse

That’s a better deal than car dealers who add $20,000 to the MSRP for a new truck.

Bob p
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

The worst part is the people who are stupid enough to pay it.

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