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Full-Time RVer Newsletter #48, February 1, 2023

Volume 2. Issue 48
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Quote of the day

“I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.” —J. B. Priestley

These are the top states for full-time RVers

By Nanci Dixon
About one million Americans live in their RVs full-time. That’s a lot of people! But where exactly do these RVers “live”? Below are the top states that are popular with RVers who live full-time in their RVs.

First, there are a variety of things to consider when looking at a state to full-time in.

Full-time RVing: Factors to consider

  • Availability of RV-friendly campsites or RV parks
  • Proximity to attractions and amenities
  • Climate when planning to stay year-round or seasonally
  • Cost of living
  • State income and sales tax (more on that here)
  • Will you be a snowbird and stay temporarily or will you live in the state full-time?

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If so, here is some of what you missed…


Some of these articles are from past issues of and have been updated for this newsletter. 

Video: Would you be able to travel across the country without road signs?

Road signs are taken for granted these days. But they tell us what city is approaching, what gas stations are off the next exit, and where to switch highways to get to that world’s largest potato. This video explores the invention of the road sign and why they are the color and shape that they are today. Fascinating!

Warm up your RV with a window insulation kit

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
When my feet hit the deck one morning in the old RV, I knew something was decidedly wrong. Even with a bit of neuropathy, my sensors indicated that it was one COLD Arizona morning. The recording thermometer confirmed it: 24 degrees in Quartzsite. Yes, folks, it does sometimes get a wee bit on the chilly side, even in “RV nirvana.” Part of the chill factor is that old problem of “single-glazed” RV windows. What can you do if you have too much cold coming through the glass? Find out here.

Dump station etiquette – How long is “too long” when others are waiting?

By Dave Helgeson
Someone recently asked, “How long is too long when others are waiting behind you at the dump station?” This caused me to ponder an appropriate answer. Read what RVers had to say plus tips on dumping and how to find dump stations.

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Quick tip

Brighten your taillights

Taillights can get dim from dirty contacts. Make sure there’s no power to the taillights, then pull the bulbs. Use steel wool to clean bulb contacts and base; do the same for the contacts and base of the taillight fixture.

The Frugal RVer: A shrewd way you may be eligible for “free” tires

By Randall Brink
A while ago we began this “Frugal RVer” column with hopes of teaching you some tricks to saving money while RVing. In the first part of this series we focused on saving money on food, fuel and firewood. Today, we’ll look at a way to get “free” tires for your RV. Find out how here.

This quiz guesses where you’re from depending on what you call certain items

Decades ago, Harvard University’s linguistics professor, Bert Vaux, designed a language survey for English-speaking folks. Vaux wanted to see if the words and phrases people use in their everyday language could help identify where they lived. Turns out, there are many, many regional words and phrases that are unique to specific areas of the United States. Learn more about this, and then take the fun attached quiz, here.

Prospecting: A fun and profitable hobby for RVers

By Randall Brink
If ever there was an activity suited to the RV lifestyle, it is prospecting for valuable minerals. Whether it is strictly a hobby, an avocation to generate some extra income, or a significant mining effort to fill the motor coach treasury, the prospector is rewarded with time outdoors in a wild setting, exercise and, with perseverance and luck, valuable minerals with high monetary value. Read more about how to get started prospecting.

Where should you camp next? Find out!
This 50-state guide will show you the best campgrounds across the U.S. It gives you a regional, state-by-state breakdown of amazing outdoor accommodations, from campground to RV resorts. It also breaks campsites down by your personality and desired amenities. Now that’s cool! It also highlights regional cuisine, attractions and activities. Learn more or order.

Your assignment

What advice would give an aspiring full-time RVer?

From the editors: We asked our readers this question. Here is one response: 

“We attended courses called ‘Life on Wheels’ and the first thing we were told was ‘you must be best friends with your spouse and be sure both are willing to share the duties.'” —John Knoll

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Featured recipe

Chicken Tikka Masala

by Georgane Vann from Clifton, TX

We were pleasantly surprised by this flavorful chicken tikka masala. It’s not traditional, but quite tasty. The seasonings on the chicken breasts are not overly spicy. The sauce is savory and creamy thanks to the coconut cream. Serve over steamed rice and with Naan bread for a quick weeknight meal.

Click here for the recipe

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At last! A directory of where to camp on public lands!
The Bureau of Land Management Camping book describes 1,273 camping areas managed by the BLM in 14 Western states. Details for each camping area include the number of campsites, amenities, facilities, fees, reservation information, GPS coordinates, and more. You’ll want this book if you camp or are interested in camping on BLM land. Learn more or order.


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1 month ago

Depends on what you mean by RV. A pop up? That was over 15 years ago. Our first travel trailer was over 7 years ago. So for us our first travel trailer was I believe 2016. Had a lot of issues with pop ups. Nothing so far with our last two travel trailers. Going back to a jayco this summer if the loan goes thru. I do love the jayco.

Roger B
1 month ago

Please update that quick tip. You should not use steel wool on the sockets unless you have a good way to remove all the tiny bits left in the socket. They can cause a short or worse. A small bit of steel wool across a electric circuit can actually start a fire, I’ve done it with a 9volt battery because I didn’t believe it when I first read about it.

1 month ago
Reply to  Roger B

Agree, use scotch brite and then clean with contact cleaner.

1 month ago

I took the linguistic quiz and boy was it WRONG!! Said I was from New Jersey but I’m Texan born and bred!

Ron L
1 month ago

I bought my first rv back in 1973…it was a 72 17′ Golden Falcon travel trailer and pulled it with my 73 bob-tailed Bronco. Wife and three daughters camped in that little trailer for several years.

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