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Great RV Accessories Newsletter – Issue 12


EDITED BY Tony Barthel

Lessons from friends

I recently got to spend time with friends Jason and Abby Epperson from RV Miles, who gave me a terrific idea. They had taken their three boys to the mountains for an evening picnic and found few others sharing the space.

This makes me think of all the great gadgets I have that we’ve looked at in the past that would be useful in a picnic adventure like that. Included in those are the Alpicool cooler, the Dometic potable water jug, the Duxtop induction cooktop and the Jackery 1500 portable power station. This combination of goodies makes the perfect situation for a tailgate picnic with a hot meal and cold drinks.

It also reminds me of George Carlin’s “A Place for My Stuff” routine where you have your RV full of big stuff, then a second portable kitchen of less big stuff. But it’s all about the adventure, right?

The inside of the AirSkirts inflatable coolerKeeping your cool

I was privy to an advanced version of Airskirts’ new inflatable cooler. Before you think of this as a pool toy, think again. Airskirts products tend to be very well made and the cooler has at least one game-changing feature that has lofted it to a status of favorite in my book.

Airskirts inflatable cooler

A Classic Desert Water BagAn oldie but a goodie

When it comes to preparing for a camping trip or managing the boondocking necessities, water is always a major concern. Nothing will ruin a boondocking experience faster than the realization that you are running out of drinkable water. So Randall Brink reached into the past and found that the canvas water bag is still a thing.

Canvas water bag

Speaking of canvas…

I don’t think there are any RVs out there that remain just as they were as they rolled off the assembly line. Storage, in particular, is a big area we all focus on, and Kate Doherty has a story about canvas wall-hanging storage that is inexpensive and easy to implement.

More storage in RVs

Other stuff we’re liking

The BEST caulking gun

One of the surprises many RVers have, particularly new RVers, is how frequently manufacturers suggest that we check the seals on our RVs. In fact, there are some recommendations they be checked as frequently as once a month. RV repair shop owner Dustin Simpson has this recommendation on a tool they use at his shop for reapplying all that caulk you’ll need on your RV adventure.

Best caulking tool

The easiest shoes you’ll ever put on. Seriously.

Shoes that you don’t have to tie, Velcro, or anything else of the sort to put on? Not only that, but you don’t have to bend over to put them on either! Count us in! Emily Woodbury has walked 244 miles in these shoes so far and says they’re a keeper. They’re perfect for on-the-go people, as well as older people, or people who maybe have a physical ailment where it’s hard to put on a regular pair of shoes. Trust her, these are great.

Learn more about Kizik shoes

In the RV kitchen

Rethinking salad spinners

I think a salad spinner is something many of us are familiar with and, with the precious nature of RV storage, perhaps you hadn’t thought of bringing one in your RV. But Gail Marsh might change your mind with these seven alternative uses for a salad spinner.

7 alternative uses for a salad spinner

One of the questions I see over and over involves making coffee while boondocking. We haven’t used an electric coffee maker in our own RV for many years, so I thought I’d share this article again… as I enjoy a cup of coffee made by this handy gadget.

Coffee while boondocking – little water required

If you must have a drip coffee maker, I did take a look at one a while back that uses no electricity. Interesting indeed.

No power drip coffee maker

And then some…

Is a cardboard tube a gadget? It is in my book, and it’s free—which makes it an even better gadget in many ways. Gail Marsh has a whole article on alternative uses for cardboard tubes which give the ol’ tube a bit more life and use.

10 uses for cardboard tubes

I know we all understand that toothpaste can be a great way to keep those chompers that help us with all that wonderful food on the road. But Gail also has 18 other ways toothpaste can be useful to us RVers.

18 uses for toothpaste for RVers

The Book Nook

I can’t believe I haven’t shared these with you in the past, but I really enjoyed reading all ten books in the Frannie Shoemaker series from Karen Musser Nortman.

Karen is also an RVer like the rest of us. Her books focus on Frannie Shoemaker, who camps with her family, one of whom is a retired peace officer. Of course, when Frannie goes camping, bad things happen and therein lies the basis for these books.

It came in the mail

From potable water to spare fuel, RotopaX is a convenient way to carry liquids outside a vehicle. However, many owners prefer to not drill holes to permanently install a mount—especially if it’s a daily drive. The new SeaSucker RotopaX Tank Holder offers the perfect solution. It secures up to a three-gallon model on the vehicle exterior, and mounts and removes quickly without leaving marks.

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