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Great RV Accessories Newsletter – Issue 7

rv travel logoI’ve been getting a lot of new toys, uh, gadgets lately and so this newsletter has been particularly fun to put together. As I am about to embark on a trip from Cali to Indiana, much of which will be by way of boondocking, I’ve been focusing on gadgets that will help with that adventure. 

What kind of gadgets are your favorites? I’d love to hear from you on anything particular that you’d like to learn more about.

Or do you have a hack or idea that you’d like to share? While so much of the space on the internet is full of anger for some reason (probably not enough camping), we have established a terrific forum where you can ask questions and share ideas. You can find the Gadget-specific forum here. I hope to hear from you.

And thank you for your time in reading this. Oh, and most important of all, happy camping!

EDITED BY Tony Barthel

Power to the people

Testing the Go Power! DuraLite solar suitcase

I have been using a lot of energy lately on boondocking, and something I haven’t shared is one of the ways I’ve been getting the power to do all this newfangled consumption. That’s the subject of our first review, which focuses on the Go Power! DuraLite-100 solar suitcase.

I’ve been testing this system with the main 100-watt panel and a second 100-watt panel for a while now, and finally feel the energy 😄 to share the story.

Go Power! DuraLite-100 Solar Suitcase Review

Boondocking and Grub

Let’s face it—I love boondocking and I love to eat, so I got a number of things that facilitate that combination of RV travel. I’ve also looked at some devices previously to this end, so I’ll re-share those with you. Do you have a favorite boondocking gadget that results in food?

The Boondocking Blender. This has already elicited some responses from you and, as I suspected, the feedback is polarized. And I recognize that you will be using a bit more water if you’re making smoothies and spending time off the grid. But here’s a battery-powered blender that has proven to be a great gadget thus far.

Boondocking Blender

Boondocking is all about using as few resources as possible to accomplish as much as possible. But my wife actually took this Duxtop Induction Cooktop on a camping trip, as in tent camping, and loved it.

Induction Cooktop

I am the first to admit that I fully understand the limited power and water we have while boondocking. But I will also share that I’ve been a bit less constrained when using electrical stuff lately because I’m enjoying my own Jackery portable power station the more I use it. Heck, I used it to charge my new electric bikes!

Jackery portable power station

But it seems that our own Mike Sokol, too, is on a power kick and talks about his use of a “solar generator power station.”

Solar Generator Power Station uses with Mike Sokol

Since I mentioned using more water than some boondockers, I’m totally on board with having a “water bandit.” No, no, this isn’t a sneaky camper. It’s really a must-have gadget. Seriously.

Why you need a water bandit

And since I’m using lots of power already, why not add to that by including a fridge in the mix? Actually, the fridge in question is the Alpicool CF-55 portable 12-volt cooler. I really like the functionality of this gadget, but the whole ownership experience could use some heating up.

Alpicool CF-55 cooler review

Not quite gadgets, but…

Once again Gail Marsh has some great ideas and, if you don’t know, she is a full-time RVer, so that makes sense. One of these ideas is to carry business cards with you, even if you’re not seeking employment. Wanna know why?

Why you should carry business cards

This is another of those gadgets that really crosses the line between turning a vehicle into an RV and just being something cool to add to your collection of gadgets. I’m blathering on about the PullKitchen Longitude, a kitchen you can attach to just about any truck and even some vans and SUVs to turn them into RVs.

Check out the PullKitchen Longitude

Reining in the toilet king

Last month’s Gadget Gazette (hey, I like that term!) had two reviews of toilets. While some of you held your collective noses, others were flushed with information. Yep, bad pun. But we also heard from SylvanSport, who makes both nifty trailers and camping gadgets. They asked us to give their Privy Bivy a try. The Privy Bivy is a tent for your toilet or other camping privacy needs. My wife came to the rescue, and here is her review.

Privy Bivy Review

Step in the right direction

An oldie but a goodie. I was looking at a Nash 18FM travel trailer that didn’t have those Solid Steps that are so popular nowadays. I had mentioned not liking those for a variety of reasons. Instead, I like the traditional RV step but made better with this gadget, the Lippert Solid Stance Step Stabilizer Kit.

Lippert Solid Stance Step Stabilizer

Keep your RVGPS tracker

RV thefts are nothing to laugh at and I’d strongly encourage you to check your insurance to make sure it’s current. RV values have gone through the roof and I had my own insurance claim not too long ago where the company didn’t cover the entire present value of the RV.

Russ and Tiña De Maris did an article about installing a GPS tracker in your RV, and I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I interviewed an insurance company for this podcast episode. Every RVer should have this information, frankly. And Russ and Tiña also have some great info to share about GPS trackers.

Why you need a GPS tracker for your RV

The Book Nook

I was recently listening to an older episode of Living the RV Dream with John and Kathy Huggins and was reminded of their book, So You Want To Be An RVer? And enjoy the RV lifestyle? (Revised) Here’s the link. It’s worth checking out.

It came in the mail…

Yummy protein- and flavor-packed tuna salads perfect for on-the-go RVers

If you’re looking for an easy, delicious, high-protein snack or meal, look no further than these Wild Planet tuna salads. This was one yummy package that we were glad to get in the mail! Read more about them here. You’re going to get hungry!

These COOL treats are for good boys and girls only!

A delicious-smelling, totally drool-worthy package arrived from Cooper’s Treats. Well, it was delicious-smelling and drool-worthy for my dog, at least. Continue reading (and make your dog jealous!).

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So you’re telling me…

There are more nifty gadgets than time to play with them all. But Lippert has been on a tear recently with all sorts of great gadgets. I’m intrigued by Lippert’s new Odyssey Portable Grill, which uses batteries to fan the flames of a charcoal fire. We’ll do a full review in the future, but this is a nifty-looking device and shows that Lippert is getting more and more into the world of gadgets for us RVers.

Lippert Odyssey Grill

Another gadget I didn’t get to try but I thought was worth writing about was the portable dishwasher called Bob. This actually could serve us RVers, depending on the RV. If nothing else, it’s cute. And it does dishes.

Bob the portable dishwasher

Lastly, for those of you who still have old-fashioned flooded batteries, perhaps this gadget will help maintain water levels in them. A Pro-Fill™ Onboard Battery Watering System from Flow-Rite can help make routine maintenance fast and easy. This manifold and battery fill port valve assembly enables filling all cells to the ideal level simultaneously, without contortions by the user.

Here’s a video about this nifty gadget. 


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8 months ago

I had a claim on the car a few months back and they asked me if the price of the trailer was still the same. I told them yes because what we added to it was worth replacing. We have progressive and I have kept the same amount for the trailer for as long as we have had it. Would like something so we can get a new one or used or similar. It is small but worth keeping. Might want to review your policy or shop around. Progressive has more bang for the buck as I always say. Not leaving any time soon.

8 months ago

I use a battery fill system similar to the Flow-Rite for many many years. What I have found over the years is that it works great with one exception. My system uses individual caps with a float to show the electrolyte level, over time the float tends to stick due to scum building up on the float and plastic rod. Once or twice a year I remove all of the floats and clean them off with distilled water and an old tooth brush and they then work great. I’m not sure what Flow-Rite uses to keep the proper level in the battery without over filling so I would use caution with anything using some sort of float.

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