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Dick Hawkey
2 years ago

As a member and avid reader of your newsletter, I applaud you for keeping all these important issues in the forefront of every RV’er. As big as the RV industry is, it’s hard to believe how bad the consumer is treated. Coming from the auto industry, we had to make sure the customer was happy because we needed their future business, not so in the RV business. The RV industry needs better consumer protection laws( lemon laws), better warranty protection, better prep, more technicians, more service centers and a better watch dog.
As far as consumers going extended terms for their purchases, I put most of the blame on them. Most people care about one thing, and that’s how low my payment is and not thinking about the long term effects. Unfortunately, the RV dealers make it way too easy for them.
I do have a suggestion for your electric parks, why not use all the abandoned malls across America. A good way to repurpose these properties.

Carl Garrod
2 years ago

We have a 2018 Ford e450 Thor Quantum RQ29 and we want to remove and install new seat belts in cab. We are having a hard time finding tutorials, anyone who has done this, a Ford dealer who would do it for us (contacted 4 now), the dealership says they won’t, and even a company who does about any other job, won’t help with removal and installation. So we will do it ourselves but finding exact specs on what to buy, how to remove and install on our 2018 is near impossible. Any tips, links, facts, helps – anything – this shouldn’t be that hard.

2 years ago

I would like to hear the “pros and cons” of a FMCA membership. I’m leaning towards FMCA but not sure what to do. I, presently, am a “Good Sam” card holder but I do not use the benefits other than the fuel discount at Flying J and Pilot. My other option is not belong to any “club” and have no benefits. Thanks for the thoughts in advance.

Jerry X Shea
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim

Hi Jim, we have been RVing for 12 years (8 years as 12 months a year fulltimers). We love FMCA. Have attended many national and regional Rallies. They are not “biased rallies” with only a Camping Word view, all kinds of “after market” items that just may enhance your RV experience. Great workshops on everything you need to know, or should know about RVing. Attend a regional rally in your states and check it out. Jerry X

John Crawford
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim

I have been a member of FMCA for one year and see no benefit at all. Everything I have seen so far you have to pay something additional to get.

Curtis King
2 years ago

This is the only place I found to comment on the GS poll earlier in the newsletter…….My wife and I are full time for seven years now in a large diesel pusher, so have utilized the RV Plus card for Pilot and Flying J fill ups as we travel enjoying the 8 cents off the pump price…….but have also avoided any CW facilities for any service work due to nationwide bad service, nor would I ever consider buying an RV from them due to crooked sales and financing schemes throughout their system. I am also a serious Trump fan and after Marcus L’s comments last year about Trump supporters are not welcome in his universe, I systematically started cutting all ties with him…….until a few months after my GS membership lapsed and I tried to fill up with diesel to learn of my RVPlus card was also inactive……really a hassle to try to diesel up on my Discover card…….it took several trips in and out of the pay line to get it all done. So…….with a grimace, I renewed my GS membership until I can find another convenient corporate card to buy diesel……that’s why I answered “other” on the poll! Semper Fi!

Ray Zimmermann
2 years ago
Reply to  Curtis King

Curtis, thanks for posting about your experience with your RVPlus Card after you let your GS membership elapse. I was hoping now that I have the card (and have had it for several years), I could do away with GS. Your answer is not the one I wanted, but at least I know. To me the RVPlus Card is the only worthwhile benefit. I can’t believe other truck stop chains haven’t started offering their own charge cards for RVers.

Floyd Beatty
2 years ago
Reply to  Ray Zimmermann

Ray, have you checked Pilot/Flying J prices against others in each local area? My experience, in the past 2 years I can frequently find $0,30 to $0.40 cheaper diesel elsewhere. I still use only high-volume stations to avoid old fuel.

2 years ago

I’d like to read about your solo travelers. Seem everyone is a couple that write in.


Sherry Dawson
2 years ago
Reply to  Sandy

Hi, Sandy. I’m a solo traveler and love it. I’m hoping to go full time this fall. I recommend you join one or more Facebook groups for people traveling solo. I haven’t found one that includes men, but I belong to these three women-only groups where I find friendship, support, laughter, and advice:

Women RVing Solo (Gals with Grit!):

Women Who RV:

Fabulous RVing Women:

I belong to all three as you get difference discussions and tips from each. Say hello if you join.

Ken Baier
2 years ago

Hi Chuck – I am a voluntary subscriber and did not receive the note and video sent out the other night.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ken Baier


2 years ago

Any updates on the Stray Voltage Patrol? When we find a bad pedestal, who do we report it to besides the campground?

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
2 years ago
Reply to  mike

Mike, contact Mike Sokol at . He will have an email out soon with more details about what’s going on.