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We were camping this past weekend with our son, his wife and some friends. We were discussing how long we’ve all been subscribed to RVtravel. Is there any way to find out when got our first issue?

Dennis R

Why is it that we used to have Forest Fires but in the last couple of years they have become Wildfires? Seems to me like everything is being embellished by the media, this publication included, to put the rear of god into the population at large. Does Money enter into this equation anywhere? Just asking………

Mike Griffin

Chuck, I keep seeing you refer to the Hershey as the largest RV show in the country. Actually, it’s not. The Tampa RV Supershow has more acreage, more RVs, more vendors and more attendees. I understand that the Hershey Show has used that tag line for quite a while, but it’s really no longer accurate.

In 2016 (latest figures available) Hershey had 57,600 in attendance compared to Tampa’s 70,500 (in 2017). Hershey has over 21 acres of RVs, Tampa is over 26 acres. Hershey has 243 vendors (not RV sales), Tampa has 450. For 2017, Hershey claimed it would have “more than 1,300 RVs”, while Tampa had 1550.

Just want to set the record straight.


I can’t figure out how to sign in to the new Forum! Duh! It tells me I must be logged in to post. How do I log in? Thanks.

marty chambers

Have you guys read about the RV Tech who put out pictures of how a “RV tech” at Camping World put a screw into the roof of a Casita TT from the inside?

He used some old screw right through the roof! I am attempting to send a copy of the picture because it is just unbelievable that this is the work they do a CW!

If you want a copy of this picture send me an e-mail I can send it to.

Chuck Dunn

I have a few financial and a few personal accounts that need a password. It is easier to get into them than into your forum. I Can’t say it is not worth the effort but I just quit Trying. Who would want to write for me anyway?


Tried to join your forum but it takes a “medium” password. Tried numbers, @#$&, caps… etc and couldn’t get past “weak”. So we lost interest.

Glen Scofield

Am I the only one who is concerned that the “save money, save propane, heat with the campground’s electricity” advertisement is a supremely bad idea? If I were the manager of a campground, one of the first things on my list would be to increase the cost of camping to cover for the folks who are seriously gullible enough to buy that yarn. Anyway, I don’t think that propane is all that expensive that the increase in camping fees is worth the risk.

Dale Watkins

Chuck. We too are concerned about growing no vacancies at the rv Parks. Me thinks nothing will change without government involvement and I hate that. RV parks are in the business of making money. I suspect most will never change as long as cash flows whether from short or long term rents. My suggestion.
1. If owners would limit stays to say 90 days then a move is required even if within the park. No more rotting tires or weed growing underneath. Or
2. Government requires a move say every 5 months or they have to start paying property taxes.
That should get the pot stirred.
What think ye?


Regarding surge protectors: Some of RVTravel newsletter readers have van campers, so we need a surge protector for the 20 amp outlet. I have thoroughly searched the internet for such an item and can’t find one. What do we do to protect our smaller RVs?

Michael J West

in your article “STRAY VOLTAGE PATROL” you cite a website “RV Power Outlet” as a place to find good systems. That link doesn’t work at all.

Fred Peters

I noticed in this issue above, the offer of a 10% discount to join Harvest Hosts. When attempting to join the enrollment asked for a discount code. Can you let us know what that code is? Thanks


Chuck, believe it or not I just had time to read last weeks issue. When someone doesn’t like the truth, they call it whining. I call it speaking up to be heard. What’s the famous saying,(the squeaky wheel gets the oil). I read your newsletter because I want to KNOW. I want to know the best extended warrantys out there, the best cleaners, mouse repellants, power pole protection and so on. This is achieved through investigation as well as readers sharing their good and bad stories. I work in the auto industry and see the crap they build. It’s frustrating. But these days people are happy with just complaining to family and friends about their issues. Please keep being the voice for the ones that have not been lucky enough to get(a good one). And keep informing us of the good and bad products out there. Happy motoring. Steve