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David Hagen

A few years ago, in Kansas, my weather radio alarm went off. It announced tornadoes is so-and-so county. How is a traveler supposed to know what county he is camped in?

james Renze

I been waiting to see when you would not have a negative report on Marcus or Camping world. So far I believe at least 40 weeks .

Ron Schmitz

Last week I decided to donate to rvtravel.com, for 1st time this yr. Not much, but a little. This is 1st week in 3 yrs I did not get rvtravel weekly emailed to me. What happened?


As for the perfect storm? Read the book Hurricane of 1938. My library after I got a kindle from my daughter told me to download the app Hoopla. It will log you into your library with your library card and you can read any book. So I went onto their site and added it to my favorites. The book intrigue me because it is a what if book. 700 people died from this storm because it came without warning. Katherine Hephburn was among those who rode out this storm and lived. This book and a few others are now on my list of to reads this summer. Just a heads up when thinking about the what if storms.


I recently decided to try Sling television. I really do not want to deal with cable and a dish when I go full time RV. I did the 7 day trial and realized that if the campsites have internet you can watch television without added weight. I cancelled it because I am not sure I am ready to cut the cord at home. But will definitely use this when I finally go full time RV. I liked what I saw. Its all app and it is a subsidiary of Dish.


I read an article about sealing your cabinets to the RV floor with silicone caulk before I bought my Jayco in 2014, so that’s one of the first things I did after buying it. One day I went to the campground showers on a cloudy day. When I came out it was pouring rain like a waterfall. I had left my front door open as usual, and the area just inside was covered with water. No water made it under the cabinets or fridge due to the silicone caulk. There was no damage.

D. Dello

None of the links worked today.


Regarding the glow tape, nice function but tape looks kludgey IMO… a few years back I bought glowing paint at a hobby store, and carefully applied to switch plates, it looks clean. It didn’t glow long/bright enough as sold, so I added extra glow powder to it and redid the plates – PERFECT now. I did locator “blobs” on a friends RV last month and shot a video if folks are interested in that method. Thicker media glows almost “forever.”

John Hiler

Your site is slipping away into sales-pitch land with little content, much junk-push.


I would like to recommend the Facebook group “Where’d You Stay.” The group is dedicated to giving honest and timely reviews of various campgrounds with a few boondocking sites included. Also, when there is a traffic alert on a major road, someone usually gives up-to-the-minute updates. Recently you mentioned the possibility of starting a ‘big rig friendly’ group. I would be interested in that.


Lots of 503 errors this morning.

DJ Napora

I am going to seal the bottoms on some of my cabinets to the floor, primarily in the bathroom, so the shower and sink doesn’t cause future issues. But certainly will NOT use that white silicone that the video advises. I will probably use clear, if the grey or brown colored products don’t match well.