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RV Daily Tips. Monday, August 21, 2023

Issue 2191
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Today’s thought

“Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.” ―Emma Donoghue

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Potato Day!

On this day in history: 1888 – The first successful adding machine in the United States is patented by William Seward Burroughs.

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Tip of the Day

Did you know that wheel chocks expire? They do!

By Gail Marsh
Wait! What?! Wheel chocks expire? That’s news to me, and I’m not an RV newbie. We’ve been enjoying the RV life for several years! How do you know if the chocks that currently help hold your rig in place are degraded or (gasp!) already expired?

It all happened accidentally. As per our usual routine when leaving a campground, I waited for my husband to back our rig up (just a bit) to allow me access to the wheel chocks. As soon as the fifth wheel’s tires backed off our chock, I quickly grabbed it. Then I hurried around to the opposite side of the rig to repeat my actions.

I jumped into the truck, tossed the wheel chocks into the back seat, and we were on our way. Only later, with the seemingly endless road stretching before us, I turned to look in the back seat. I wanted to find and read the book I’d packed along for the trip.

The sun shone through the truck’s window at just the right angle, I guess, because I noticed something printed on the side of a wheel chock. Curious, I picked up the chock to take a closer look. “REPLACE AFTER” were the words that intrigued me.

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Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook.” 

I just bought a used RV. There’s no water in it, so do I need to winterize it?

Dear Dave, 
I just bought this RV and haven’t used it yet. There’s no water to the units. Do I need to add RV antifreeze since it’s still dry, so to speak? Thanks. —Michael, 2005 Kountry Star

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RV Reviews

Sneak preview: 2024 Ember RV Touring Edition 29MRS— A flat 5er with attention to detail

By Tony Barthel
Today’s RV review is of the Ember Touring Edition 29MRS. This is a new floor plan for the company and one that I would describe as a flat fifth wheel. Sort of. In many ways this floor plan resembles what you might find in a fifth wheel but, instead, is a travel trailer.

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In the RV shop with Dustin

Cleaning RV clearance lights. How dirty are yours?

Today I’m going to talk about some summertime cleanup regarding clearance lights. Each year we see a lot of hidden water damage in these lights. For this example, let’s look at your clearance light lenses, bases, and sealants.

Most RVers end up having to repair, replace or caulk around their RV clearance lights when they begin to stop working, are missing a lens, or showing signs of leaks.

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Video of the day

Full-time RVers pick the 12 BEST RV camping spots in the U.S.

By Cheri Sicard
After full-time RVing for the last five years, the team from Today is Someday is continually asked for the best RV camping spot recommendations. They produced the video below to share their 12 favorite spots to RV, at least so far. (I know the title says 11 best RV camping spots, but they include a bonus campground on the video to bring it to 12.)

The list encompasses a wide variety of RV experiences, so there is bound to be something for everyone on it.

Click here to watch

Here’s why St. Louis, Missouri, is the perfect RV family vacation

By Gail Marsh
I’m not a travel agent. I just recognize a good (make that great) thing when I see it. And St. Louis is great! It’s especially great this summer because we’ve decided to vacation closer to home. We’ll not only save on fuel prices by staying closer, but there’s so much to see and do in this wonderful city on the Mississippi River. Continue reading.

Reader poll

Have you ever been bitten by a tick that you had to remove from your body?

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Stop smoking! Stop biting your nails! Quit drinking all those sugary drinks! Quit nagging on your partner! What do all these things have in common? Well, here’s how to stop them(And seriously, check out those reviews. Wow!)

Quick Tip

Some things you might forget to oil

Steps—If you don’t oil these frequently, they will start sticking and not go all the way in or all the way out. Leveling jacks—These are expensive to replace, so crawl under your RV and spray all sides of the shiny cylinder at least once a month. Slide gears—If you don’t keep these oiled, they will stick or put a heavy load on your motor. Slide motors are expensive to replace. And, of course, grease the chassis when you change the oil. Handles on the storage bins. Entrance door latch and handle. Recliner—An occasional spray of silicone will keep it operating smoothly and quietly. Put a piece of cardboard under your recliner before you spray the silicone and leave it overnight so any excess oil won’t end up on your carpet. Even if you have tile or hardwood floors, it’s still a good idea to keep oil off of your floor. Driver’s seat and the co-pilot’s seat—including all of the cables and controls. I’m sure you will find other things that you can spray. Go for it. Yes, I carry WD-40 with me, but I normally don’t need it as long as I keep things moving freely in the first place by spraying everything regularly with silicone spray. And by spraying everything I don’t have to listen to squeaks either. From — RVing: Less Hassle—More Joy: Secrets of Having More Fun with Your RV—Even on a Limited Budget  Available on Amazon.

Website of the day

Want to go on a boat but don’t own one? This is the site for you! GetMyBoat lets you rent boats across the U.S. Have fun and be safe!

Recipe of the Day

Healthy Chicken Tacos

by Sena Wilson from Lake Jackson, TX

This guilt-free taco is yummy! The avocado salad is fresh and creamy. Tomatoes add a pop of sweetness. Lemon pepper seasoning really adds a lovely citrus flavor to the salad and chicken – it’s a must. We loved lightly frying the tortillas. It adds a crisp texture to the tacos that pairs with the creamy filling. Add your favorite toppings and you have a tasty, healthy weeknight meal.

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Next time you pass a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on the road, think about a blue whale’s heart. Their hearts are about as big as that motorcycle, measuring on average 5 x 4 x 5 feet. Their hearts weigh about 400 pounds.

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Buster is a long-haired Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix. He Loves to travel, but we are parked for a while now.” —Ada Tolar

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Sunday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

RVing with Dogs group on Facebook. You’ll love it.

Attach items in your RV without using nails
This new, super-strong double-sided adhesive tape will hang most objects in your RV without using nails. Works on wood, metal, plastic, aluminum or glass surfaces — indoors and outdoors. Use EZlifego tape to keep carpets in place. And it’s easy to remove and use again later. Highly rated. Learn more or order.

Leave here with a laugh

Nothing like not using a chopping board as a chopping board!

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1 month ago

I guess that is the biggest question. When is a chopping block not a chopping block? As for a jack russel Chihuahua? OMG you have your hands full. The jack russell has energy until age 10 before it slows down and the chihuahua? attitudes r us. I have several mixes and yeah all of them give me attitude.

1 month ago

Made in China…. enough said.

1 month ago

Looks like Buster is waiting for his friends to walk by so he can toot the horn.

Bob White
1 month ago

Saint Louis is a great place for family activities, downtown has the city museum, wow what a fantastic experience for all ages, and many other activities to enjoy.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Thank you, Emily!

Bill Braniff
1 month ago

My personal thoughts only. St Louis MO would never be my spot for camping at any times. It is a very high crime rate area.

1 month ago

On todays Quick Tip, there is some misinformation on oiling slide gears & leveling jacks! Before doing any oiling, lubing check your owners manual for the recommended procedure!

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

Today’s laugh is PERFECT! Right up there with warnings on peanut butter that it contains peanuts.

1 month ago

Chinese junk.

Bill Sempon
1 month ago

I agree with the item above about keeping certain things lubricated. I disagree with the wording used to describe the lubricant to use. The words “grease” and “oil” must be used cautiously. Someone will now use grease to do a job that a dry silicone lube is made for. Grease and oil will attract road dirt, resulting in jamming the mechanisms of the equipment mentioned. Please note this next time, and recommend the proper lube, not just “grease” and “oil.”

1 month ago

The wooden ‘chopping’ board is why we only use acrylic cutting boards. They go into the dishwasher to sanitize them.

Jesse Crouse
1 month ago

Do I get my money back if I return it un-used or re-gift it to someone I don’t like?

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