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January 9, 2021

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Editor’s Corner

with Chuck Woodbury

Like most of you, I am sad about the violence at our nation’s capitol on Wednesday. But, no, I am more than sad. I am disgusted. It’s now noon Friday. I have been so upset by what happened that I have been unable to write until now.

I spent virtually all day Wednesday watching and reading the news. And I know many of you did, too, as traffic at was half of normal. It picked up a little on Thursday, but was still way down.

The terrible incident was the result of an ongoing campaign of misinformation, gladly promoted by news media and in social media because it attracted big audiences and lots of dollars.

Those of you who know how the media works today understands that the easiest way to make money is to be controversial. “Fair and Balanced” is a joke: few online media outlets, right or left, even try to be unbiased anymore because it’s far easier to make tons of money by lying, bending the truth or exaggerating.

I can tell you, with my above-average writing skills, if I were unethical, I could triple my income by sensationalizing what we publish on this website. It would be so easy! I’d just rag on Marcus Lemonis over and over about his business practices – that always attracts big traffic!

When we go back through our traffic statistics, the topics where we stuck our necks out drew ten times the views (views = $$$) of tamer topics. Before the Internet, the slogan “If it bleeds it leads” was the mantra of many news outlets, especially local television. “Good News” stories were always shown at the end of the program.

We recently introduced a feature in our Sunday newsletter called “Good News.” And guess how popular it is? It’s not! Nobody wants to read good news. We post it anyway. If I wanted to make big money I wouldn’t mess with “good news.” I’d just make up an article with this headline: “Rat bites woman as she sits on her RV’s toilet.”


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Today’s RV review…

Today, industry insider Tony Barthel reviews the new 2021 Little Guy MyPod Travel Trailer. He writes, “The MyPod is a solid answer to folks who have very small vehicles but still want a trailer they can easily tow. How small a vehicle are we talkin’? The MyPod can actually be towed by some touring bikes and many trikes. Throw in things like the Prius or Mini Cooper and you’ve got a very, very towable machine.” Read more and take a tour.

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Clintoons • By Clint Norrell

He bought an RV with $20,000 worth of damage. His warning to you…

By Randall Brink
I couldn’t have been happier on the day I took delivery of my Foretravel Grand Villa U300. I had done a lot of research and had decided on a Foretravel for its legendary quality and build. The Grand Villa had everything that a Class A RV owner could want and more (who really needs two ice makers?). I was also fortunate enough to find a Grand Villa within 100 miles of my home – another big plus. … I was soon to realize the danger in failing to look at all facets of an RV brand’s history. Read more.

crowded campgroundsCampground Crowding: Which state has highest cancellation fees?

More people than ever are taking up RVing. The result is campground crowding like never before. In this weekly blog, RV Travel readers discuss their experiences. This week our readers weighed in on when campsites are booked but no one shows up – how frustrating! We also compare park cancellation fees across several states (Yikes!), share some advice to snag a site, and then end on a positive note from Eric R. Read it all here.

New coast-to-coast trail lets you bike or walk across the U.S.

Forget RVing across the country – what about biking or walking cross-country? If that sounds like something you’d want to do, you’re in luck. The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy began working on the Great American Rail-Trail™ in 2019. Once completed, the trail will stretch more than 3,700 miles from Washington, D.C. to the state of Washington. Now that’s one way to sightsee! Continue reading.

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Reader Poll

Would you buy an RV made in China if the quality was equal to one made in the USA, but priced significantly less?

Please let us know. After you click your response, you’ll see how others have responded. Feel free to leave a comment. CLICK HERE.

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Are all RV ovens created equal? Do you use yours?

By Tony Barthel
We recently posted a question on our RV Advice Facebook Group. I asked, “Some of you have been reading my RV reviews over on RV Travel, and one of the things I’ve kvetched about are the small 17″ ovens in so many RVs. But I wonder – if you do have an RV with this small oven, do you use it at all and what do you use it for?” Your responses to the questions were enlightening so I thought I’d share. Continue reading for what our readers said, including some great tips.

What is it? “World’s longest truck camper” or Class C motorhome?

We stumbled upon this photo. There was no explanation of what it is, where it is, or anything else. So we’ll ask you a couple of questions: Do you know anything about this RV? If so, please tell us by leaving a comment. And how would you classify it? Check this out then vote in our poll below the post.

Is this your RV?

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In this past week two readers claimed their $25 gift card: Karen K. of Richfield, MN, and Frank H. of California.

We’ll have another photo in tomorrow’s newsletter (sign up to receive an email alert so you don’t miss the issue or those that follow). Some of these photos are submitted by readers while others were taken by our editors and writers on their travels around the USA.

Cars to flat tow: Buick Encore GX AWD review

Last week Nanci Dixon wrote that she was still looking for a tow car to “wow!” her. If you’ve been following along, you know her requirements and what she’s looking for. This week, she decided to take a look at the Buick Encore GX AWD. Read her in-depth review here.

Wacky mailboxes

We’ve got another installment of mailbox photos that our readers spotted in their travels. Wow! How do people come up with these? If you’re ready to laugh a little, and/or simply be impressed at the creativity of these mailboxes, then you need to click here.

Fruity fact or fiction: $20 bill with a banana sticker

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Critics both outside and inside the United States have plenty to say about the country. Recently, more than one disparager has described the U.S. as “acting like a banana republic.” Could it be due to a genuine U.S. $20 bill with a banana sticker that came out of a Texas U.S. Treasury printing plant? Sound like one of those great internet fakes? Nope, it actually happened – and it’s proved to send “bill collectors” bananas. (Any numismatists reading this?) Read more.

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George Foreman grillThe Prize: George Foreman Grill

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Brain Teaser

Fill in the middle word. This word should correspond with the first and last word.

1) Street _____ Jack
2) Bird _____ Bed
3) Shopping _____ Lady
4) Orange _____ Stump
5) Stamp _____ Lock
6) Wet _____ Fill
7) Air _____ Pad
8) Pocket _____ Keeper
9) Life _____ Company
10) Wish _____ Fragment

(Answers in tomorrow’s Sunday newsletter.)


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RV Clubs
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What does financing an RV for 20 years REALLY mean?
In case you missed this article the first time around, here it is again. Important! Click here.

Stuck with a lemon RV? Contact Ron Burdge, America’s premier RV lemon law attorney.

Curt Better Weigh digital scale reviewRV Gadgets and Gizmos

Nifty device tells you if your RV is dangerously overweight

The CURT BetterWeigh™ is a device that hooks to your vehicle’s OBD II port and reads a combination of factors to deliver readings on vehicle weight, tongue weight, pin weight, payload and weight distribution. It appears to use sensors in the device itself to measure the vehicle’s angle (how much the springs deflect when you hook up your trailer) and combines that with information from the vehicle’s computer to achieve other measurements. All of this is delivered via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet via a proprietary app. Learn more.

Featured video

John Lennon’s RV gift to his son, Julian

In 1967, the Beatles’ John Lennon gave his 4-year-old son, Julian, a caravan (the British word for travel trailer). This is hardly a typical RV, and you have to wonder why Lennon would give something like this to his small child. Too bad this video is not in color.

RV Electricity

What is a GFCI nuisance trip?

Dear Readers,
I’ve been posting a number of short articles on my RVelectricity Facebook Group about GFCI “nuisance” tripping when your RV’s shore power cord is plugged into a 20-amp outlet at your house. And one astute reader asked the most basic of questions: “What is a nuisance trip?” Of course, there are all kinds of possible jokes about using myself as an example of what a nuisance really is, but it is a real thing in GFCI circuits. Read more.

Last call – Mike needs your assistance
If you didn’t already answer the poll regarding “Have you ever plugged your RV shore power cord into a GFCI outlet and had it nuisance trip?” would you please vote now. Mike is gathering information for a research project he’s working on (possible correlation between the GFCI and potential hot-skin condition) aimed at RVers’ safety. The poll is included in the above post. Thank you!

This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session:

Don’t let your connections corrode

Dear Readers,
I’ve received a number of emails and Facebook comments this week about 30-amp RV extension cord plugs overheating and melting. Now, these particular failures aren’t where the shore power cordset is plugged into the pedestal or the RV itself. These meltdowns seem to occur where a 25-ft. extension cord is plugged into the RV’s shore power cordset. And, yes, many times it’s the connector that’s laying on the ground. Continue reading.

Sign up for Mike’s popular and informative RVelectricity group on Facebook.

RV Tire Safety

Can a “sealant” to prevent flat tires cause problems?

By Roger Marble
I just read a tale of woe about from a motorhome owner who appears to have been sold a tire sealant that caused nothing but problems. Names have been changed to protect the “innocent.” Read what the problems were, and please let us know if you’ve encountered similar problems with your tires.

RV Short Stop

‘Ma’ Rainey House & Blues Museum
Columbus, Georgia

With the recent premiere of the film “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” the legendary blues singer Ma Rainey is introduced to a new generation. Often referred to as the “Mother of the Blues,” she was a musical revolutionary, incorporating various styles of blues, jazz, and her own personal flair. Continue reading about this exceptional woman.

Check back here next week for the latest regarding Building an RV Park. You won’t believe Machelle James’ terrible news! (Good thing she’s a self-proclaimed “Warrior.”)

Reader letter

Dear editor,
If I go to a dealer and order my new 5th wheel, do I lose my bargaining power? —Rick M.

Dear Rick,
I guess if you sign on the dotted line that you will accept the RV, then I think yes, you would lose some bargaining power. My advice, though, is to never buy an RV sight-unseen. For many buyers who do it, things work out. For others it can have ugly consequences. So are you a gambler? My advice is talk to a lawyer before signing any paperwork if you’ll be buying sight-unseen. —Chuck Woodbury, editor

RV Fire Safety

An emergency fire plan that can save your life – Part 7 of 13

Having a solid fire escape plan may help you replace panic with logical, life-saving actions if a fire occurs. Knowing exactly what to do and doing it quickly can make a big difference in an emergency situation.

For your fire drill, start by rolling out of bed and crawling low on the floor where the air is clearer. Proceed immediately to your pre-determined safe meeting place and make sure no one is missing. If you are worried about a pet, know your animal’s instinct will be to escape the fire. Although it may seem callous to think through how you’d react if your pet were trapped inside your burning coach, make a decision now whether your pet’s life is worth risking your own.

Courtesy: Mac “The Fire Guy” McCoy

Museum of the Week

Centers for Disease Control Museum

Atlanta, Georgia

If you want to visit the CDC in Atlanta, GA, you might as well visit their museum, at their headquarters, as well. Fun fact: The CDC is headquartered in Atlanta because their original job, in 1946, was to fight malaria. Atlanta had a terrible malaria problem at the time, so that’s where they placed their headquarters. The CDC’s museum isn’t exactly one of the most pleasant museums – you’ll learn about every outbreak and public health horror that has happened throughout the last several decades. However, it sure is fascinating. It’s currently closed due to COVID, but as soon as it opens again, we suggest you check it out. In the meantime, they have online exhibitions for you to enjoy.

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“This is Tinker Belle. She loves to sit on the dash of the motorhome and see the highway sites. Sometimes we refer to her as ‘Stinker Belle’ as she permeates the atmosphere.” —David Ozanne

Pets featured in this past week’s RV Daily Tips:
• Monday: Masie Tuesday: Oscar & Sadie Wednesday: Jack & Bailey • Thursday: Chico • Friday: An anonymous cigar-smokin’ Shih Tzu


Hungry for a sandwich? You’re not the only one! About 49 percent of American adults eat a sandwich every day.

Laugh of the Week

Have you ever seen the 2006 comedy “RV”? There’s one scene in it that is utterly disgusting, but laugh-out-loud hilarious. We hope this never happens to any of you! Watch the short clip here.

Leave with a song from the past

This song from Tennessee Ernie Ford was a huge hit back in 1955. Enjoy “Sixteen Tons.”

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Gary Stone
2 years ago

I was very upset about the US Capitol break in and loss of life. I have been equally upset over the nonstop rioting, looting, murders, burning of businesses and occupations of public property in our major cities, mine included, over the past 6 months, give or take. The constant blame game that goes on between our elected officials and media talking heads is deplorable. How petty we so-called adults have become. Our household has virtually stopped listening to radio talk shows and watching all network and cable news programs. We watch a little local TV in the morning to catch up on weather and local happenings. It has had a remarkably calming effect. If you need a little calm in your life…and who doesn’t these days…wean yourself from media, left or right. Try it for 14 days. You can always go back, but give it a try. Peace.

Christine Burgess
2 years ago
Reply to  Gary Stone

I agree 100% with everything you said and well put. I also got off of Facebook in the summer. It was just getting to be too much. I watch a little local news and Jeopardy. My blood pressure is much better too!

2 years ago

Thank you for these newsletters and editorials, Chuck. I can tell you wrote today from the perspective of a patriot.

2 years ago

Please keep the Good News. I look forward to it.

2 years ago
Reply to  Pat

I do, too, Pat! I enjoy the Meet Our Readers feature, too.

2 years ago

What I saw in DC is the end result of what has been building for the past four years. Like most, I hated to see our Capitol desecrated. But I am unwilling to condemn what happened there and ignore the violence of the past four years. The Capitol intrusion was symbolic, not necessarily destructive. I am more angry at the likes of Antifa and BLM, who over the past four years has destroyed private property, disrupted travel, taken over cities, destroyed public property, harassed innocent people and even injured and killed. All with impunity. No push back by Democrat leaders, in fact Maxine Watters openly encouraged it. The MSM mostly ignored it and referred to them as ‘protestors’. These people who’s home, businesses other properties were destroyed, have no unlimited tax dollars to make repairs. Many lives were ruined. It took the FBI two days to find the DC people, yet no involvement with Antifa or BLM. Much must change to heal. We are Americans and we will survive.

2 years ago
Reply to  GeorgeB

5 people killed, George. Hardly “not necessarily destructive.”

2 years ago
Reply to  Phil

Yes Phil, I agree. I just learned that tonight, after I wrote this.

2 years ago
Reply to  GeorgeB

What I saw was treason and conspiracy to over throw government lead by a world leader. The same as some others around the world. What make them any different there than here. Because we’re Americans. Give me a break. Should be tried and convicted and stand punishment. We are so passive aggressive it’s not funny anymore. Look at the pictures/videos I would say white supremacy is alive and well and a threat to all of society.

2 years ago
Reply to  Skip

I assume you are referring to the Democrat Party, and yes, Antifa, BLM and those who did the same this week, should be punished. Unfortunately the DOJ, FBI and Democrat controlled communities, disagree with you, except for those who committed crimes at the Capitol. We are Americans and I’m proud of it. Sorry your not.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

I look forward to the Good News. We all need a little good news in our lives.

Gene Sannes
2 years ago

Your comment about the riot at our nation’s capital was right on, but, I suspect if BLM or Antifa were the culprits the media and many others would have treated the whole affair quite differently. The people that did the deeds, were not patriots, they were, I suspect, disgruntled people that the news and some politicians call deplorable. They didn’t subscribe to the left-wing dogma and probably feel the media and others have written them off.  

2 years ago
Reply to  Gene Sannes

They were a bunch of sore losers who believe the “big lie” about election fraud. They call themselves patriots and think they’re righting some gigantic wrong when it’s a gigantic conspiracy theory.

Last edited 2 years ago by chris
Virginia Reeves
2 years ago

I too enjoy the Good News segment, the cartoons, the jokes, the mind-benders, the flashbacks, and – of course – the useful information. Stick to your beliefs and post what you feel is right. Those who don’t like it have the right to their opinion and can move on. I choose to believe that the majority of people are decent. Naturally, we don’t make the news. That’s okay. We are the ones practicing courtesy and common sense.

Gary Broughton
2 years ago

Had a Fleetwood, Terry 5th wheel camper. It had a 2 year warranty and a good thing as it nickeled and dimed you. Really poor trailer. Had the black water tank fall out as I was getting ready to dump it. Had the slide needing help to come in and finally sat under it and stared to finally see that the roller wheels were not installed on one side. Had 2 springs break both on the road. Got them replaced with 3000# springs as broken ones were only 2525#. Although these springs were big enough for a 10000# trailer, they couldn’t with stand the pressure put on them when going over poor roads or hitting pot holes. Never bought another fleetwood.

Herb Zechman
2 years ago

The song of the day brought back memories of a talent contest in elementary school! Always liked Tennessee Ernie Ford Class performer! We shall see how long “honeymoon” with media lasts!!

2 years ago

This is a bit off topic. We just bought a 2017 Shadow Cruiser pull behind . Anyone have any opinions on these units?

Paul Holden
2 years ago

Hey Chuck, when you replaced your small oven with drawers, where did you find the right size drawers? Or were they made to fit?

2 years ago

All over the country most museums are closed.

Could we maybe limit the “Museum of the Week” to ones that are actually open?

Bill Perry
2 years ago

I enjoyed your editors corner this morning. I have deleted Fakebook, Twitter, mainstream, & sleeping much better now. Those of us who fought for this country, died, & love her, will never give her up to anarchy. Our country was founded on descent & war for our freedom. We survived & will come out of what is happening today even greater & stronger than ever. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can climb out of the hole we are in to see the light. Whatever the future holds for us please don’t fall prey to cancel culture. They do enough of that in China.

James Christian
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill Perry

i am of the same sentiment. I spent 20 years in the USMC and it is so disheartening to see what is happening. Our young have not learned anything from history. But even current stuff seems to allude them. All they need to do is to view What is happening in Hong Kong since the UK withdrew their presence. China has removed all their freedoms and has squashed them. That is what will happen here if we do not stop the power grab of those in government. We will end up like China or we will end up in never ending battles like the Middle East or all the “stan” countries. We must remove the evil of the land by again turning to the Lord and repenting.

Keith K
2 years ago

As a Viet Nam veteran, the “storming of the capital for democracy” statement used by the American terrorists reminds me of the statement “we had to burn the villages to save them”. No excuse. None. Never.

Les Hall
2 years ago

I agree, Bill and James. We need to keep fighting for our Christian beliefs and chastise or punish anyone that doesn’t follow our religion, just like when we came here 500 years ago and took this land from the heathens by killing and enslaving them to the point of extinction, and then bringing other heathens here from a completely different continent and enslaving them so that we could ultimately take advantage of the abundant resources of land and mineral to increase our personal wealth and create this great country, land of the free and home of the brave. I know in my heart the Lord is incredibly proud of us and no repenting is necessary.

2 years ago
Reply to  Les Hall

Les Hall. You sir, are a fool. I sense your dripping sarcasm. As an immigrant, a citizen and one who enlisted, I prefer to be part of this country than any other (where freedoms are limited to nil). Too many refuse to see that we are being torn apart by the legacy media & Silicon Valley (Along with half of the political class) because a “house divided will fall.” It’s time to see this and unite as one people and realize that there is nothing given for “free” without a steep repayment.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ike

What does the legacy media and silicon valley have to do with being torn apart? Those are messengers.

2 years ago
Reply to  chris

Chris, that’s what the Chinese media says too. Ike’s comments has to do with censorship by a major media platform of those whom they disagree. Conservative people are just frustrated by the one-sided control by the far left and in some cases, police actions.

2 years ago
Reply to  GeorgeB

I don’t know what ‘censorship’ you’re talking about.

2 years ago
Reply to  Les Hall


2 years ago
Reply to  Les Hall

That view of our history is incomplete, but certainly as viable as any other.

Montgomery Bonner
2 years ago

The pet owner in the picture of the dog on the dashboard should be cited. First the dog is a distraction to safe driving, second, if the vehicle is in an accident the dog is going to get hurt. It should be on the floor in a carrier, contained until the vehicle is stopped and at rest. You are stupid keeping the pet there. If I was a cop, you would get ticket for distracted driving. And no, I don’t hate pets, I hate stupid pet owners.

2 years ago

Someone is wound a little too tight Montgomery. The pet owner already knows everything you stated except that you think they are stupid. Personally I don’t like to see pets on the dash but your comment is a little harsh don’t you think?

2 years ago

I too am sad about the Capital riots, or take over. Your last paragraph is right on. We will have a President who is not an enemy to the news media. Keep up your good work Chuck and family.

2 years ago
Reply to  PAHS.

At least we’ll have a chance at some kind of peace and normalcy for 4 years.

2 years ago

Time to move on!

Sharon Boehmer
2 years ago

Thank you Tom Hart

Ron H.
2 years ago

Thanks for your well thought out and presented editorial. In today’s world, it would be nice go to a source that provides “just the facts”, if that’s what we want. But that would be boring, so we also look for fact-based informed opinions from people in the know. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know where today’s news is coming from, how complete or accurate it is, or if it’s entirely fake. The news media wields a lot of influence and it’s our own responsibility to check it out before acting on it.

2 years ago

Have I told you lately how much I love the songs you put on the Saturday site? 🙂 some of them are older than me but are priceless. Thanks for making my day!

2 years ago

I look forward to the “Good News” every Sunday! Keep up the good work!

Stay safe, Joe

2 years ago
Reply to  Joseph


Dave Chessman
2 years ago
Reply to  Joseph

Agree completely