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Great RV Accessories Newsletter #19

This edition we are going to focus on PROTECTION! Protecting you and yours, protecting your RV, and protecting your property. Because when you feel safe and secure you can relax and have fun. And when you don’t… well, let’s not take worry along on the camping trip! Read on!

Choosing the right RV fire extinguisher

When it comes to safety, and fire safety in particular, preparedness is vital. This is even more important in an RV where space is limited and escape routes are few. With their combination of living spaces, cooking facilities, and propane-powered appliances, RVs pose unique fire safety risks. One essential component of fire safety is having the proper fire extinguisher on hand. Learn how to choose the right fire extinguisher here.

More safety and security-enhancing gear and gadgets

Insect screens prevent wasp and beehives in the RV

insect screensIf you have lived or vacationed in the Deep South, at some point you’ve likely encountered some pretty wicked wasps and bees. It doesn’t take long for a scout wasp to find that protected crevice, exhaust vent, drain opening or closed bay in your RV to make a nest. Mesh covers like these will keep the invaders out, especially if you store your RV for months. Discover more about this invaluable gadget here.

Fight RV crime with a GPS tracker

GPS trackers prevent RV theft

Crooks want to steal your RV! The question is, if they do, how can you get it back? One way that can increase the odds of finding a stolen RV is by installing and using a GPS tracker. They’re inexpensive, service fees are relatively low, and nearly any “RV handyperson” can install one in just a few minutes. Learn more about GPS trackers for your RV.

A gadget that prevents catalytic converter thefts

cat strap prevents catalytic converter theftIf you haven’t heard, catalytic converter theft is a major problem on trucks and motorhomes. Replacing a catalytic converter can set you back about $2,300, sometimes even more. We want to introduce you to a product called the CatStrap™. It just might prevent your vehicle’s catalytic converter on your tow car, truck, SUV or RV from being stolen. Learn more about the CatStrap and how it works, and seriously consider getting one. It could save you time and money in the long run.

Other stuff we’re liking

These new portable solar panels are the cat’s meow!

E.FLEX Portable solar panels

E.FLEX portable solar panels are manufactured from advanced materials, allowing them to be more efficient, compact, and lighter weight than other portable solar panels. The folding design allows them to be stored just about anywhere. The manufacturer, Renogy, promotes them as a high-performance charging solution for the off-grid lifestyle. Learn more about E.FLEX solar panels here.

About Blue Ox tow bars, the tow bars of choice for RVers

Blue Ox has been in the towing business since 1925, built on a long tradition of family values and top-quality products. They are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and they are backed by a lifetime warranty. Check out more about Blue Ox tow bars.

This thing lasts for 10 YEARS! And you don’t have to do anything to it to maintain it! 10 whole years! It might even outlast your RV…

Honcho Poncho Down: Warmth and comfort on chilly nights

Honcho Poncho DownTherm-a-Rest, a company that specializes in sleeping mats, sleeping bags and other essentials aimed at keeping campers warm, had a hit with their original Honcho Poncho.  But their new Honcho Poncho Down is even better as it’s down-filled and will keep you warm on even the coldest nights. Learn more about this comfy campfire attire.

Prevent blisters with this easy gadget

Blister balm prevents blisters. Here, a woman is applying it to the back of her footHiking and walking long distances would be great if it weren’t for the blisters! If that’s been your excuse, you definitely need this! Gail Marsh absolutely loves that this is a product for blister prevention. Yes, you read that correctly! It prevents blisters! Doesn’t that sound a whole lot better than finding a great first-aid bandage after blisters have already formed?
Check it out here.

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The Book Nook

New guide to city and town campgrounds debuts

Camping in City and Town Parks cover

Among the least-publicized campgrounds are those in cities and small towns across America. In most cases, camping in city and town parks costs less than nearby private or other better-known public camping areas. In many cases, the overnight fee is $10 or less, with many sites still free. Some even include free or inexpensive utility hookups.

Now, Roundabout Publications along with The Ultimate Campgrounds Project have published a directory of these under-publicized parks. The first edition of its “Camping in America’s City & Town Parks” is now available. You’ll want to check out this great new guide.

Gadget Quick Takes

tiny kitchen gadgets

  • 5-in-1 tiny kitchen tool set: This is five tiny kitchen tools in one! How’s that for space saving? The tools include a veggie peeler, two graters, a pizza cutter, and a bottle opener.

electrical and hose storage bags

  • Electrical and hose storage bags: Keep your RV neat and organized with these three color-coded bags for fresh drinking water hoses, dirty/dark water/sewer hoses, and wires/cables. Plus, a convenient tool kit bag for small tools needed for water pipes and cables.

retractable portable clothesline

Funny yet practical gadget: Bigfoot wants to help!

Let Bigfoot help with the chores! This Sasquatch multi-tool contains 11 tools including a Phillips head screwdriver, butterfly wrench, ruler, bottle opener, can opener, and more!
Shop for the Bigfoot multi-tool here. (Remember this for the holidays—it would make a fun white elephant gift or a stocking stuffer!)

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1 month ago

The Bluetti solar system is THE BEST. Lots more power than Jackery and at a better price. Highly recommend

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago
Reply to  cate

It depends on the size for how much power. Both companies make them at various levels and both make quality products. As to price when I bought mine they were comparable, but then I got a great sale at Amazon.

1 month ago
Reply to  cate

Find that Jackery has a lot of false advertizing on their website, which really annoys me.
Their advertised charge times only apply with the largest set of solar panels (price going through the roof now), but shows even if you select the basic product with just one solar panel. Examples of how long you can run what type of appliance uses 1/2 the Wattage of what is common for such appliances.

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