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This is such a great newsletter! Thank you!

Don Driever

I have considered contributing to your cause but was wondering if there are any other differences between the two publications other than the advertisements being gone? An observation I have made is that it seems that you are one of the biggest advertisers with all of the several places where you are seemingly begging for donations. I have to say for me that is a big turnoff but is apparently working for you just like a child begging for a new whatzit over and over and over until they get their way. I have have been reading this for several years and have appreciated your efforts and have learned a lot from this news letter. I do find that sometimes I will read an article and when reaching the end of what I thought was an informational article, it sot of slithers into an advertisement, which for me erases anything that may have been good about it. I too read a lot of the adds intentionally and would appreciate the two types of writings be separate. Don Driever


If we were not so involved with saving animals, rescues and the humane society we would gladly attach our orders and have you recognized. But with animals suffering and puppy mills getting away with murder and inhumane torture we continue our vigil. Good luck everyone. Once puppy mills are abolished we will switch. But until then our march continues.


If this is the Add free issue..something didn’t work..


Chuck, i look forward to reading your newsletter for the past 10 years. The good ole’ days when you were selling books and reminiscing about family trips. Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow or drop off.



Rob Kidder

Thanks so much for the newsletter. We have been reading it for about four years. I myself have not made any monetary contributions. My better half pays $60 per year for the both of us. I don’t show up. That’s ok. I would like to let you know that I personally like the advertisements. You learn about unknown items that may make RV life more enjoyable. We have been full time for 6 years. It’s a great life.

would be most interesting but not found!

I have found the bottom line in your error: please delete the following because it is miss leading and sends me back to last Thursdays newsletter which is wrong.!
Did you miss last Thursday’s edition of RV Daily Tips? If so, read it here.
So get rid of this because last Thursday was last Thursday and that is the most current information that you sent. The information that I found was not in the previous Thursday but in the current Thursday dated nine March newsletter 887. So get rid of this above link And that should solve the problems of many people not phoning the current information. Regards Tommy Schmitt


I too, enjoy some of the ads. Especially when linked to topic. I am all for you earning a living and hopefully ad revenue helps you to put groceries on the table. The guest below needs to develops a sense of humor rather than wishing a ranger was retired.


Frankly, I’m OK with the advertising supported version of the newsletter. That’s how I found tire traker and a number of other RV related items over the years I’d otherwise not likely have known about or didn’t know I needed. My wife & I will continue our financial support by utilizing the Amazon link and maybe even an occasional advertiser if we see something we need or want. So, to all the staff, keep up the good work!

Perry Willard

Chuck, I just read you article about the newsletter issue. It said that if we shop Amazon, we support the newsletter. WELL that being the case I guess we are a founding member of your newsletter. (ha ha) My wife and I both shop Amazon daily and have for years. We are PRIME also. So my guess is you and your family of writers must not look for change under the couch cushions any more!!! HA HA .Thank you to you and all of your staff for the GREAT JOB you all do with this newsletter, we very much enjoy it . Thank you and many safe adventures. Perry & Linda Willard.

Karin S.

I was shocked to read that some readers who do not or have not paid anything to read the RVNewsletters remarked Chuck and his staff are greedy to ask for voluntary donations. Do they or would they work for free? I bet not. I might not learn something new from each newsletter, but I often find a nugget of information I’ve not known. I also like the many many suggestions of products via Amazon. I will mark the ones I want to learn more about on my “wish list” and research for myself about the item. One of the most helpful articles I find invalueable are the ones written by Mike Sokol. I’ve purchased his RV Electrical Safety book and that alone was worth my donation. I would not have learned abotu the exsistance of the book if it were not for this newsletter. The book was a game changer for me of understanding basic electricity and how to recognize unsafe conditions in the RV world. If you’ve not read it you should. The safety tips not only educate you, but you can “pay it forward” and tell your friends.

So, for the negative nellys who complain and call our RV staff greedy, go elsewhere. I for one, appriciate the newsletters and donating annually seems fair and just for what I gain.


There was nothing silly about asking how deep the bottomless pit in Carlsbad Caverns is. All pits on Earth have a bottom; otherwise one would have to go clear through the Earth to the other side.

Btw, that pit is 140′ deep. I’m thinking it’s a good thing that ranger is retired.


Capacity issues this morning 2/7 Saturday + 503 error. You are getting popular!

Bill T.

Hi Chuck. Thanks for keeping the free newsletter on Saturday mornings. Enjoyed the article on the history of the caravan. I especially like the article on work camping and health issues. Sam presented the article from a good realistic viewpoint. I have never work-camped, but it is easy to see how health issues can affect this type of work as we age.