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In Michigan lottery wins proceeds go to the schools. But yet where is the money going? not to the schools. Then there is the fuel tax. Where is the money going for that? Not for the roads. So where is the money going? In to the pockets of big corporate America and our elected officials. Time to put a 4 year limit on our government.

Pamela Watson

Unfortunately, the State of Utah has decided to table the creation of the Raptor RV park for this year. Maybe next year? We can only hope!

James Pollifrone

Hi; I have been a paid subscriber for a while but for some reason I haven’t been getting the daily or weekend issues of RV Travel news letters for about a week, and am wondering if I’m still on your subscriber list.


On the Overnight Stay at Cabela’s, I would like feedback on Cabela’s vs. Walmart. We are taking a 5 week trip to the Northwest late May til late June. A mix of reservations and some overnight, on the road, stays at Walmart. But I see from Cabela’s map, at least a couple nights could easily be changed to Cabela’s. So I wondered what folks thought.

Frank L Coleman

I need help we bought a 2019 Quantum class c the problem is we have a window that when you’re going down the road vibrate something terrible it is noisy annoying and unfixable they have replaced the window twice they have replaced the kranks I have it in writing that it is an engineering defect the engineering have been working on it over a year with no results I’m going back to the factory on the 20th of April to have it fixed (haha) and to have the linoleum replaced I need some help. thank you I can be reached at totempolecontrol@yahoo.com or my phone number is 918-471-8358 any constructive suggestions well be appreciated.


Fuel Taxes…

What EXACTLY do they spend the current money on? I would like to see a line item spreadsheet and I would like to know what roads are repaired annually.

At my last employer, we had to present a budget of what we wanted to accomplish each year and we had to account for what was actually accomplished.

When did we last see this from the Highway Dept.?

Susan Luckhurst

The power plug cap I bought didn’t fit my plug like is was suppose too. I wasted my money.


If the government (state—federal ) would use the gas tax money for the roads , and not for other things there would be enough !!!! All they do is move funds (taxes) to other areas. They rob Peter to pay Paul!!!!!

David Hagen

Re: Fuel taxes. Could it be that fuel mileage rules and electric cars have eroded tax income? Sounds like the government has shot itself in the foot.

Cheryl Bacon

Don’t be upset by the new additions at the North Texas Jellystone Park in Burleson, TX. The place is an old ranch and huge. It is a great place to go, especially for families. There is a lot to do and you get a lot of exercise walking from place to place. Of course being a Jellystone it is not 20.00 a night either.

Doug Stringer

Chuck. Thanks for your series on the RV State of the Union. My wife and I retired last year with the hopes of doing a free-spirited tour of the country in a new RV, but now feel gutted and filleted with the reality of the industry and lack of support infrastructure.
It’s not totally of your doing, but also researching the lives of many through YouTube and the mass media that have opened our eyes. The tourist industry is one of the biggest in the USA and the draw of foreign tourism has been on the rise for the past decade. This is great for our economy, but now even casual drives to a favorite destination and securing hotel or even dive motel reservations requires weeks or months of planning ahead. The scarcity of RV accommodations seems to be even worse for a greater initial capital outlay.
The economics of RV parks converting to the glamping model only makes sense as the owners have the one resource of tourist resorts–location! I guess that will be the wave of the near future.
Happy trails to you and your kind.

Doug and Gail

John Padgett

Where do I send the $410,000 for that poor guys bail. Thought I’d start your keave with a laugh early.😂

Ron Brooks

What no joke???