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margarita is so hard to find that isn’t so processed. Simple Truth is the only one that has no frills in it. Meaning it is what it is. No processed anything. Very tasty. Will try this one with either turkey or chicken. Sounds like a fun recipe. So read your ingredients before you buy.

David Stewart

Sorry to hear about your leak we had our first leak last fall in the corner of the rear closet. I used lap sealer around parts even though it looked ok. I went online and found a shop that did pressure testing for $300. They found the leak and fix it for $50.

Michael Haider

I have been getting the newsletter for many years. I just discovered I haven’t been getting the newletter for over a couple of months. Not sure why. I have been busy lately and haven’t had to check my emails.


Sent you an Private email to Diane’s email. Get that email from her and let us know.



You have a ladder right? Do you guys have a toad? can you get to a Home Depot?
If so Go pick this up and, some dawn(3$), and a deck/Hand brush(7$)

https://www.homedepot.com/p/Henry-14-1-oz-Stop-Leak-Tropicool-Silicone-White-Spray-Sealer-HE880W025/303669684 (22$)

From Quartzite there is a Home Depot :
42100 Jackson St, Indio, CA 92203
1489 N Dysart Rd, Avondale, AZ 85323

Tropicool is only aval at Home Depot Exclusive, Lowes does have some henrys but I dont know if it would bee the same product, the Tropicool is applicable to the RV Roof whereas the other varieties may be less viable due to not being made for wear and flex with the focus being stick n brick(no movement no flex) .
Tropicool can be applied in a WIDE temp range, even within a few hours of rain coming. Its really amazing stuff.

You can do this yourself. We did our roof in this last fall. Its amazing. We bought the 5 Gallon and did 3 coats on a full sweep. Enjoy the rest of the season where you are. When you get home hire someone who can do the roof and you can pick up 5 gallons of this for 250$.

You dont need a shop for this.

Get a dehumidifer. If you buy a Dessicant Dehumidifer it will be much lighter on power usage than a conventional one and seems to be more effective at moisture removal as well.
This is what we run now, we have 2 of them. we went through 4 Dehumidifers before these. All conventional.


we have run these on the KW Meter, on low it runs 300 watts, on high it runs 600 Watts. THey do a GOOD job. We run one daily for 6 months until we use the AC and we have one in backstock. The dessicant also will aid in heating costs, most of the winter we dont even turn on the heater. The Dehumidifer pretty much does the job . Between the Tropicool and the Dehumidifier chances are you will be fine.

Walt Sinkhorn

I’m sorry to hear about your leaky roof. I had a similar situation a few years ago, after that we switched RV Insurers. When I put my Lance Trailer on my GEICO policy I questioned the agent as to why my new policy was a few hundred $’s higher than my previous insurance on my leaky Kodiak.
Besides being a more expensive unit, my agent explained the additional benefits of the new policy.
One of which was coverage for Hotel/Motel stays “if” while traveling we encounter damage or repairs to my Trailer that forces to not to be able to live in my Lance while repairs are being made. Fortunately we have not had to use this feature, but it is comforting to know that we won’t be stuck with additional temporary living expenses. Check yours and other Insurance Companies.
Good Luck!

Richard Carlson

I’ve got the solution to your problem. 1) Donate your rig to your business. 2) Raffle it off to one of us who could fix it, inexpensively, on our own. 3) Buy a new rig and get 25 articles out of the process.

Liz Pies

If you want to head to Santa Fe, call Two Bears. They will come to your site. They are honest and reasonably priced. Let me know if you want contact info. I’ll be back at RV in a few hours.


Regarding Chuck’s leak, I fear that in my less-attended trailer under a foot of snow, but thought most people would notice a leak in an RV they live in too fast to get MUCH damage? I really don’t know if i’m wrong there… I know water can run inside walls and ceilings in strange ways, but if it comes out anywhere i’d hunt down where? Definitely post as this develops, Chuck!

In the mean time, as with any leak, peel panels or even poke a hole in already damaged panels and blow warm air through the cavity until it’s dry. Wood getting wet isnt a problem; letting it stay wet is (for both damage and mold).

Joe Hubach

Cascade Custom Coach in Sultan Washington is the best you can find for repair work. If you choose to come back to Wa . to repair your roof , Give Jeff a call! 360-793-1144

Billy Bob Thorton


Chin up on the pending repairs. Hopefully the repair guy sees what you do for the industry, and treats you well.


Chuck and Gail,

Sorry to hear about the leak. I’m hoping there’s little else needing attention. On another note, a new “self park” rv park has just opened in Missouri- check it out:



As you’re down south already its not going to rain much there. Enjoy your time there. Maybe buy a tarp and worry about this when you get back.

Mrs c

Could you also let us know where you get it repaired & if you were satisfied. We may need a new roof too. Boo hoo



We feel your pain…Sorry to hear that you have a problem but as you already know, RV’s are not quality products and anyone who buy’s one of these should EXPECT major expenses (and downtime) to happen.

We spent nearly $20k just a few months ago to have 3 slide out floors replaced, all slide seals replaced, carpet replaced, slide out roofs replaced (we still need a new $10k main roof replaced) and all end panels replaced? Why? Because the manufacturer did not properly seal everything. They brag about how they run the RV thru a wet bay (basically, a power wash bay) to see if there are leaks. Of course, unless it is obvious, nothing is done. So there begins the rot. In our case, we learned that the refrigerator vent was a MAJOR source of the problem in the kitchen slide as the manufacturer failed to caulk just inside the lower vent door. The end panels were all damaged thanks again to the manufacturer failing to seal around the frameless windows and screws. We had to rent a VRBO (similar to AirBNB) for a month as we full time. We made daily 30 minute drives to the repair center to watch the repairs and to make sure repairs were completed properly. BTW… we highly recommend Shipshewana RV Trading Places RV Repair Center. Ryan is awesome as he will walk you thru everything and listen to your suggestions for improvement if you are an engineer type. Together, we made a lot of good things happen and the manufacturer could learn a thing or two. Ryan had seen so many of other types of repairs that while the slides were out, he went ahead and took care of those repairs we never knew about as well. If you go here, just be prepared. Their main business is RV warranty work for multiple manufacturers in the area. There could be a time when they have to put you aside to complete them first but Ryan is really good about getting you done ASAP. There is an RV park on site if you have to wait until its your turn for repairs. I highly recommend this repair center based on my one-time expense. While there, I had him install an Onan 6500W generator. His skills are limitless when it comes to RVs as most of the staff previously worked at a manufacturer.

Best of luck on your repairs Chuck. We look forward to seeing you back on the road soon!

Don Baker

Sorry to hear of your problem. Just went through that with our 2005 Country Coach in December. Discovered that the roof was de-laminating. Roof replacement $20,000+ and we were out of the coach for three weeks. Had Good Sam ESP and they specifically exclude roofs, also filed a claim with Safeco Insurance under the Comprehensive Policy but was denied that also. The problem started with a tree limb falling on the roof in April causing unnoticed damage. Claims adjuster started out by highlighting the fraud paragraph of my policy and then said I did not perform the correct inspections on the roof. Finally twisted my account of what happened and said it was normal wear and tear.

Chuck Martin

I guess that everything you have been saying about RV construction has come around to bite you Chuck. Very sorry to hear about this problem. As you keep saying, “only if there were regulations on RV construction, defects like this would be less likely to happen”. I hope that the water intrusion hasn’t caused too much extensive damage.


What is your opinion of the various leak testing services out there? Are they worthwhile? Would you recommend periodic testing and if so, how often?

DJ Napora

If you already made a profit in your portfolio, take out 30% and put it aside, just in case stocks go down more for a while!
Good luck & don’t be greedy

Bill T

Hi Chuck. Sorry to hear of the leak. Do you know if it was from cracked and dried calking? Was is around your sky-light or some other location? I am curious to find out so I can do a better inspection on my rig. Good luck with the repair.