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Russell Grassl
7 months ago

If Canadians can’t cross the border into the US, I would think there might be a lot of open sites this winter throughout the south.

7 months ago

Living in Michigan and having to deal with the Wuhan Virus and our governor? You will find a lot still closed because of her political views. I recommend finding any where but Michigan until we get rid of her and her 1945 law. Which has the signatures to over turn that law and get rid of her. More then 400,000 citizens have signed it which means we are fed up. O and if you don’t wear a mask or social distance? You will find people who will fight you. I am moving out of this crazy state in 18 months. Retirement. Good luck and as we who are fed up? We call Michigan Nazi Michigan. IMO not yours. Good luck to you if you come.

7 months ago

With the Brain Teaser, divide one by each number
1/8 +1/8 = 1/4

7 months ago

Boy, the brain teaser got a lot traction!

David R
7 months ago

8 arms plus 8 legs = 4 people

7 months ago

8 am + 8 hrs is 1600. LOL Ya I have learned after I retired I discovered using military or 24hr time it’s less confusing. When you say you’ll be someplace by 0800 there is no misunderstanding if it’s AM or PM.

Donna Hoak
7 months ago

8 married adults with a total of 8 children = 4 families.

Jim Stein
7 months ago

And 8 quarters plus 8 quarters equals 4 dollars.

7 months ago

Chuck and rv staff,
Could you do a story on people who are retired and how they are doing financially and how they are with there health issues.
For us like me who are inching closer too retirement it would be nice too get some good advice. I do know you spend less than what you make.
Thank you.

7 months ago

On the trivia… 8 quarts +8quarts = 4 gallons too!

7 months ago
Reply to  Cam

This is a better answer than time!

Wayne C
7 months ago

Brain Teaser – The square root of 8+8 (16) is 4

ken B
7 months ago

brain teaser; 8+8=4 First thing I thought of was our states limit of 25% for restaurants.
8 chairs + 8 chairs = 4 allowed diners