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Sunday, November 21, 2021
Members edition

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Featured articles

Worker shortage taking toll on campgrounds and campsite fees

By Mike Gast
It really is a great time to be a campground owner… except for the insurance troubles we talked about last week, the supply chain issues and the seemingly never-ending problems with staffing. You’ve no doubt literally seen the signs of the labor crisis in the windows of nearly every U.S. business. From your favorite fast-food joint to high-end resort hotels, all have signs out front begging for help.

It was bad enough for employers before the pandemic. Minimum wages were on the rise, and entry-level jobs were tough to fill. Today, we’ve added a new degree of difficulty with people quitting their jobs in record numbers. More than 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September alone. Yet campgrounds are booming. Parks are full seven days a week. Revenues are way up. All is good… right? Read more.

Guilty plea in murder of Padre Island boondockers

RVing couple's homicide
James and Michelle Butler

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
The RV community was shocked and saddened by the 2019 deaths of James and Michelle Butler. You may recall they were first reported missing in October that year. Four days later, police found the RVing couple’s abandoned travel trailer on Texas’ South Padre Island and later the suspects. The story has seemingly dragged on since that time. One of the two suspects has entered a guilty plea. Continue reading.

Part two: RV parks and big money investors – Are they building trailer courts or RV parks?

For some people, RV parks are becoming an intermediate stop on the slippery downward slope to homelessness. RVs have kitchens and bathrooms and a front door that can be locked, and that’s more than you can find on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, zoning officials are increasingly modifying or lifting length-of-stay restrictions at RV parks. And so, increasingly, those with nowhere else to go are knocking on RV park gates. Read more.

KOA moves into future with electric vehicle chargers

EV charging coming to KOAs.

By Mike Gast
Interest in adding electric vehicle charging stations to campgrounds is accelerating faster than a Tesla Roadster. KOA (Kampgrounds of America Inc.) just announced a new program to add Level 2 EV chargers to a few select campground locations across the U.S. and Canada. The announcement came during KOA’s annual International Convention in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Learn more.

Campground Crowding: “Am I supposed to employ a bot or two to make my reservations?”

RV sales have skyrocketed and more people than ever are taking up RVing. The result is campground crowding like never before! In this weekly blog, RV Travel readers discuss their experiences. This week we hear from readers with good advice for obtaining campsite reservations, and more frustration at the difficulties getting a campsite with empty spots all around. And we heard from one RVer who is so fed up with bots he’s wondering if he needs to employ a bot in order to compete with them. All of that and much more, here.

Yosemite closes popular campgrounds until 2024

If campground shortages weren’t bad enough, now comes word that the largest campgrounds in Yosemite National Park are being closed for extensive renovations. There will be no camping available in them until 2024, perhaps even 2025. Renovation plans include new roads, restrooms, and water and sewer systems. Learn more.

Today’s RV review preview…

In today’s RV preview, industry insider Tony Barthel looks at a Whale-shaped travel trailer. This trailer might resemble a whale, but it sure is cool and transformative! Tony says “it may be in a campsite near you sooner than you think.” Read this whale of a tale here.

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Ibex 19MBH bunkhouse adventure trailer
2022 Cedar Creek 291RW fifth wheel
2022 Keystone Cougar 316RLS fifth wheel
Rockwood 2442BS mini fifth wheel

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That was the RV week that was

November 14–20, 2021

No slowdown in RVing expected next year. A new survey says you can expect a lot of company in your favorite campgrounds and “secret” boondocking spots next year. The survey, conducted by Cairn Consulting, found that 72 million Americans plan to take an RV trip in the next year in a recreational vehicle, their own or to borrow or rent. That’s up from 61 million in the same survey conducted last year. RV Industry Association Senior Director of Membership and Research Bill Baker said remote work and school flexibility remain one of the top reasons for RV travel but is not No. 1. “This new data shows that interest in exploring the outdoors is by far the number one reason for people wanting to take an RV trip,” he said. The survey also showed that 76% of leisure travelers are planning to travel over the 2021 holiday seasons, defined as Thanksgiving through New Year. About 1-in-8 respondents, representing 18.5 million Americans, plan on traveling in an RV during the season.

Living small and mobile is now the way to go. Class B RVs like this one built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis are helping drive the boom in RV sales. Considering a new life on the road? So are a lot of other folks. Data from the National Association of Home Builders gives us a clue that more people are open to the idea of not having a big house with a white picket fence. In 2018, about 53% of Americans said they’d consider living in a tiny house (400 square feet or less). By late 2020, after experiencing the pandemic, that had grown to 56%. Perhaps more telling are the sales numbers for Mercedes-Benz vans in the U.S. Those van sales increased by 22.5% in 2020, even as overall Mercedes sales for all models fell by 8.9%. It’s a good indicator that the next generation of “home buyers” is more interested in the view out their windshield than the view from their front porch. Also fueling the switch is the incredible run-up in home prices, and the intense competition for what most would have previously seen as “unlivable” properties. Pair it all together with the trend toward more remote work, and you have at least part of the answer to the booming sales of RVs.

New European RV offering hits U.S. market.

European RV maker enters U.S. market. European RV manufacturer Wingamm is invading the U.S. RV market with its Oasi 540 Class B unit. The company plans to display the RVs in high-traffic, high-end malls in Santa Monica, California, and Long Island, New York. The first two locations will be at Santa Monica Place in California, and Walt Whitman Shops in New York. Wingamm CEO Lorena Turri said the company now has a long waiting list to purchase the RV. She said the motorhome is the first micro class RV available for sale in the United States. Micro class RVs are vehicles less than 18 feet long that can sleep four people and include a full indoor bathroom. If you want to personally kick the tires, the Wingamm Oasi 540 will be on display in Santa Monica Place from Nov. 15 to Dec. 15. A nationwide rollout is planned for 2022.

4 killed in Tucson park shooting. Four people were reportedly killed last Sunday morning in a shooting at the Plaza Del Sol Manufactured Home & RV Resort in Tucson, Arizona. Police said one victim was found dead outside a mobile home at the facility, and three more adult males were found shot inside a mobile home. The park, as its name implies, serves as both a mobile home park and a transient RV park.

Naomi Pascal was reunited with her lost teddy bear a year after losing it along a trail in Glacier National Park.

Little girl reunited with lost teddy bear. Five-year-old Naomi Pascal lost her beloved stuffed teddy bear in 2020 while hiking with her parents in Glacier National Park. The bear was special, because it was given to her right before her parents adopted her from an Ethiopian orphanage. The family gave up the bear for lost. Then, a friend saw the bear sitting on the dashboard of a park ranger’s vehicle when they were visiting the park in October, 2021. Ranger Tom Mazzarisi had found the bear while he was out monitoring real bear activity in the park and kept the bear in his truck as a mascot. In early October, Naomi got her teddy bear back.

Slide closes road.

Dent Acres Campground closed by slide. The Dent Acres Campground near Ahsahka, Idaho, has been closed due to a road slide. The entire Dent Acres Recreational Area has also been closed to the public until further notice.

Lucid Air is Motortrend’s Car of the Year.

Here’s your next tow vehicle. Motortrend’s 2022 Car of the Year is likely one you’ve never heard of. Electronic vehicle manufacturer Lucid has been around for a while but has gotten lost in the frenzy of e-vehicle news from the traditional big boys. Lucid’s new “Air” sedan won this year’s award due to providing 1,111 horsepower and 1,390 lb-ft of torque and a range up to 520 miles on a full charge. They managed to get that range without installing huge and heavy additional motors and batteries. Lucid used a new method of winding 24 square copper wires in the motor and coming up with a new air-cooling method to get the heat away from the wires. It also has a fast-charging system that adds 300 miles of range with just a 20-minute charge. The car is expected to retail at just over $77,000. Next up for Lucid is their new SUV model.

A new RV park is now under construction in Clinton, Tennessee. The new park at the Museum of Appalachia in Clinton is slated to open next summer. The park will be called the Appalachia Ridge RV Resort & Campground. The new facility will have RV pads as well as glamping tents and tiny home cabins. Museum officials are also planning to add treehouses for overnight stays. Plans also call for a “creek-side concert” venue to be added later. The new campground should be open for business in July 2022. The museum itself is open now from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

A resort by any other name. Sun RV Resorts, which owns and operates more than 175 RV resorts and campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada, is changing its name to Sun Outdoors. CEO John McLaren said the new name better reflects the widening scope of the company’s offerings. He said Sun will soon be adding a new mobile app, original YouTube content, a loyalty program and new onsite signage to ensure a consistent brand presence. Sun Outdoors also plans to create four “sub brands” to better identify offerings at certain parks. They will be Sun Outdoors, for short-term vacation resort stays; Sun Retreats, for seasonal vacation resorts and longer stays; Sun Resorts & Residences for 55+ resorts offering long-term active-living amenities; and Sun Uncharted for “glamping.”

Outdoor Recreation Act introduced. Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) on Thursday introduced the bipartisan Outdoor Recreation Act, which would boost outdoor recreation opportunities nationwide. Here are some of the act’s provisions.

Video frame courtesy Denver7 TV

Complaints about RVs illegally parked on Denver streets continue to increase. “It’s difficult to get in and out of the parking lots in this area,” said resident Qwativia Thomas. “They create blind spots, so if you’re turning in and out of parking lots, you can’t see anything coming, so you just kind of take a chance and drive out into the street.” Denver Homeless Outbound’s Benjamin Dunning said, “We’re in the middle of a long-term housing crisis, which is being exasperated by a pandemic. Sleeping in an RV is a lot better than sleeping in a tent.”

Fire forces evacuations near Estes Park. A late-season fire in Rocky Mountain National Park prompted mandatory evacuation orders for residents and businesses in and near Estes Park. Several structures were threatened, according to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

Did you load up on Camping World stock? Many RVers seem to have a love/hate relationship with Camping World, the largest RV dealer in North America. But, you can’t deny that if you’d bought stock in the company at the beginning of 2021, you’d be laughing all of the way to the bank. Camping World stock is up 60% year to date, compared with about 25% for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. So far this year, Camping World has reported a 14.2% increase in revenues and a 22.3% boost in net income for the third quarter of the year.

Largest Airstream-only dealership opens in AZ. Chandler, Arizona, is now the home of the nation’s largest Airstream-focused RV dealership. The dealership is called We Are Airstream. It was formerly known as Airstream of Scottsdale before a recent large expansion into the former location of Chandler’s Sam’s Club.

RVs can be prime targets for catalytic converter theft.

Catalytic converters continue to be prime target. The Dunlap Family RV dealership in Bowling Green, Kentucky, recently had four catalytic converters stolen from motorhomes. Replacement cost for the converters is about $3,300. “This gets definitely frustrating because we’ve taken measures to secure our lots,” said Sales Manager Amanda Minter. “And it happens so quick. We have some barbed wire on the fence. We have security cameras, we have gates that are locked, and they’re still finding a way to come in.”

Heavy rains close campground on Vancouver Island. Heavy rains continue to plague campgrounds in the Northwest. Last week, the Cedar Grove RV Park & Campground near Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, was evacuated due to rising flood waters. Campground residents were taken to the local civic center. Campgrounds throughout the Northwest were forced to close and evacuate RVers.

The Indianapolis KOA Holiday is KOA’s Campground of the Year for 2022.

Each year, Kampgrounds of America Inc. identifies its award-winning parks. Last week at its Baton Rouge Convention, it announced the winners of its KOA President’s and KOA Founder’s Awards. Campgrounds receive these awards based largely on satisfaction scores from actual campers in the past year. The big award at KOA is the annual KOA Campground of the Year, which went this year to the Indianapolis KOA.

Rivian trucks are still scarce, but the company is worth billions.

How crazy is this? Electric truck maker Rivian is now the third most valuable car company in the world, behind only Tesla and Toyota. So far, Rivian has sold a grand total of 156 electric pickup trucks. Yet, since going public last week, its stock has more than doubled in value. Not bad for an auto manufacturer with no actual revenues. For perspective, Volkswagen cranks out 10 million vehicles a year and generates revenues of $300 billion. By the way, Rivian is now also more valuable than Starbucks, Boeing and Goldman Sachs. It all speaks to the enormous interest in the future of electric vehicles, with everyone scrambling to get in on the ground floor. After all, those early Tesla investors are now reaping the rewards of owning a piece of a one-trillion-dollar company. BloombergNEF is reporting that drivers are expected to buy 5.6 million electric cars globally this year, double the number purchased in 2020. That’s almost 8% of all the vehicles sold in the world.

Illinois wants to be center of the e-vehicle world. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker last week signed a law called the Reimagining Electric Vehicles in Illinois Act that provides tax breaks to help put a million e-vehicles on the road by 2030. The new law provides tax credits to help create new jobs and retain employees. Illinois is already home to e-truck maker Rivian (see story above). A Rivian executive said the new law will help promote Illinois as a state that welcomes and supports the entire electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem.

One of Myrtle Beach’s cabanas.

RV resort in trouble for cabana use. The City of North Myrtle Beach has filed a lawsuit against Carolina Pines RV Resort for allegedly illegally using one of the city’s beach cabanas that is reserved for homeowners’ associations within the city limits for bathing and clothing changes during beach visits. The cabana in question passed through the hands of several homeowners’ associations over the years before being sold to a company affiliated with the RV resort. Since the resort lies outside city limits, it was in actuality an illegal sale and opponents said the resort wasn’t taking proper care of the cabana. They also claim the RV resort has been using the cabana as an event center for weddings and other gatherings.

Building a plant without the needed workers. Last week, Forest River announced plans for a new parts, service and production center in Ligonier, Indiana. Now, the company has to figure out how to fill the 500 jobs slated for the new site. Other businesses in Noble County are in an all-out hiring mode, too, unable to fill positions as unemployment rates in the area sink to historic lows. Forest River execs said it’s confident it can fill the jobs and get the plant up and running soon.

More than 100 stored RVs burn in Canada.

Fire burns more than 100 RVs in storage. A fire in an RV storage lot in Abbotsford, British Columbia, ignited between an estimated 100 and 200 RVs. The Fraserway RV holding lot is located directly under high-voltage power lines, and the area has also been inundated with flood waters for more than a week. Approximately nine vehicles and 45 firefighters responded to the blaze.

Camping fees going up at Michigan state parks. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is boosting the cost of a night’s stay in a state park campground by anywhere from $2 to $8 a night. It’s the first increase in the past four years and took effect Nov. 1. Department officials said the increase was needed to pay for sharp increases in maintenance costs due to increased use.

Cleaner transportation alternatives coming to a national park near you. The heads of the U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Transportation Department signed a deal last week to provide more money for things like electric shuttle buses and scooters to move the crowds at national parks. “We have been thinking about transportation in connection with our national parks since they were first established,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said at an event last week near the Lincoln Memorial. “But today, instead of covered wagons, we’re thinking in terms of electric shuttles, e-scooters, bike shares and all the other modern transportation options that play a role.” Buttigieg and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland signed a memorandum of understanding, which officials said would allow for more equity and access in national parks.

Airstream could use a little skilled help. More than 90% of Airstream trailers rolling out of the iconic brand’s factory in Jackson Center, Ohio, are already spoken for. “We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream president and CEO. “People have turned to us because we offer this incredible way to travel – we figured it might be a temporary bump, but it’s turned into a swell. And with that growth come a few growing pains.” Like every other employer in America, Airstream is suffering from a lack of qualified workers to keep the aluminum rolling at its plant. Wheeler said Airstream is a bit different since its trailers are handmade and require a high level of craftsmanship. If you’ve got a burning desire to join the Airstream team, you can apply here.

Marcus Lemonis

NBCUniversal sued over advice from Lemonis. A California tiny home manufacturer has sued NBCUniversal, claiming its CNBC show “The Profit” and star Marcus Lemonis committed fraud by falsely pledging to enrich the business. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company owner Steve Weissmann filed the lawsuit in California Superior Court in Los Angeles County. Weissmann said he followed Lemonis’ advice, and it bankrupted his firm. He appeared on the show in 2017. Lemonis is also the CEO of Camping World Holdings.

Seal money going to find more RV techs. Every time someone buys a new RV, $2 of the RV Industry Association’s “seal assessment” to manufacturers will go directly to the RV Technical Institute to recruit more new RV technicians. The Institute is aiming to recruit 1,000 new RV technicians as soon as possible. It has both in-person and virtual courses for students. Every RV sold in America comes with the RVIA seal attached, ensuring the rig complies with RV Industry Association standards.

Ford goes retro with zero-emissions F-100 pickup truck. What once was old is new is old again – the Ford F-100 Eluminator pickup truck. The automotive industry best-selling truck manufacturer recently announced the concept – a zero-tailpipe-emissions demonstration truck. It’s powered by the new Ford Performance Parts Eluminator electric crate motor customers can now buy online. Continue reading.

Vendors lining up for Tampa SuperShow. The Florida RV Trade Association has opened vendor registration for its 37th Annual 2022 Florida RV SuperShow. The show is scheduled for January 19-23 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. Show organizers are expecting record crowds this year. The theme of the show is “Get Out There!” The show is also bringing back its two-day pass for attendees, so the public will again be able to spend two full days at the show at no additional cost. In conjunction with the show, there will again be the Super Rally. The Rally is open to all RV clubs as well as the general public. For more info, click here.

New Heartland plant planned for Michigan. A site review plan has been approved for a Heartland RV manufacturing plant in Sturgis, Michigan. The site review is for the construction of a new manufacturing facility approximately 148,334 square feet in size for recreational vehicles.

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At first glance this looks like a lot of places in the USA. Nice road, pretty rock formation. But look closer. See the face? It’s President George Washington as carved on Mt. Rushmore. You can take the same photo less than a mile east of the entrance to the National Memorial along South Dakota State Route 244.

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November winds downNew: The Quartzsite Report

November winds down

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Welcome to the first edition of our regular – albeit seasonal – update on the news from the RVing Capital of the World. If you’re a QZ regular, or just thinking about “dropping in to check it out,” we’ll give you ditties and dollops of what’s happening in God’s country. God’s country? Well, some will tell you, surrounded by desert, it’s called that “Only because the devil wouldn’t have it.” But even as November winds down, there are plenty of snowbirds who’d beg to differ. Continue reading.

We’ve also heard …

Teton Pass road closed to trailers.

Teton Pass closed to trailers. Teton Pass between Wyoming and Idaho is now closed for the winter season to vehicles with trailers. The Pass will open again to trailer traffic April 1, 2022.

Staff at Rocky Mountain National Park have proposed a raise to the daily entrance fee and camping fees. Weekly and annual rates will remain the same. See the proposed rate increases here.

Eureka (Missouri) Police are investigating the theft of 21 catalytic converters cut off RVs at St. Louis RV Storage, 1500 S. Outer Road. The gate to the business was locked at the time, and it appeared the person seen in a video was parked outside the business. Have information? Contact the Eureka PD at 636-938-6600.

The City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, operations committee voted earlier last week to close three RV dump sites at the Valley East, Chelmsford, and Sudbury wastewater treatment plants. Opponents of the closure are not going down easy, so stay tuned.

Virginia RV park plan facing opposition. A decision on a proposed 300-site RV park planned near Spotsylvania, Virginia, was delayed Wednesday after a contentious public hearing. The proposed 136-acre site sits along the man-made Lake Anna. A recent petition showed that 93% of the 800 residents signing were against the RV park plan. More than 40 local residents spoke against the park at Wednesday’s meeting.

A long fight for a small campground. After an eight-year legal fight, a developer will now be able to build a campground in Grundy County, Illinois. Developer John Russ Junior plans to operate a 29-site campground along the Kankakee River. He first filed his petition with the Grundy County Board in 2013.

Just you and a million of your closest vaccinated friends for New Year’s Eve. (Countdown Entertainment, LLC, photo courtesy of Times Square Alliance)

New Year’s Eve festivities coming back to Times Square. New York City is bringing back its beloved New Year’s Eve celebration on Times Square. If you want to be among the million-plus revelers welcoming in 2022, don’t forget your vaccination confirmations. Only those with the full array of shots will be admitted. And there likely won’t be much RV parking nearby, either.

Proposed Colorado RV park not popular. A proposed new campground and RV park near Berthoud, Colorado, isn’t going over well with the locals. The 373-site Colorado Base Camp proposed by a Longmont, Colorado, developer is facing opposition from several local residents, mostly over traffic concerns.

New trails on the way in NC. The town of Old Fort, North Carolina, has announced plans to build 42 miles of new trails in the Pisgah National Forest that will be accessible to people of all abilities and backgrounds. The U.S. Forest Service has formally approved the plans. Groundbreaking will begin in January 2022.

Native American to lead National Park Service. Charles Sams III has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the new Director of the National Parks Service. He is the first confirmed director of the agency since 2017. Sams, an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation near Pendleton, Ore., will be the first tribal member to lead the Park Service in the agency’s 105-year history.

ARVC gives out annual campground awards. The Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) recently named its Parks of the Year in four size categories. Small Park of the Year went to the Aspen Grove RV Park in Trementon, UT. Medium Park of the Year is Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Quarryville, PA. Large Park of the Year is Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve in Santee, CA. Mega Park of the Year is Clay’s Park Resort in North Lawrence, OH.

CVS plans to close hundreds of pharmacies. There might not be a CVS Pharmacy on every other block in some cities in coming months, which could impact traveling RVers who use the chain’s pharmacies to fill their prescriptions. CVS announced last Friday that it had plans to close about 300 locations annually during the next three years to reduce store density in certain locations and concentrate on online growth. CVS currently has 9,900 stores. The closings will begin in spring 2022.

New RV park OK’d for Crescent City. The Crescent City, California, Board of Harbor Commissioners has approved a plan for a 14-space RV park on vacant property on the Crescent City Harbor.

Controversial SD RV park getting reviewed. The Milton Township Planning Commission is taking a look at plans for a new 70-site RV park near the Torch River in South Dakota’s Black Hills. The proposal is at the center of several legal battles.

Tesla has plummeted on Consumer Reports’ annual list of most-reliable carmakers. The electric car manufacturer now ranks 27th out of 28 car brands, above only Ford-owned legacy luxury brand Lincoln.

Flooding closes popular Mount Rainier attraction. The Grove of the Patriarchs in Washington’s Mount Rainier National Park has been temporarily closed due to flooding. Recent heavy rains have damaged a suspension bridge in the Grove.

Zoning change could allow new RV park. The City of Olympia, Washington, is considering a zoning change along its Urban Waterfront Zone that would allow the construction of a new RV park. The local zoning board is scheduled to take up the proposal at a December meeting.


This 2021 Forest River Heritage Glen Wildwood 273RL was stolen from Safe Harbor RV storage in Cypress, TX (Houston area) on November 9. It was tracked via a locator to 8805 Dodson St. in Houston at 9:21 p.m., but was not located by police. The license plate is Texas B41-7693. Please contact 281-203-7745 if you have information.

Did someone rip off your ride? Let us post information on your stolen RV. Email Russ (at) rvtravel.com.

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RV recalls posted since our last newsletter

Jayco recalls some motorhomes: rear-drive axle problem
Chrysler recalls 222,400 Ram trucks for potential engine stall

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Diesel: $3.73 [Calif.: $4.77]
Change from week before: Up 1/2 cent; Change from year before: Up $1.29.

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Cranberry Meatballs: Fantastic meatballs with a holiday flair. Using a combination of beef and pork for the homemade meatballs gives them a wonderful flavor. The slightly sweet and full of tang sauce is what makes these special. Click here for the recipe.

Roasted Butternut Squash With Sage & Dried Cherries: This is a simple way to roast butternut squash and the final result is big on flavor. We loved the sweet onion combined with the butternut squash. Sage adds a slightly earthy flavor to the side dish that’s balanced by the dried cherries. The perfect fall side dish. Get the recipe here.

Sweet Potato Cobbler: Dessert? Definitely. Side dish? Absolutely! Take your pick… No matter how you serve it, this sweet potato cobbler is a holiday delight. The filling is full of chunks of sweet potato floating in a yummy buttery spiced sauce. On top is a flaky crust dusted with sugar. The bottom of the crust soaks up the flavors of the filling. Click here for the recipe.

Did you miss yesterday’s Thanksgiving recipes? You’ll want to drool over them! Clck here and scroll down to find them in the recipe section.

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Lasagna Soup
Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Cupcakes
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Baked Brie With Cranberry Sauce
Roasted Cornish Hens

Brain teaser answer:

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Drawing by the incredibly talented Gergely Dudás/Dudolf

The Perfect Scam Podcast

Every Sunday we present a podcast from AARP about scams and how crooks are stealing your money, often via telemarketing. Their efforts are often most successful with people 65 years and older who fall victim to the scammers’ sophisticated techniques. Here is this week’s episode.

Sunday funny

Today in History

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1 year ago

“Sunday funny” laughing so hard almost wet myself. Sent to to a friend that’s single in her 60s. She said a fellow wouldn’t have her she talks to much. She does dominate the conversation but a heart of gold. She got a good laugh as well. Thanks.

1 year ago

Just a addition to the story about the RV lot fire in Abbotsford. This lot is located in part of a huge flood in the Fraser Valley. All of those firefighters may have attended but the flood prevented them from accessing the lot. Last I saw on the news they were talking about bringing in a water bomber. Not sure how it ended. Many of the vehicles are class Cs and part of a rental fleet.

Jerry X Shea
1 year ago

Again – another great Sunday read. Thanks staff.
I am at a loss on how RV sales are “over the top” yet everytime someone/company tries to build a new RV Park the “town folks” show up in protest. Do they not realize the positive financial impact that would have for business owners in their town? It has to be a lack of understanding as to just what RVing is all about. So sad.

Adam K.
1 year ago

Heavy rains close campground on Victoria Island…
For the record, it’s Vancouver Island! Victoria, the capital city of BC is located on Vancouver Island. A common mistake, I’ve met many Americans that call our beautiful island, “Victoria Island.”

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Adam K.

So sorry, Adam. It didn’t sink in when I proofed it last night. I remember very well my trip to beautiful Victoria more than 65 years ago with my Brownie troop. Coming into the harbor on the boat from Seattle, the Tally Ho ride, tea at the Empress Hotel, etc. Still have vivid pictures in my mind. Now, if my short-term memory were only 1/10th as good! Take care. 🙂 –Diane

Ron Lane
1 year ago

1100 hp and 1300 lbs of torque…. what in the world is this sedan going to tow?

Lil John
1 year ago
Reply to  Ron Lane

I agree Ron. What on earth do you need an 1100 HP two door hardtop for? Oh, I guess it’s so you can get to work on time! 🙂

Lee Cattaneo
1 year ago

I was disappointed to see the pop up add for “Let’s go Brandon” shirts on this newsletter. The devising comments from both sides of the political spectrum is making life in America miserable. It would be nice to be able to read something without all the political bs.

Bill Coady
1 year ago
Reply to  Lee Cattaneo

I believe that if you are a paid subscriber the Sunday newsletter comes without any ads. Just a suggestion….

Bill Coady
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill Coady

Correction on my comment above. There are no ads until you click on a link to a story. My error. Apologies.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lee Cattaneo

I agree Lee!

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Lee Cattaneo

Sorry, Lee. We have that term blocked with our filters, but sometimes an ad from Google will show up with a blocked word/term anyway. If you see that again, can you send us the URL so we can block it that way? It won’t last for long, however, because companies just change the URL then they can sneak through again. Take care, and Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂 –Diane

1 year ago

I cry fowl on the puzzle (or is it fuit?)

The hamster was easy but the pear?? Come on man!

Found that too, but discounted it as no one could honestly claim that as an even toddler rendition of a pear…

Had the same feeling about the spooky one a few weeks back but just sucked it up that time.

1 year ago

Reading the Rivian stock prices article, I can’t help but be reminded of the dot com stocks back in the 90s and their subsequent crash. EVs are coming, but just like the dot coms there’ll be fits and starts and crashes of individual companies.